LSL: Step by step_upload_resources December 2013


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LSL: Step by step_upload_resources December 2013

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LSL: Step by step_upload_resources December 2013

  1. 1. Step by Step Guidance Uploading resources
  2. 2. Introduction    LSL Community of Practice is provided with a tool that allows you to upload many kinds of resources and a gallery where you will find all the materials shared by the members. Share your school best practices, methods and innovative ideas and learn from the rest of the participants. It is easy  Follow the steps!
  3. 3. Click on “My school area” section.
  4. 4. Click on “Upload resource”. If you want to check all the materials your school has shared, you can do it here.
  5. 5. After clicking on Upload resource, you will arrive to this screen. Fill in the boxes to describe your resource. Add a title, a short description, author name, etc. “*” indicates that the field is mandatory.
  6. 6. Depending on the type of resource you want to upload, you should choose a different option and proceed as follows: 1. Website: Click on “Link to website” and paste the URL on the box 2. File (PDF, DOC, PTT, etc.): Select “File upload” and click on “Choose file” to upload the file from your computer 3. Embed video: Click on “Embed video” and paste the embedded code on the box. Check the Annex I to upload videos on Planet eStream
  7. 7. If you wish, you can add a thumbnail picture to your resource. Just click on “Choose file” and select a picture or logo from your computer. 20MB maximum The picture will appear like this
  8. 8. Pay attention to copyright issues and, finally, click on “Submit” to upload your resource.
  9. 9. You will find yours and the materials uploaded by other members in the Resources gallery Use the search tool to find them easily. Write a key word or select “Educational context” and “language”. And don’t forget you can rate the material easily, by clicking on the stars.
  10. 10. How to delete a resource? Go to “My school area”, where you will find your school’s resources. By clicking on the right/left arrows, you can see all the materials you have uploaded. Click on “Delete” to remove them.
  11. 11. Annex I – How to upload videos on Planet eStream Introduce your User name and password.
  12. 12. Click “Menu” on the Homepage and select “Add media”
  13. 13. After you click “I Agree, Continue” on the Disclaimer, you will arrive to the 1st Step. Click the 'Browse' button and locate a video file to upload. Most file formats are supported. Then, click “next step”
  14. 14. Enter a descriptive title for the new media and complete as many details as possible. Don’t forget to choose the “Living Schools Lab” project  And click on “next step”
  15. 15. Here you can decide about copyright issues and video/audio settings.
  16. 16. Click 'Upload File' button to start the upload. The page will now display the progress of your upload.
  17. 17. To find the embedded code you need to upload your video on the CoP, follow the next steps: 1. Go back to the Homepage and select your video. 2. Click on “options” and select “share”
  18. 18. 3. In the Share Panel displayed, you will see a variety of options. Copy the “Embed Code” and paste it on the CoP If you have any problem, check the “Help” section in the Homepage menu or ask us 
  19. 19. Thank you web email The work presented in this presentation is partially supported by the European Commission’s FP7 programme – project Living Schools Lab (Grant agreement Nº 317587). The content of this presentation is the sole responsibility of the consortium members and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission and the Commission is not responsible for any use that might be made of information contained herein.