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Viacolor - A city in colour


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The users of urban streets – pedestrians, cyclists, motorists – are sensitive to the colour of pavement surfacings. Colour is crucial for blending the surfacing into its surroundings and enhancing its visibility.

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Viacolor - A city in colour

  1. 1. COLOURED ASPHALT MIX VIACOLOR A city in colour
  2. 2. key benefits a broad palette of colours the same advantages as conventional surfacings a mix suitable for all types of traffic enhanced safety as a result of greater visibility A BROAD RANGE OF COLOURS A wide range of pigments supports a broad range of Viacolor surfacings in different colours: titanium oxide for light colours, chromium oxide for greens, cobalt salt for blues, iron oxide for reds and yellows, etc. The users of urban streets – pedestrians, cyclists, motorists – are sensitive to the colour of pavement surfacings. Colour is crucial for blending the surfacing into its surroundings and enhancing its visibility. Functional colour-coding of surfaces to distinguish among the different types of traffic can substantially improve safety. To achieve such surfacings, Eurovia has developed a coloured hot mix: Viacolor. VIACOLOR COLOURED MIX
  3. 3. BEYOND BLACK AND WHITE With clear binders hot mixes can be made with the colour of the constituent aggregates: pink porphyry, light grey quartzite, brown cherty limestone or white hard limestone, for example. These surfacings have the very natural appearance of their materials. Pigments can be added to obtain brighter or more varied colours. Eurovia has developed an original process for preparing and introducing these pigments that ensures their regular distribution throughout the mix. They are first dispersed in an oil that is compatible with the binder to obtain a pigment paste. Packaged in predetermined amounts in heat-fusible bags, and these are then directly injected into the mixing plant. GREATER DIVERSITY MEANS GREATER SAFETY Viacolor is suitable for all types of traffic and promotes safety by making surfaces easier to read and visually differentiating functions: footways, car parks, bicycle paths, traffic lanes, emergency lanes, etc. Viacolor beautifies the environment by using a variety of colours on a variety of facilities: schoolyards, playgrounds, park and garden pathways, suburban development paths, traffic islands, etc. Light-coloured Viacolor is particularly well suited to a number of special applications: as a pavement surfacing in tunnels and underpasses, it saves lighting and improves visibility and thereby safety, as an engineering structure surface course, it reduces the temperature reached by the surfacing when exposed to sunlight and thereby limits thermal stress on the structure deck. The lighter the colour of the surfacing, the more sensitive it is to tire tracks, oil spots and other soiling. A BROAD PALETTE OF COLOURS AND APPLICATIONS
  4. 4. Viacolor uses synthetic coating binders with the same properties as conventional bitumen but without the black colour. These synthetic binders are made from oil-based ingredients but contain no asphaltene (which gives bitumen its black colour) and are thus light-coloured, translucent and transparent in a thin film. Viacolor is designed with clear binders that can make the most of the natural colour of the aggregates used in the mix. Pigments can be added to obtain a wide variety of colours. These binders are available in the same grades as traditional road bitumens, ranging from 20/30 to 180/220. Some of these binders are polymer modified to substantially extend the range of loadings for which Viacolor can be used. Viacolor is usually designed in a 0/4mm grading for pedestrian paths and surfacings not subject to heavy loads and in 0/6 or 0/10 gradings for trafficked pavements. It is applied, by paver or manually, in a thickness of 20 to 40mm. Eurovia has patented the composition of the pigment mix and the production of the corresponding Viacolor coloured mix. TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT 18, place de l’Europe - 92565 Rueil-Malmaison cedex Tel.: +33 1 47 16 38 00 - Fax: +33 1 47 16 38 01 -February2014–500copies–Photos:Euroviaphotolibrary PROPERTIES EQUIVALENT TO THOSE OF A CONVENTIONAL SURFACING