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Ecb aj press2

  1. 1. The European coordination body for STEM education Marc Durando -
  2. 2. Why do we need InGenious?• Europe is training too few scientists, technology experts and engineers – Asian countries train twice as many scientists compared to European member states, and three times as many engineers.• Europe’s highest scientific achievers – Finnish students – outperformed by Chinese students in Shanghai and Hong Kong 2
  3. 3. InGenious objectives• Demonstrate how science and technology skills can help young people get jobs• Enhance the relevance of school science by showing how cutting edge science and technology contributes to students’ lives• Fight stereotypes by giving a more realistic view of scientific jobs, and encouraging women and minorities to consider scientific careers 3
  4. 4. Expected impact Increase Increase number of number of young peopleAccess to better interested in information & young people first hand interested in STEM experience STEM careers & education more researchers and scientists 4
  5. 5. InGenious in a nutshellEducation–Industry cooperation addressing Supporting OfferingAttractiveness and federating European In STEM national Exchange initiatives platform Multistakeholder initiative 5
  6. 6. InGenious in a nutshellStrategic response to FP 7 call Reinforce links between STEM careers in the private sector Strengthening link between industry & education• Lack of interest Initiatives• Future skills gap • Repository of good practice • European Exchange Platform Challenges • Disseminate and stimulate the best practices 6
  7. 7. InGenious in a nutshell Supporting and federating national initiatives 7
  8. 8. Who’s involved in InGenious? 8
  9. 9. Immediate actionsPolicy and Practices observatory Core network of schools with protocol Experts and teachers scientific committee Strategic group Associate Partners 9
  10. 10. Get involved• For press: become media partner – Access to high level interviewees in partner organisations – Free attendance of all events – Communicate relevant results• For businesses, educational bodies and federations: join as an associate partner – Benchmark science / tech education practice – Communicate via international network of schools and teachers – Build synergies and partnerships in coherent holistic strategy 10
  11. 11. Contact• Alexa Joyce –• +32 790 7554 11