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3 ingenious 2011-08-27-prague_spice_summer_school_v2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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3 ingenious 2011-08-27-prague_spice_summer_school_v2

  1. 1. Àgueda Gras-Velázquez 27/08/2011 (coming soon)
  2. 2. inGenious aims to... • To reinforce links science education and science and technology careers in the private sector by reinforcing the partnership industry/education. AIM PartnershipIncrease young Europeans’ interest in - 27 partners / 16 countries:mathematics, science and technology EUN + 6 MoE + 2 Uni. + 10 Co. + 2education and careers, addressing: Industry reps. & 6 Natl. Sci platforms * lack of interest in the subjects - 3-year project * the future skills gap - Financial model: 50% EU funded - >> budget for dissemination & impact activities. 2
  3. 3. How?Through innovative initiatives and coordinating and buildingon existing school/business partnerships in the field of MSTeducation across Europe, via● portal: observatory of industry-education information,guidance & good practices in Europe (repository of practice,disseminate and stimulate good practices in Science andMaths and encourage new practices)● validation of initiatives (in 150 schools in 15 countries),design programme of activities, organise seminars forteachers on industry-education cooperation in Science andMaths education
  4. 4. Whos involved?Partners: Associate partners: And more coming soon... ...Including you?
  5. 5. and...15 TeachersCoordinators(9 of which arehere today)
  6. 6. Teachers Coordinators... s nioui nGe
  7. 7. InGenious Teachers... s nioui nGe All 150 teachers will be invited to one event, like Spice – but bigger!
  8. 8. and...Major dissemination/exploitation activities tomainstream & sustain good practices and soincrease # opting for MST in schools ==>increase # of Europe’s researchers &scientists (>1,000 schools targeted)
  9. 9. and... On the project Rinske van den Berg, inGenious Project Manager European Schoolnet ( On becoming a school pilotÀgueda Gras-Velázquez, Science Programme Manager, InGenious School Pilots Manager European Schoolnet ( Arjen Schat
  10. 10. InGenious Teachers Coordinators, working together since... ...2 days ago. Join us!