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Lsl webinar collaborative tools11 28-13


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Lsl webinar collaborative tools11 28-13

Published in: Education
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Lsl webinar collaborative tools11 28-13

  1. 1. Collaborative Tools Webinar 11-28-13
  2. 2. Geroskipou A’ Primary School Cyprus Webquests with Weebly A webquest is an online inquiry based learning structure. All tasks are designed and developed online. What we do: - We design webquests about topics from the curriculum. - We apply cross-curricular approach (many subjects & many teachers involved - whole school approach). - We embed many ICT tools in our webquests. - Allow room for students to design their own learning or for other students.
  3. 3. Geroskipou A’ Primary School Cyprus Replicable steps we made - Found a topic that could be approached cross curricularly. - The topic needed to be inspiring for many teachers in order to get involved :) - Run seminars within the schools to train on the use of weebly (website design & development online tool). - Formed a team of teachers. - Found the age level of the students. Divided the students into groups. Assigned roles. - Divided the topic in different thematic categories. - Each teacher designed the part of the webquest corresponding to one thematic category he/she was in charge of. - Students were the designers of some thematic categories. - Launched the lesson with the students were the teacher was the facilitator and the students worked in groups around the laptop.
  4. 4. Our webqu est!
  5. 5. Geroskipou A’ Primary School Cyprus Tools we learned and used (sample) (create multimodal presentations) (create digital 3D pop-up books) (online puzzle) (upload and download files and folders) and (create word clouds) (Greek / English online dictionary) Forum (read and write comments - powered by Online survey (powered by (create bar charts and pie charts) (create a poster) (paint) (turn still images into animated talking objects) (create impressive presentations) Photostory (create video clips) Windows movie maker, imovie Hot Potatoes (download and upload files and folders - sharing)
  6. 6. Geroskipou A’ Primary School - Cyprus Our biggest challenges - Find time for the teachers to prepare all these resources. Devoting their free time. - Find time for teacher training relevant to this project. - Find time for the group of teachers working on this project to meet at the school. Good excuse to arrange afternoon meetings for coffee :) - Technological equipment of the school: Limited numbers of laptops etc.
  7. 7. Geroskipou A’ Primary School Cyprus 3 Key questions we ask - How can ICT promote collaborative learning? - How can we innovatively apply technology enhanced collaborative learning with our students? - How do students from their perspective perceive the efforts done for the LSL? What did they learn / like?
  8. 8. Video of this project School visit
  9. 9. Klaipeda Simon Dach progymnasium Collaborative tools we are using in our school E-Diary “Tamo” for all classes Edmodo for iPad classroom Web 2.0 tools
  10. 10. Klaipeda Simon Dach progymnasium 3 steps we are working on: • • • We began by giving all of our teachers possibility to apply interactive whiteboards in learning process We had organised training for all of the staff We paid for four of our teachers to have extra training and to become lead trainers Our biggest challenge is lack of resources in our student basket for computer hardware, software, and teachers CPD 3 key questions we are asking: • • • How to bring ICT closer to modern pedagogy How to personalise learning by using ICT in effective way How to use tablets in better way to improve learning results
  11. 11. Class outside the Classroom with Edmodo Features of Edmodo ´Collaboration: secure chat – student/student or student/teacher ´Group Discussion ´Instructional Materials (documents, videos, web links, etc.) ´Turn in Assignments ´Individual Classes with Secure Codes ´Post Grades ´Poll Students ´Create Quizzes and Show Results
  12. 12. LP2I - France Sharing Methods - Clouds and QR-codes 3 steps we are working on: • Teachers teamwork on collaborative learning • Creation of courses on collaborative tools • Experiments in class, gathering evidence
  13. 13. LP2I - France Sharing Methods - Clouds and QR-codes 3 key questions we are asking: • • • How (and why) tablets in a cloud-based digital environment can improve collaborative work : In classroom ? In our projects ? What tool (platform/app/software) can facilitate collaborations if need be ? Specific educational platform (e.g. Estream, Learning Spaces, e-books...) or Real life tools ? (youtube, Facebook,...) Our biggest challenge is Having the whole teacher staff experimenting with tablets and sharing their experiments on our Living Cloud project blog (first sharing scale in our LSL participation process).
  14. 14. LP2I - France Sharing Methods - Clouds and QR-codes • Looking for clouds… Standard digital workspaces vs Dropbox vs Google drive vs… Video : Collaborative slideshow using Dropbox
  15. 15. LP2I - France Sharing Methods - Clouds and QR-codes • Share instantly, spread the discovery Share an interesting webpage, quickly invite to a google doc ! Video : Instant webpage sharing with QRcodes A web-based QR-code generator A good QR-code tool for computers : Quickmark (youtube video)
  16. 16. LP2I - France Supporting groupwork with Socrative ● A student response system ● Helps the students assign tasks and objectives in project based learning with the right questions ● ● Develops autonomy
  17. 17. Collaborative tools in Kaunas ‘Varpelis’ Primary School We use: Web 2.0 for collaboration with pupils at school level and with our partners E-register for collaboration with parents and giving information for them Google docs and websites for sharing useful information among the colleagues
  18. 18. Collaborative tools in Kaunas ‘Varpelis’ Primary School Steps we are working on: Our school has created two platforms: ’ Teacher to Teacher’ for teachers to share their experience and best practise examples made with Web 2.0 and other tools. ‘Friend to Friend’ will be for pupils to present their best works created with Web 2.0 and other tools. Application of Active Vote System for classroom and extracurricular activities.
  19. 19. Collaborative tools in Kaunas ‘Varpelis’ Primary School Our biggest challenge is Finding the most suitable tools and using them for collaboration with our partners of Whizz Kids academy at the national level. 3 key questions we are asking: How to use ICT appropriately for effective learning? How can ICT help individualize learning? How can ICT benefit our students?
  20. 20. Class Dojo Class Dojo is an online behaviour management system for teachers. Collaboration among teachers, parents and students. Improve behaviour Improve specific student behaviors and engagement by awarding and recording real-time feedback. Share data Print or email beautiful behavior reports to easily engage parents and staff. Save time Save time by recording behaviors and accomplishments right in class, with just one click: NO extra data entry required.
  21. 21. Why not Collaborate on Collaborative tools ? ;-) A padlet wallpaper on collaborative tools :