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Leibniz (Germany)


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Presentacio de Leibnizgymnasium en IES Itaca para proyecto Comenius

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Leibniz (Germany)

  1. 1. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam 700 students 50 teachers Campus Am Stern • Primary School „Grundschule Am Pappelhain“ • Gymnasium „Leibniz-Gymnasium Potsdam“ • Music School „Johann Sebastian Bach“ • Public library • Public indoor swimming pool
  2. 2. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam Beside our school the educational site also features the neighbouring elementary school "Am Pappelhain", the J. S. Bach Music School which is to be opened soon, the bordering indoor swimming pool and a variety of modern sports facilities.
  3. 3. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam Our school is located in the centre of Potsdams biggest residential area called: "Am Stern" Due to Johannes Keplerplatz which is nearby the school is conveniently accessible via public transport for pupils arriving from the city centre itself as well as for those from neighbourhoods like Kleinmachnow, Stahnsdorf, Teltow and Michendorf.
  4. 4. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam Being the central element of the outstanding development project "Campus Am Stern" our school was completely redeveloped between 2006 and 2009.
  5. 5. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdamIn the course of theredevelopment the entireschool area is beingredesigned: Next to the newschoolyards most modernleisure facilities are createdmeeting the needs of pupilsat all ages.Thus the Leibniz-Gymnasium and its directsurroundings offer excellentconditions for envisagingBrandenburgs high-qualityconcept according to theeducation grant forparticularly gifted pupils.
  6. 6. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdamDuring the ten years of theschools successfulparticipation in the pilotscheme "Advanced Classes"the teachers have gainedgreat experience of workingwith especially gifted pupilsand constantly improvedtheir knowledge in specialcourses. On account of thisconvincing work we wereawarded special permissionto teaching advancededucated classes also atelementary school level(year 5 and 6) since 2001.
  7. 7. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam Projekttage
  8. 8. Leibniz-Gymnasium „Leibniz hat Talente“Potsdam
  9. 9. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam
  10. 10. Leibniz-GymnasiumPotsdam