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Moffatt & Nichol, one of the foremost maritime planning and engineering firms in the world, offers clients a complete suite of planning and design services for bulk materials handling terminals and facilities. Our staff expertise includes developing financial analyses, feasibility studies,master plans, detailed design documents, and providing construction support for a range of facilities – from the berths, jetties and loading and unloading areas, storage and transfer systems and inland transportation networks.

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Bulk handling facilities - Moffatt & Nichol

  1. 1. Bulk Handling Facilities
  2. 2. Bulk Handling FacilitiesMoffatt & Nichol, one of the foremost maritimeplanning and engineering firms in the world,offers clients a complete suite of planning anddesign services for bulk materials handlingterminals and facilities. Our staff expertise includesdeveloping financial analyses, feasibility studies,master plans, detailed design documents, andproviding construction support for a range offacilities – from berths, jetties and loading andunloading areas, to storage and transfer systemsand inland transportation networks. Our projectportfolio includes terminals and facilities thathandle coal, ore, mineral concentrates, fertilizers,grain and other agricultural products, constructionaggregates, wood products, bulk liquids and otherbulk materials. The combined maritime experienceand in-house specific knowledge of bulk handlingtechnology and equipment enables Moffatt &Nichol to support our clients with the most efficientinfrastructure and operations while maximizingperformance.
  3. 3. Market Understanding Facilities Design Market Trends Materials Handling Systems Supply & Demand Grading, Drainage & Erosion Control Production & Consumption Pavement Design, Rehabilitation & Repair Trade Development Water Distribution System Design Regional Balance & Pricing Strategies Sewer System Design Shipping Demand & Vessel Evaluation Roadways & Parking Facilities (Lots & Decks) Supply Chain Analysis & Commodity Forecasting Highway & Pedestrian Bridges Flood Protection SystemsCommercial Analysis Streambank Stabilization Financial Analysis Utility Systems (Water, Sewer, Fuel, Electrical, Feasibility Studies Steam & Power) Supply Chain Costing Stormwater Management Bulkheads, Retaining Walls & Seawalls Fire Protection SystemsPlanning Crane Rail & Railroad Site Selection Inspection & Load Rating Capacity Analysis Construction Documents Terminal Simulation Performance Specifications Public Agency Coordination Conceptual Studies & Opinions of Probable Costs Conceptual Layouts & System-wide Integration Master Planning & Land Use Studies Energy Audits & Studies & Structural Audits Ergonomics Studies Construction Services Capital Planning & Project Evaluation Construction Management, Estimating Environmental Assessments & Environmental Impact Studies & Documentation Resource & Process Analysis Bid Evaluation & Contractor Selection Permit Applications & Drawings Field Inspections Floodway & Flood Plain Analysis Procurement & Expediting Industrial Waste Disposal Studies Construction Surveillance & Consultation Drainage & Hydraulic Studies On-site Engineering & Commissioning Mitigation Planning As-built Preparation Facilities Conditions, Inspections & Surveys Record Drawing Review Vessel Maneuvering, Motion & Mooring Studies Contractor Requests for Information
  4. 4. Corporate Office3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 750 Long Beach, California 90806 phone: 562.590.6500 fax: 562.590.6512 www.moffattnichol.com