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Mims China Tour Proposal

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  1. 1. THE CONCEPT A series of concert/parties where the performance is part of the event, not the focus. A DJ will first perform, then MIMS will perform without stopping the music. When his performance is over, another DJ will continue spinning music to keep the party jumping! DATES: To be determined.
  3. 3. MIMS MIMS launched his DJ career at age 13, and got his first big break in 2003 when his song “I Did You Wrong” (also pro- duced by The Blackout Movement) became a regional hit. The song’s success enabled him to tour as an opening act for Method Man. In 2006, MIMS released his smash “This Is Why I’m Hot” single.
  4. 4. EXAMPLES OF TOUR WEBSITES WEBSITES Branded websites will be established to: • Introduce the Artists • Provide Tour Schedule • Create an Online Community• Provide News in Photos, Text and Video • Video Content • Sell World Tour Merchandise and Performance Tickets • Viral Possibilities • DATABASE OF FANS
  5. 5. ONLINE PARTNERS Partnerships with and will insure that the World Tour content will be featured prominently. Over 13 million of the daily unique visitors of these two websites alone will be exposed to the World Tour and its content.
  6. 6. LIVE VIDEO STREAMING OF CONCERTS Whenever possible, every performance will be streamed live on the internet and will be made available for online viewing afterwards across all platforms. The live concert videos can be embedded into any website and can even be seen on web-enabled mobile devices. Live chat is also possible.
  8. 8. SOCIAL NETWORKING Tour, videos and Film pages will be created on social networking websites to foster communities of Tour fans and create “buzz” that is spread between peers connected to each other through these networks. Participating artists will be encouraged to promote the Tour, Video and Film on their own blogs, social networking pages or set up a blog or social networking page, if they have not already done so. All Tour related content will be “sharing enabled,” meaning that with one “click,” a user can share interesting information, photos or video with his or her entire social network, no matter which social networking website they belong to.
  9. 9. NETWORKING - Using websites to spread the news.
  10. 10. PRINT PARTNERS Ads plus editorial in magazines catering to foreigners and Chinese special interest magazines.
  11. 11. RADIO PARTNERS Hit FM is an English top 40 music radio station in Beijing at 88.7 FM which is owned and operated by China Radio International. POP 101 is a pop music radio station in Shanghai at 101.7 FM. It is owned and operated by Shanghai Media Group We will have editorial and ads running.
  12. 12. KEY DEMOGRAPHIC An upwardly mobile middle class who define themselves through personal taste. 18-35 Young Chinese Professionals They are Brand conscious and highly social show offs. Vanity is their currency. They are ‘key influencers. They are Ambitious, Desirable and Trendy. They are more likely to travel. Educated. They are proud to be Chinese but they accept western lifestyle and consumption culture. “They are the most sought after social class in the world today.” Statistics Average age: 26 years old Disposable income of 5000 RMB per month and above A 60/40 female skew. 80% are college educated. They work in Fashion, Advertising, Technology, Finance and Banking Average consumption patterns: Entertainment 15%, Clothes & Accessories 32%, Food 33%, Travel & Transportation 14% Saving or Investment 6%.
  13. 13. EYEBALLS Daily Video View (Peak) 107,149,596 Daily Unique Browsers 12,678,592 Daily Web Page Views (Peak) 139,137,012 PARTNERS Weekly Video View 641,850,851 Weekly Unique Browsers 53,882,010 Weekly Web Page Views 824,639,429 Estimated 500,000 Unique Vistors per Day Registered Users 10,000,000+ Registered Users 95,000,000+ Active Registered Users 34,000,000 Daily Unique Browsers 1,100,000 Daily Web Page Views (Peak) 300,000,000+ VIRAL FEEDERS Daily Video View (Peak) 100,000,000+ Daily Unique Browsers 10,000,000+ Daily Web Page Views (Peak) 120,000,000+ Weekly Unique Browsers 60,000,000+
  14. 14. SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES Price Logo & Brand Insertion Promo Material Venue Presence EXCLUSIVE BRANDING OF ALL VIDEO CONTENT Branding of all marketing materials Title Sponsor Branding of all Portals - Branding of 3rd Party Portals (extent TBD) 1 availability Logo in Visual Effects at venue 100 000 RMB ALL Decoration Elements TITLE SPONSOR Special Booth EXCLUSIVITY Hostesses Product Placement Branding of Merchandising Fan Database Access Logo in SELECTED TYPES OF VIDEO Content Branding of all marketing materials Presenting 50 000 RMB Branding of all Portals Sponsor In partnership with Branding of 3rd Party Portals (extent TBD) - ALL Logo in Visual effects at venue PRESENTING SPONSOR & 2 availability Decoration elements PRESENTING SPONSOR Special Booth Product placement Branding of Merchandising Co-Sponsor Special Thanks to: Banner at events - 25 000 RMB ALL Logo on all marketing materials CO-SPONSOR & 6 Maximum Branding (banners) in all Portals XxXxX Sponsor Distribution of samples in gift bags during the - 5 000 RMB - - event. Limited
  15. 15. Costs BEIJING: $10,000 (2 Performers) + 3 flights ($3,000) + 3 Hotel Rooms/3 Nights ($900) + 3 Meals ($200) = $14,100 SHANGHAI: $10,000 (2 Performers) + 3 flights ($900) + 3 Hotel Rooms/3 Nights ($900) + 3 Meals ($200) = $12,000 HONG KONG: $10,000 (2 Performers) + 3 flights ($900) + 3 Hotel Rooms/3 Nights ($900) + 3 Meals ($200) = $12,000 TOTAL: $38,100 (260 160 RMB) Production Fee payable to AD VALOREM INTERNATIONAL: 30 000 RMB
  16. 16. A B O U T A D VA LO R E M I N T E R N AT I O N A L Ad Valorem International, is primarily an award-winning film and High Definition video production company. We produce music videos, documentaries, TV shows, short films and action sports films and videos. We’ve organized Europe-wide tours for some of our film projects as well as the parties to promote them. On September 22nd, 2007 we created our first event in China, “One World. One Music.” These events are not only fun and filled with beautiful people, they celebrate future music culture and share the best music that the world outside of China has to offer.
  17. 17. For further information about “MIMS,” please contact: Victor Muh China +86/159.1105 6886 e-mail: