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Ravi Belani - Unlocking The Value of Accelerators - Startup AddVenture Eastern Europe 2015


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Ravi Belani is Fenwick & West Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and Managing Director of the Alchemist Accelerator, an enterprise seed accelerator backed by Cisco, DFJ, KhoslaVentures, Salesforce, SAP Ventures, and USVP. Alchemist also operates an Enterprise IoT Accelerator Program. Ravi formerly spent six years as part of the investment team at Draper Fisher Jurvetson’s Menlo Park global headquarters, where he led investments and served on the boards as the first institutional investor in companies such as Vizu (acquired by Nielsen), Yield Software (acquired byAutonomy), Justin.TV/Socialcam, Pubmatic, and Komli. Ravi formerly worked in product management at two Kleiner Perkins enterprise startups, and as a consultant in McKinsey and Company’s San Francisco office. Ravi is a Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi graduate of Stanford University, holding a BS with Distinction and MS in Industrial Engineering. Ravi also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Ravi Belani - Unlocking The Value of Accelerators - Startup AddVenture Eastern Europe 2015

  2. 2. Ravi Belani 6 years as a Venture Capitalist Skype, Baidu, Hotmail, Tesla My investments: Justin.TV / Twitch, Pubmatic Entrepreneruship Lecturer at Stanford ETL.Stanford.EDU Director, Alchemist, a B2B Accelerator
  3. 3. Alchemist: Gold Rated Accelerator Enterprise Accelerator Superstar of the Year Honorable Mentions
  4. 4. Moore’s Law: $10K today is the equivalent of $1M in 2005
  5. 5. Growth of the Internet: Exponential Axis 1
  6. 6. Growth of Internet: Linear Axis How we experience the world
  7. 7. $1m ofTechnology Freely AvailableVia Phones
  8. 8. The cost of capital of starting a business is dropping asymptotically (to founder salaries) $50k today does what $5m did 10 years ago 48 •  Open Source Stacks •  Infrastructure / Hosting as a Service (Amazon) •  Customer Acquisition through Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) •  Mobile Appstores (Android, Apple) 2002: Short Levers, Heavy Force / Cash 2012: Long Levers, Little Force / Cash •  Proprietary Software Licenses •  Private Server Operations •  Marketing Spend •  Business Development / Sales Teams
  9. 9. Number of Startups Accelerating
  10. 10. ANDWinners breaking out earlier
  11. 11. Top Revenue Ramps are 5x Steeper than they were 10 years
  12. 12. Harder to be aVenture Capitalist
  13. 13. Time is of the essence
  14. 14. Why Accelerators
  15. 15. Curated Access to Investors
  16. 16. Accelerators Can Increase the Odds of Funding 0 10 20 30 40 Graduates of Top 10 US Accelerators Non-Accelerator Startups Source: SeedRankings Project, 80,000 Hours Website 35% 4%
  17. 17. Access to Customers and Partners Alchemist Go-To-Market Customer members
  18. 18. Build Mentor, Investor, Press Networks Leah Busque
 CEO, TaskRabbit Marissa Mayer
 CEO, Yahoo Gil Elbaz
 CEO, Factual Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
 CEO, Joyus David Kelley
 Founder, IDEO, Stanford Prof. Robert Sutton
 Stanford, Author "Good Boss, Bad Boss" Mike Maples, Jr.
 Managing Partner, Floodgate Maynard Webb
 Chairman, former CEO, LiveOps Jim McKelvey
 Co-Founder, Square Joe Lonsdale Co-Founder, Palantir Tim Chou Stanford Faculty, Former CEO, Oracle-on-Demand Adam Pisoni Co-Founder, Yammer (MSFT)
  19. 19. Catalyzes Co-Founders to Make a Decision re: Commitment Source: Elaine Wherry
  20. 20. Drives Focus, starting with the application Source: Elaine Wherry
  21. 21. Assessing & Getting Into an Accelerator
  22. 22. Number of Startup Accelerators Increasing Significantly 0 75 150 225 300 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
  23. 23. AssessWhatYou Need an Accelerator Customers)/) Trac.on) Investors) Peers) Mentors)
  24. 24. Filter Accelerators by Brand and Individuals
  25. 25. Acceptance Rates forTop Accelerators are Tougher than Ivy League Schools 0 75 150 225 300 Applications Interviews Admittance Alchemist Class X Stats (March 2015) Less than 5% Acceptance Rates at Top Accelerators
  26. 26. Get Referenced In via former founders or connected Investors
  27. 27. Deciding which is right
  28. 28. Accelerators Don’t Substitute for HardWork Source: Elaine Wherry
  29. 29. Bigger Isn’t Always Better Source: Elaine Wherry
  30. 30. Talk to Founders
  31. 31. Negotiate
  32. 32. Build Lasting Relationships
  33. 33. Ravi Belani RaviB@Stanford.EDU @RBelani