Trees4Future general presentation June 2012


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Trees4Future is an Integrative European Research Infrastructure project that aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures.

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Trees4Future general presentation June 2012

  1. 1. Trees4Future: designing trees for the future
  2. 2. A research infrastructure for forestry research A place to:• Structure and integrate research facilities• Innovate• Support research projects• Provide a stable framework for research at European level
  3. 3. Objectives• Provide and facilitate access to key forestry research resources• Develop new tools and improve services for researchers• Encourage synergies among scientists from various disciplines• Facilitate their cooperation through standardisation• Integrate the facilities and resources on a long-term basis Image: Metla
  4. 4. Scientific aims Image: Inga Nielsen /“Improve services for researchers working on sustained and multifunctionalproduction of goods and services as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, and preservation of biodiversity in industrial forests...”
  5. 5. Scientific vision Image: Victor Zastolskiy /• Integrate, develop and improve • No targeted species, but multidisciplinary and multiscale priority on cultivated forests resources in the context of forestry science • Focus on adaptive traits, wood• Use genetics and breeding as a production traits guiding line – but through generic enough activities
  6. 6. Scientific rationaleProject organised around three main concerns in forestry researchObtain data-sets Manage data-sets Explore data-setsExperimentation Archive Data analysisHigh-throughput Exchange of data ModellingphenotypingStandardisationTraceability
  7. 7. How do we do this?
  8. 8. Objective 1: AccessProvide and manage access to a broadrange of research facilities and services25 research infrastructures• Genetic databases and libraries• Large scale modelling tools• Molecular genetics labs• Ecophysiology labs• Wood technology labs• Collections
  9. 9. Call for Transnational AccessOpened in June 2012!Offers help with travel and subsistence costsVisit for more information about individual facilitiesOnline applicationA total budget of 1.5 million euros available Images: AIT / Forest Research
  10. 10. Objective 2: Networking Image: Vladimir Melnikov / Aims: Spread good practice, promote common protocols and interoperability, encourage complementarity• Unique web portal for genetic • Create key thematic research networks databases• Common standards for tree • Dissemination, outreach, training assessment/lab protocols
  11. 11. Objective 3: Research Aims: improve and develop the services provided by the infrastructures• Explore new technology / techniques• Enhance and improve existing models and tools Images: Alterra / Forest Research
  12. 12. Research Image: AIT• Integrated statistical platform for analysing forest genetic resources• Development of a platform for fingerprinting and traceability• Spatial modelling of breeding regions and future site suitability matching• Clearing house with GIS functionality for forestry research data• Developing modes of compatibility for modelling tools• Improvement of medium/high throughput phenotyping of traits
  13. 13. About Trees4Future• 28 partners from 13 countries• 4 year project (2011-2015)• Budget approx 9.06 million euros (EC contribution 7 million euros)• Funded by EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7) Image: INRA
  14. 14. More information• Coordinator: Dr. Luc E. Pâques, INRA• Vice-Coordinator: Dr. Gert-Jan Nabuurs, European Forest Institute• Project Manager: Dr. Lavanya Premvardhan,INRA Transfert Image: Adrian Sumner /