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Nanoyou Power Point Slides2

  1. 1. <ul><ul><li>I.S.I.S.S. Piana di Lucca </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Liceo Scientifico </li></ul><ul><li>” E. Majorana” </li></ul><ul><li>Capannori - Italy </li></ul>Brussels - 1/28/2010 E. Manfredini
  2. 3. Emanuele ... who? 1995: Laurea degree in Physics, University of Pisa 2000: PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of Milan since 2001: teacher of Maths and Physics in Italian upper secondary schools (permanent position)‏ 2006-2009: temporary position at ANSAS (former INDIRE), collaboration in developing research projects in teaching and teacher training, mostly about scientific education and in blended e-learning Italian eTwinning ambassador for s.y. 2009-10 (participation in PDW in Sintra (Portugal); currently running two projects, with 3+1 partners)‏
  3. 4. Capannori ... where? Very close to Lucca, birthplace of the composer Giacomo Puccini Not far from Pisa (30 km) and Florence 60 km), in Tuscany
  4. 5. School Structure Liceo Scientifico (LS) “E. Majorana” is a Scientific Secondary High School. It belongs to the larger State Institute for Upper Secondary Education (ISISS “Piana di Lucca”), which has also a second branch consisting of a Technical and Commercial Institute (ITCG) [morning for pupils and evening for adults]. Pupils: 383 (LS) + 256 (ITCG) = 639 Classes: 16 (LS) + 15 (ITCG)‏ Teachers: 37 (LS) + 39 (ITCG)‏ Administrative, Technical, Auxiliary: 19 Subjects: Religion (not compulsory), Italian Language and Literature, Latin Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Maths, Physics, Biology, Natural sciences and Chemistry, Art and Design, Geography, History , Philosophy, Gym.
  5. 6. European experiences 15 days visit to a Swedish school during the last s.y. Common activities about “Water” [Funded by Tuscany regional authority] eTwinning: 3 active projects this s.y., with 3+1+1 partners (two in English and one in Esperanto)‏ [Partially supported by the Province of Lucca] Applied to host an Xperimania science ambassador
  6. 7. Expectations 60-80 pupils potentially involved, between 15 and 18 y.o. Furtherly develop the connection between the school and University of Pisa – SNS – INFM Achieve one of our school objectives: promote scientific awareness and culture Join and participate to an European network for the benefit of our school and local community Move towards an innovative science pedagogy, based on discussing scientific and ELS aspects at the same time As already stated by Manuel Francisco Carlos Suarez ...
  7. 8. Thank you very much for your attention Contact: | For schools: Emanuele Manfredini Liceo Scientifico “E. Majorana” Capannori (LU) – Italy [email_address]