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LSL Webinar: using ICT to teach literature


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The presentation was made during a webinar on using ICT to teach literature in a more engaging way. The webinar recording is available at

Published in: Education, Technology
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LSL Webinar: using ICT to teach literature

  1. 1. How can technology support the teaching of literature? 28 January 2014 Raffaella Fiorini Presentation for the Living Schools Lab webinar (a project by European Schoolnet)
  2. 2. motivate the study of literature since it: a. makes reading more appealing to students; b. facilitates understanding; c. uses tools students are familiar with d. integrates “tradition” with “innovation” 28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  3. 3. “A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers to promote books and encourage readers” (from wikipedia) 28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  4. 4. It motivates students in the reading of a particular novel.  It’s fast and short, a good tool to arouse students’ curiosity  It can be used for an in-depth analysis of a literary text.  28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  5. 5. Decision making (choice of music, images..)  Problem solving  Websearch skills (to find the material needed)  Collaboration (team work)  Use of correct language  Analysis and synthesis (to highlight the book’s main features)  28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  6. 6. Step 1: reading of the novel  Step 2: written summary of book cube_creator/ or storymap  Step 3: Storyboarding rga.html  Step 4: websearch  Step 5: making of the video or  28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  7. 7. Enhanced motivation  Increased interest in literature  Language improvement  Reinforcement of social skills  28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  8. 8. Teachers can create an online class library where to store students’ favourite books and useful tools to enhance understanding  In Italy the use of booktrailers is now widespread and there is currently a booktrailer film festival to which our school’s students have been invited  28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini
  9. 9. Example shared by Daan Beeke 28/01/2014 Raffaella Fiorini