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Startup AddVenture 2013 - Alejandro Barrera - Getting Press to Write About Your Startup


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Startup AddVenture 2013 was held in Kyiv, Ukraine December 4th and 5th. It is the largest and most important startup event of the year in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the past few years, getting the tech press to write about your startup has become a crucial stepping stone to initial users and getting noticed by investors. But getting press is tricky. Dealing with bloggers is like having sex, they have needs too. Alejandro Barrera will be your coach. He is from Spain, educated in the US, and has spent a number of years helping mentoring startups including in how to tell their story and how to attract press. He is the CEO of Press42 and the co-founder of Europe’s newest tech news source

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Startup AddVenture 2013 - Alejandro Barrera - Getting Press to Write About Your Startup

  1. 1. GOT PRESS? European Addventure Summit Kiev, December 2013 Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  2. 2. Too many startups... Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  3. 3. Your bro! Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  4. 4. Your partner Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  5. 5. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  6. 6. IT’S NOT ABOUT QUALITY Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  7. 7. IT’S ABOUT ATTENTION Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  8. 8. How to do this? Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  9. 9. Do your homework Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  10. 10. Not all the blogs/publications are equal Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  11. 11. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  12. 12. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  13. 13. The Binary Conjecture I pass... Now I want! Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  14. 14. Communication Ninja workshop BLOG ME!!! Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  15. 15. Media is about relationships Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  16. 16. Team WORK Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  17. 17. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  18. 18. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  19. 19. Don’t force me to ignore you Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  20. 20. They wrote it wrong! Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  21. 21. Errr... Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  22. 22. Big Data M2M Social SoLoMo Mobile app
  23. 23. NOT ABOUT FEATURES Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  24. 24. NON BLOGGABLE Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  25. 25. BORN IS NOT NEWS Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  26. 26. New app? Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  27. 27. Founder story Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  28. 28. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  29. 29. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  30. 30. Death by Press Release Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  31. 31. KEEP CALM AND F**K PR Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  32. 32. Don’t make me research you Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  33. 33. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  34. 34. My inbox on a Monday Communication Ninja workshop
  35. 35. My inbox on a Monday Communication Ninja workshop Your story better be awesome
  36. 36. It takes me time! Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  37. 37. Don’t take it personally Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  38. 38. move on Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  39. 39. Don’t be an ass Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  40. 40. Good story... Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  41. 41. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  42. 42. Story.. sure!!
  43. 43. A story is a universal human experience wrapped inside a culture-specific expression Robert McKee
  44. 44. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  45. 45. #1 Protagonist Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  46. 46. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  47. 47. #2 Desire Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  48. 48. CONFLICT! Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  49. 49. #3 Emotions Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  50. 50. Alex Barrera (@abarrera)
  51. 51. STORYTELLING Everything