Should Marijuana be Legal


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Just A few Points,And I thing You'll Agree

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  • International Centre for Science and Drug Policy 2013NSDUH from 1990 to 2011
  • (1)
  • (1) 658,231 Marijuana Possession Arrests—Property Crimes Cleared-Burglary 12.7%,Larceny/Theft-22 %,Vehicle Theft-11.9%,Arson-20.4%---LEAP Speakers Bureau.
  • Tashkin 2006Canadian study cannabis $20/user/year vs.$265 for alcohol and $800 for tobacco
  • Thanks To The Russ Belleville Show For This Data—
  • Should Marijuana be Legal

    1. 1. Pittsburgh NORML Should Marijuana Be Legal?
    2. 2. No Law is More Widely Disregarded And Severely Punished 103 Million US adults have tried cannabis,26 Million Annually,16 Million Monthly (2011 National Survey on Drug Use & Health Why Treat Them Differently Than Drinkers 44.6% Have tried Cannabis Nationally 11.2% Use Cannabis Annually 6.9% Use Cannabis Monthly Why treat them differently than drinkers?
    3. 3. In Oregon for example despite reforms, Criminality Remains Oregon Legislative Reforms Include Removed drivers license suspension from 1 oz. Ticket Reduced 1 oz. to 4 oz. to Misdemeanor from Felony Added PTSD to Medical Marijuana Conditions Created regulated dispensary market Decriminalization still means contraband black market 15,874 marijuana arrests in 2012 (Oregon State Police Uniform Crime Report) Cannabis remains “theft – worthy”
    4. 4. We are spending Billions of dollars to enforce prohibition, and it has failed to achieve it’s stated goals!! And leaving Billions of more tax revenue on the table. Because we mistakenly believe we must treat pot smokers more harshly than beer drinkers! For the trillions of dollars that we’ve spent on the drug war, since 1990 this is what we have gotten. Cheaper more potent cannabis Twice the teenage users, even though we have quintuple the amount of cannabis seized.(1) Added 7 Million adult monthly users (2)
    5. 5. What About The Children? No cannabis law reformers want children using cannabis for non medical reasons In the late 1970’s 93% drank and 75% of 12th graders smoked cigarettes In early 2010 these numbers changed to 69% drank and 39% smoked cigarettes Both of these drugs are legal and heavily advertised and much more addictive than cannabis. How many adult drinkers and smokers did we have to raid, arrest and imprison to get this done .--NONE
    6. 6. What About Impaired Drivers? The rates of accidents ,injuries, and deaths since the 1990’s has been in decline ,even though cannabis consumption has increased. Much of this is due to seat belt laws, safer cars and increased drunk driving patrols. But even States like Oregon with Tens of thousands of medical marijuana patients on the roads are reporting some of their best traffic safety stats ever. And it doesn’t legalize stoned driving, any stoned driver than could be arrested today could be arrested under a legal market. Washington State recently set up a drivers course with pot smokers getting high and immediately driving, A lady named Addy did remarkable well driving at limits way over the nano-gram limits set by the law, try that with drinkers way above the set limits.(1)
    7. 7. What About Crime? Legalization automatically means that 26 million Americans are no longer criminals Prohibition creates the crime just like it did in the days of Alcohol Prohibition Micro-brewers are not shooting up the streets over turf wars. We don’t have wine makers planting secret vineyards in are nation forests. We don’t have violent home invasions over home beer brewing. And we don’t have cigarette smokers stealing to afford their addiction. Right now police make an arrest in half of all violent crimes,and less than 1/5 in all property crimes. There are more arrest for mere marijuana possession than all violent crimes combined.(1) Each arrest takes a cop out of the street for 2 hours and backlogs the crime labs, which could be processing rape kits and evidence of real crime. And some of those convicted of marijuana possession turn to a life of crime because they can’t find a job due to their conviction.
    8. 8. What About Public Health? National Institute of Medicine and others have debunked the gateway drug theory. Most people that use marijuana ,don’t use more marijuana let alone other drugs. After 30 years research ,the leading scientist looking for a link between pot smoking and head neck and lung cancer, concluded in 2006 that pot smokers have less incidents than non-smokers, And no greater incidents of lung decease (1) The Netherlands and Portugal have shown us that liberalizing Marijuana laws doesn’t lead to more pot smokers, in fact their rates of Marijuana and drug usage is much lower than the United States Fears that Marijuana taxation wouldn't pay the bills,Cannabis users cost society 1/8 of drinker and 1/40 of a smoker.(2) The list of Marijuana user that have went on to achieve greatness is too long, So lets just say Michael Phelps and move on.
    9. 9. What About Workplaces? In Oregon even with the increase of medical Marijuana Users, OSHA found the safest and least recorded illnesses ,injury and absenteeism ever recorded . Legalization doesn’t nullify workplace drug testing or bans. Legalization doesn’t mean marijuana smoke breaks or public usage Legalization will create jobs and increase tax revenue.