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Settings & Participants


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Management of the eTwinning space: Settings & Participants (

Published in: Education
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Settings & Participants

  1. 1. Collaboration in eTwinning I. Settings & Participants IV. Management of the Twinspace Collaboration in eTwinning IV. Management of the TwinSpace I. SETTINGS & PARTICIPANTS
  2. 2. Menu  General Settings  Profile Settings  Add participants to the Twinspace  Language Settings
  3. 3. General Settings
  4. 4. GENERAL SETTINGS Only project founders and teachers with admin rights can change settings. For others the SETTINGS button will not be displayed. Title, description and logo are always public to anyone on internet.
  5. 5. GENERAL SETTINGS The General Settings of the Twinspace allow you to display a title, subtitle and logo for the Twinspace as well as to choose a colour scheme (theme).
  6. 6. Profile Settings
  7. 7. PROFILE SETTINGS With the Profile settings users of the Twinspace take the first steps in expressing their digital identity. Adding a profile picture and a short description are important for the first impression others have about you. Click on your name to change the profile settings.
  8. 8. PROFILE SETTINGS The profile settings include a description and a picture. Members can also set the default display language.
  9. 9. PROFILE SETTINGS The Profile settings (including picture and written description) will be displayed in all the Twinspaces you make part of. Teachers should provide guidelines for the students of how they must write the profile description: what is the language, what type of information must (not) be shared etc. Teachers must also provide guidelines, if necessary, about the profile picture. A picture tells more than a thousand words. Teachers cannot delete the profile picture of the student.
  10. 10. Add Participants to the Twinspace
  11. 11. ADD PARTICIPANTS TO THE TWINSPACE Administrators have the power to invite new members: teachers, pupils and visitors.
  12. 12. ADD PARTICIPANTS TO THE TWINSPACE New teacher partners are added on the level of eTwinning Live.
  13. 13. ADD PARTICIPANTS TO THE TWINSPACE Teachers who will also add content on the Twinspace (e.g. Pages, Forums, etc.) need to be upgraded on the level of the Twinspace. They must be given the status of Teacher Administrator.
  14. 14. ADD PARTICIPANTS TO THE TWINSPACE Teachers add the pupils to the Twinspace. They add the names of the students and provide them with a password. Students cannot change the credentials. Teachers can RESET the PASSWORD of pupils. 1 2
  15. 15. INVITE PUPILS TO THE TWINSPACE Teachers can export the data of logins and passwords of the students to Excel: EXPORT INVITED PUPILS. If necessary also Visitors can be added to the Twinspace. Visitors are adults who will not register at (e.g. parents). The procedure is similar to the invitation of pupils.
  16. 16. INVITE PUPILS TO THE TWINSPACE Teachers can give Pupils the role of PUPIL ADMINISTRATOR. PUPIL ADMINISTRATORS can create PAGES and FORUMS. Pupil Administrators can assist teachers. They can have the Administrator’s role temporarily (e.g. during a lesson). Pupils Administrators have high level ownership and responsibility.
  17. 17. Language Settings
  18. 18. LANGUAGE SETTINGS There are 2 types of Language Settings: I. DEFAULT LANGUAGE SETTINGS: each time you log in, the Twinspace will take these language settings. II. SESSION LANGUAGE SETTINGS: if necessary you can change the language settings for the duration of the current session. 1 2
  19. 19. LANGUAGE SETTINGS The feature of the SESSION LANGUAGE SETTINGS is handy … for Foreign Language teachers. During their lessons the students can select the display according to the language of the lesson. … for Teachers to communicate with project partners. To avoid misunderstandings, teachers can quickly check on the equivalents for the display in the language of the project partners.
  20. 20. Concept, text and editing by eTwinning Central Support Service - 2015 Under Creative Commons License Concept, text and editing by eTwinning Central Support Service - 2015 Under Creative Commons License