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Europanache america


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Contact: - Tel. 1 (888) 600-6777 (toll-free)
EuroPanache opens doors to the extraordinary: behind the scenes experiences; private art and antique collections; members only clubs; exclusive wine estates; cooking with top chefs; exploration and discovery packages; and showcase villas, apartments and yachts. Let our award-winning team help you create the vacation of your dreams in Europe, North America and beyond.

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Europanache america

  1. 1. CST #2083450-50 ©EuroPanache 2012 Illustration and Design by Marina Preston, www.marinapreston.comFor more information, contact your favorite travel agent or visit our website,
  2. 2. AMERICA by EuroPanache® EuroPanache Opens Doors to the Extraordinary. Celebrate America’s rich and varied themes and landscapes from sea to shining sea with 20 luxury mini-breaks from EuroPanache. Designed for individuals, couples, families or small private groups, these themed packages can be combined to create a longerholiday. Experience fashion in New York and Beverly Hills, architecture in Chicago, wine-tasting in California, the ghost towns, desertsand parks of the Wild West, fast-paced adventure in Miami and the Florida Keys and much more. With each package, we have contractedwith specialists to offer behind-the-scenes tours and expert insights. Whether in Europe, America or farther afield, as a EuroPanache guest, you’ll travel in luxury by helicopter, limousine, executive jet,first-class rail, private yacht and deluxe minivan. Dine in some of the world’s finest restaurants. Stay in grand luxury at fabulous four andfive-star boutique hotels and showcase properties.
  3. 3. From Our President and Founder Our commitment to providing the highest quality service has been key to EuroPanache’s continued growth and success. In 2010—2011, our America-inbound business and team has more than doubled in size, and EuroPanache has expanded its offerings to include exciting luxury mini-breaks in the historic southeast: New Orleans, Savannah and Charleston. We have also hired an experienced Miami-based team specialized in organizing VIP meetings, incentives and conference events across the USA. Our global team, collateral, websites and systems have also been expanded to cover more languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese. Let our global team of travel planners and guides show you what we can do. Find out why EuroPanache counts 2 of the 3 wealthiest families in the world as regular clients! Bob Preston, President2 Introduction
  4. 4. Contents 4 Testimonials 5 Luxury Mini Breaks 6 New York Fashion 8 New York Art & Architecture10 New Harlem Renaissance12 Boston14 New England16 DC Capital Break18 Fairytale Florida20 Miami & the Keys22 Chicago Art & Architecture24 Chicago Jazz & Blues26 Las Vegas & Grand Canyon28 Ghost Towns & Painted Desert30 Bryce & Zion Canyons32 San Francisco34 Redwoods & Sequoias36 Monterey & Big Sur38 Napa & Sonoma Wine40 Beverly Hills & Hollywood42 San Diego & La Jolla44 Panama46 Charleston — NEW48 New Orleans — NEW50 Savannah — NEW52 Booking Terms • NEW ENGLAND • BOSTON • NEW YORK NAPA • REDWOODS • CHICAGO • SAN FRANCISCO • LAS VEGAS D.C. MONTEREY • • • • BRYCE CANYON LOS ANGELES • • GHOST TOWNS SAN DIEGO • • CHARLESTON • SAVANNAH NEW ORLEANS • • FAIRYTALE •MIAMI Table of Contents 3
  5. 5. Press Quotations « Des exklusivsten Reisebüros der Welt » — Focus Deutschland "A Black Book of enviable connections" — Virtuoso Life "Things to Try before You Die" — Channel 9 (Australia) "Des voyages hors norme" — Madame Figaro (France) "Une Agence très spéciale" — Le Point (France) Testimonials Thank you again for everything. Here are the comments from our clients: "The Florida trip was amazing and perfect. The hotel was great and the tickets for the parks worked very well for us. It was the best trip that I have had with my family!" — Maria Eugênia from Matueté in São Paulo, Brazil I have used EuroPanache for my birthday celebration trips for four years in a row now – to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They offer top-notch service and attention to detail from beginning to end. Bravo! — Reginald V. from New York The Panama trip was fabulous! There was no time to get bored. Transportation, excursions and events – especially the yacht cruise – were excellent. EuroPanache truly knows how to put the "panache" in travel. — Anita L. from Houston We were very pleased with the arrangements in California and Chicago. You were wonderful and very professional. The driver-guides were very attentive and polite, also deserving of our effusive thanks. Excellent! — Jeferson D. from São Paulo, Brazil This is the second year in a row that I have traveled with EuroPanache. It will remain a highlight of all of my international vacations. Laura R — San Diego Our clients loved their time with EuroPanache in Paris and Los Angeles. Thanks a lot! — Nicola Bevan from St Ives Travel in NSW, Australia Kudos to you all. Peter Carideo, President, CRC Travel — Chicago For the latest feedback, please see the Press and Testimonials sections on our website www.europanache.com4 Testimonials
  6. 6. Luxury Mini Breaks For independent travelers, these short breaks feature outstanding venues and themes. They can be grouped together or used to extend an existing business trip or leisure vacation. Luxury Mini Breaks 5
  7. 7. Photo by Marko Dashev. New York Fashion New York City is one of the largest fashion capitals of the world and a to meet those who create for the crème de la crème of where shopping enthusiasts can discover it all. Be whisked behind the Visit private ateliers and showrooms where you will see firsthandscenes of this exciting industry, treating yourself to the ultimate shopping just how the fashion world operates. Enhance your understanding ofexperience. Meet the designers who create for Nicole Kidman, Angelina the New York mode scene and get personalized tips from your ownJolie and Sarah Jessica Parker, and get inside the showrooms of the some of fashion coach and designers on what works best for you. Prior to thethe hottest New York stylists whose works line the pages of Vogue and trip, your fashion expert will call to conduct a phone interview so thatHarper’s Bazaar. Enter into the VIP rooms of the biggest names in fashion special visits can be prearranged. 6 Luxury Mini Breaks
  8. 8. N E W Y O R K F A S H I O N I T I N E R A R YDay One. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE BIG APPLE We will seek out the showrooms, studios or boutiques that Upon arrival, your private car will carry you to your fabulous best match your style so you will waste no time in finding the bestNew York luxury hotel where you will have the afternoon free to new looks for you.relax after your long journey. For your first evening in the shop- After your one-on-one shopping experience, the chauffeurping mecca, you are cordially invited to enjoy pre-dinner cock- driven car will bring you back to your hotel. We suggest a relaxingtails with your fashion expert. If you wish, we can arrange dinner dinner and concert or Broadway show this evening.reservations for you, or you may relax in your hotel or explorethe city on your own. Day Three. (Optional Extra) If you decide to continue your fashion extravaganza, yourDay Two. NEW YORK CITY MAKEOVER third day will start with visits to boutiques that offer a fabulous Begin your second day with a leisurely breakfast at your hotel. array of shoes, bags, and jewelry from top designers. Enjoy a VIPYour fashion expert will meet you there to continue your personal visit with one of NYC’s most esteemed jewelry houses or seestyle analysis. For your convenience, this will be done in the com- the showroom of an award-winning shoe designer.fort of your own room. Following your accessories selection, we will accompany From there, the real action begins with an introduction to you to the atelier and showroom visits where private audiencesNYC’s fashion neighborhoods, complete with VIP stops including can be arranged, along with in-house models, to show privatemeeting an up-and-coming designer (to be arranged in advance) haute couture collections from innovative designers. in theirand getting a behind-the-scenes look at pattern creation. showrooms. Stop for lunch before we start the search for your perfect new Depending on the date of your visit, our partners may bewardrobe. Our experts will also disclose the secrets of successful able to arrange attendance at a fashion show normally off-limitsstyling for everyday casual, professional or formal events. to the public.We recommend pairing this trip with another of our New York tours or our New England or Washington DC mini breaks. Basic Package Includes:roundtrip transfers to/from New York or New Jersey airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Greenwich Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 2 daysof private touring with driver/guide; personal fashion expert.
  9. 9. New York Art The city of New York is famous for its immense skyscrapers, dazzling Gallerie. Wander the halls of the MOMA while being awed by its Warhols,entertainment industry, stylish fashion, and of course, its rich art culture. Pollacks, Matisses and Dalis, enjoy the modern architecture of theCome explore all of the treasures of the NYC art scene with some of New Guggenheim and admire the medieval structures of The Cloisters, and tourYork’s finest art guides. Admire the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Monet, the impressive array of 20th century art at the Whitney Museum of ModernRembrandt and Vermeer at the Met, journey through the history of art in Art as you enjoy personalized visits to the some of the finest muse-human civilization, and take in the more quaint setting of the Neue ums and galleries in the city so nice they named it twice. 8 Luxury Mini Breaks
  10. 10. N E W Y O R K A R T I T I N E R A R YDay One. THE EMPIRE CITY uing your stretch down Museum Mile. Our next recommendation Upon arrival in New York City, you will be welcomed by is the Guggenheim, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Its ownyour driver, who will escort you to your luxury hotel. There, you can architecture is as much of a work of art as the impressionist, post-enjoy the VIP amenities that await you while passing a leisurely impressionist, and contemporary masterpieces located withinafternoon after a long journey. Feel free to explore the city a bit or its pampered with the hotel spa services to prepare yourself for the To end your day, enjoy a night on the town with a lovely dinnerexciting days that will follow. at one of the city’s renowned restaurants followed by a Broadway show.Day Two. MUSEUM MILE For your second day, wake up in the city that never sleeps and Day Three. ART LOVER’S CHOICEdive into the New York art world. Your driver and expert guide will To finish your trip, enjoy additional museum tours from themeet you at your hotel to accompany you to your choice of muse- vast selection that the city has to offer. The Museum of Modern Artums and art galleries in the city. You can customize your experi- is a must see. Located in midtown Manhattan, the MOMA is oftenence, but we recommend starting at Museum Mile, a section of considered the leading modern art museum in the world. ForFifth Avenue that boasts over 10 museums, making it one of the lunch, relish in the French-American cuisine of their award-winningmost compact cultural exhibits in the world. restaurant, The Modern. One of the most famous museums in the city is The If you still haven’t had your fill of the New York art scene, takeMetropolitan Museum of Art. Be sure not to miss the Met’s over 2 in works by Warhol and Hopper at the Whitney Museum ofmillion varied and unique works ranging from classic antiquities and American Art, the European collections of the Neue Galerie andIslamic art to European sculptures and American modern works. The Cloisters, or one of the various Chelsea and Soho art gallery Enjoy a relaxing lunch and stroll in Central Park before contin- tours available.We recommend pairing this trip with another of our New York tours or our Boston, New England or Washington DC mini breaks. Basic PackageIncludes: roundtrip transfers to/from New York or New Jersey airports; 2 nights accommodation at the New York Plaza Hotel including breakfastand taxes; 2 days of private touring with driver/guide (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art).
  11. 11. New Harlem Renaissance Known as the mecca of African-American culture and history, has led to a new renaissance that casts a contemporary light upon itsHarlem, New York contains a treasure trove of unique and indelible rich culture. Experience this with a visit to Langston Hughes’ home, aexperiences just waiting to be discovered by the savvy traveler. Immerse stroll around the rich art exhibits, which showcase the amazing works ofyourself in the sights and sounds of Harlem’s cultural roots as you learn African artists, and a tour of the unique architecture of the area. Takefirsthand about the charm and brilliance of the neighborhood that private museum tours, enjoy intimate wine tastings and delight in bou-served as mother and muse for so many accomplished and incompara- tique shopping, allowing you to partake in the burgeoning atmosphereble statesmen, writers, and artists. Harlem’s recent economic boom that is Harlem’s second birth. 10 Luxury Mini Breaks
  12. 12. N E W H A R L E M R E N A I S S A N C E I T I N E R A R YDay One. ARRIVAL IN HARLEM Harlem Vintage, the area’s finest wine boutique, which offers over When you arrive in the city, your chauffeur will meet you at the 300 labels in which you can delight, before returning to your hotelairport to transport you to your luxury New York hotel. For your first to rest and change for an evening dinner and show at the Lenoxafternoon, you can relax and enjoy the amenities of the hotel or Lounge. This hip jazz club and its famed Zebra Room have servedexplore Harlem. as a backdrop for many jazz legends since its opening in 1929.Day Two. A GLIMPSE INTO THE BOROUGH Day Three. SCHOMBURG CENTER & THE APOLLO Your second day will start with a historical tour of Harlem led For your final day in Harlem, your expert guide will bringby your own expert guide. You will have the opportunity to admire you to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture,the beautiful architecture of the Abyssinian Baptist Church. Site of where you will embark on a tour of its art, books, films and man-Nat King Cole’s wedding and center of the tradition of Harlem uscripts. If your visit falls on a Sunday, you will be able to partic-gospel, the church remains one of the most important political, ipate in a service at the Harlem Baptist Church as well, com-social and religious establishments in New York. plete with the vocal stylings of their fabulous gospel choir. After Next, you will experience the Harlem living scene with visits your discovery there, we will lead you to the famed Apolloto the unique semi-attached townhouses of Astor Row and the his- Theater for a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the most famoustoric garden complex of the Dunbar Apartments. To continue your music halls in all of the United States before accompanying youafternoon, enjoy a delicious lunch at Sylvia’s Restaurant, which is to the Studio Museum, which boasts more than 1600 worksworld-renowned for its soul food, followed by shopping on 125th from artists of African descent.Street. Also known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, 125th is After such a fun-filled morning, you will be sure to havethe main street in Harlem, offering a variety of retail stores, the- worked up an appetite. Enjoy a savory Italian meal at Settepaniaters, and office complexes. While making your way down the before continuing your afternoon with boutique and marketboulevard, be sure not to miss the towering 19 stories of the Adam shopping at N, The Brownstone boutique, Carol’s DaughterClayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, the tallest in all of and the funky Malcom Shabazz Harlem Market, all unique retailHarlem. After your stroll along 125th, enjoy a wine tasting at venues that offer something for everyone.We recommend pairing this trip with another of our New York tours or our New England or Washington DC mini breaks. Basic Package Includes:roundtrip transfers to/from New York or New Jersey airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Wales Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 2 days of pri-vate touring with driver/guide (Harlem tour, Harlem Vintage wine tasting, Lenox Lounge dinner and show, Schomburg Center, Apollo Theater tour).
  13. 13. Boston Boston is comprised of many neighborhoods, each with its own story, beautiful scenery of Cape Ann with a day trip to Gloucester andarchitecture and atmosphere. Youll get an overview of the city as you Rockport. Bask in the sun along the beautiful harbors, take a visit toexplore the major neighborhoods and the historic sites that make the city the local castle, and delight in some of the freshest seafood you willsuch a fascinating place to visit. Explore the chic areas that are home to ever taste. Continue your journey with visits to the world famousits most elite residents, take a leisurely ride in the famous Swan Boats of Harvard University before continuing to Newport, Rhode Island,the Public Garden, and dine in some of the most savory restaurants in the which is rich in both history and culture. Enjoy the numerous activi-city. Shop along the Rodeo Drive of the East, explore Boston’s unique ties, quaint B&Bs, and interesting museums, while you take in thehistory, and take in a bit of the past with a visit to its legendary sites. beautiful beaches, and outstanding restaurants in this yachting capi- There is much to see just outside of Boston as well. Enjoy the tal of the world. 12 Luxury Mini Breaks
  14. 14. B O S T O N I T I N E R A R YDay One. 350 YEARS OF BOSTON being escorted to Rockport, also home to various artists and Your first day in Boston will begin as your private guide accom- artisans. Here you can capture your own photograph of "Motifpanies you to the finest sites in the city. Start your morning off at Number 1"— one of the most photographed and painted scenes inBeacon Hill, Boston’s most prestigious address and home to the America. Time will also be allowed for shopping and browsingblue-blood elite, before visiting the Public Garden, home of the before returning to your hotel.famous Swan Boats. That afternoon, enjoy a delicious lunch onNewbury Street, the shopping capital of Boston. Day Three. HARVARD UNIVERSITY AND THE JFK LIBRARY After enjoying the unique and upscale boutiques, you will On this day, you will explore the world famous Harvardexplore the area with stops by the Theater District, Chinatown, and University area where the young JFK lived and studied. Youthe South End. Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in the Major will stroll through Harvard Yard, the original campus of theLeague’s, and its “Green Monster” are also on your route. oldest university in the country, as you walk among the his- To finish your day, you will drive along part of the Freedom Trail toric buildings. Don’t forget to rub the bronze shoe of Johnand visit the Waterfront, before taking a walk into the North End, Harvard for good luck at the “Statue of Three Lies.”Bostons famous Italian neighborhood. That night, return to the lux- The tour continues as you travel from Cambridge to theurious Beacon Hill hotel for a relaxing evening. shoreline of Dorchester Bay, where you will visit the spectacular John F. Kennedy Library. Walk the campaign trail, view the famousDay Two. GLOUCESTER & ROCKPORT—SCENIC CAPE ANN Kennedy/Nixon debates, and listen to the often-humorous press Your second day will bring you to some of the Northeast’s conferences as you continue on through the highlights ofmost beautiful coastlines, with a visit to Cape Ann. Your first stop Kennedy’s presidency. For a short time, you will relive the thou-will be Gloucester, a city renowned for the purity of its light, and sand days of "Camelot.”home of many internationally known painters. Day Four. (Optional) NEWPORT MANSIONS Perhaps the most notable attraction in the city is its beautiful If you’d like to continue your stay, you will be whisked toharbor, which attracts a sizeable artistic population and is also one of Newport to explore the town and experience the lifestyles ofthe top three fishing ports in the northeast. There you will see the fish- the rich and famous while touring the infamous mansions. Enjoyerman’s memorial statue, as well as the beautiful Hammond Castle. delicious restaurants in the area, and walking around quaint Relax over a savory seafood lunch at a local restaurant before wharves and cobblestone streets lined with unique shops.We recommend pairing your Boston trip with one of our New York or our New England mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: Roundtrip transfersto/from the Boston Logan airport; 2 nights accommodation at the Beacon Hill Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of private touring withdriver/guide (Boston City tour, Harvard, JFK Library, Gloucester, Rockport); transfer to Cambridge and Cape Ann via minivan.
  15. 15. New England New England boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the quaint, charming streets of Vermont villages, and learn about the histo-United States. From its rugged beaches to its winding roads and crisp ry of a region that boasts old world charm. Taste some of the specialtiesautumn colors, every view is more remarkable than the last. Let the life of the area and tour some of its most famous spots as you experienceand the charm of this area come alive. Cruise along the Gulf of Maine just what makes this region of the United States so you take in the splendor of the coastal lines, get up close and per- For a French flair, continue your journey to Montreal andsonal with the industry for which the area is so famous--lobster--and Quebec City, Canada’s second largest city, as you experience theobserve wildlife in its natural habitat. Enjoy delicious, fresh seafood at sites, sounds, and flavors of one of the premier cosmopolitan citiessome of the area’s finest restaurants, take in a bit of shopping in the of North America. 14 Luxury Mini Breaks
  16. 16. N E W E N G L A N D I T I N E R A R YDay One. MAINE’S BEAUTIFUL HARBOR This area also offers the best way to experi- To begin your discovery of the area, ence the home of the world’s worst weatheryou will take a scenic lobster cruise in the up close and personal. With the ever-chang-Gulf of Maine harbor on Kylie’s Chance, ing weather conditions on New England’sone of the largest sightseeing boats on the highest peak, no two trips are the same.New England coast. During your outing, you will learn how Day Three. A SAMPLING OF VERMONTthe famous Maine lobsters are caught and For your third day, you will be transportedpass by the oceanfront estate of a former to Stowe, Vermont. Begin your morning withU.S. President. The view from the water is a historic tour where all the delights ofeven more stunning than from land, and if you are lucky, you may Vermont come together. Hear the love story of Emily’s Coveredeven see former President Bush and the Secret Service out fish- Bridge and partake in a bit of village If you wave, he does wave back. Make sure to keep your You will continue on to the historic Smugglers’ Notch, whereeyes peeled for the seals in their natural habitat on Bumpkin the scenic views are second to none! Enjoy samples of cider atIsland as well. Vermont’s Cold Hollow Cider Mill, delight in some famous To finish your night, delight in an authentic lobster and clam- Vermont syrup, and sample some fine cheddar at the Cabot Cheesebake at Fosters restaurant. Annex Store. Finish your afternoon with a “sweet tooth” adventure at theDay Two. WHITE MOUNTAINS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. An in-depth tour will give you a After breakfast, your driver will transport you to the Mountain close look at the history of the gourmet empire, as well as an elevat-View Grand Resort in North Conway. This two-hour drive is filled ed view of the factory floor and a “taste test” of that day’s creations.with amazing scenery. Take a closer look at the area with the White Mountain Tour, Days Four and Five. (Optional) THE CHARM OF QUEBECbeginning with the Mount Washington Auto Road, America’s oldest If you’d like to continue your trip, enjoy all of the attractions ofmanmade attraction. You can practically touch that history in the Montreal and Quebec City whose mélange of culture willRed Barn Museum, which features many of the vehicles that have make you realize you’ve come as close to Europe as you can with-climbed to the summit through the years. out taking a transatlantic flight.We recommend pairing this trip with one of our New York mini breaks or our Boston tour. Basic Package Includes: roundtrip transfers from theBoston or Portland (ME) airports and to the Burlington (VT) or Montreal airports (or vice versa); 1 night accommodation at the Stage Neck Innincluding breakfast and taxes; 1 night accommodation at the Mountain View Grand Resort including breakfast and taxes; 1 night accommodationat the Stoweflake Mountain Resort including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of private touring with driver/guide (Lobster Cruise, White MountainTour, Ben & Jerry tour, Historic Stowe tour); transfer to New Hampshire and Vermont via minivan.
  17. 17. Washington, D.C. Capital Break Washington D.C. is not only the capital of the United States, restaurants in the city. See history come to life through the variousbut it is also a melting pot of culture, history, art and politics. institutions scattered around the city, pay homage to all of thoseExplore all of the treasures of this city through a four-day tour that who have lost their lives for the freedom of the U.S. and tour thewill introduce you to all aspects of DC life. Stroll through the beautiful monuments and memorials that fill the area. Stop in for acharming paved pathways of the National Mall as you take in the tour of the White House, enjoy shopping in the chic Georgetownbeautiful architecture, cruise around downtown DC, packed with district, and experience all of the charm of the past and the presentart, cultural and political museums and dine in some of the finest in what is often considered the “Capital of the World.” 16 Luxury Mini Breaks
  18. 18. W A S H I N G T O N D . C. I T I N E R A R YDay One. ARRIVAL IN THE CAPITAL CITY Washington Monument. This nighttime tour will awe you as you take After arriving in the District of Columbia, you will be met at the in Washington in a whole new light.airport by your private driver who will escort you to your luxurious Day Three. YOUR WASHINGTON D.C.suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. Depending on your energy level, we Your third day can be customized entirely to suit your tastes. Ifcan arrange some sightseeing for the afternoon or evening. you want to enjoy a bit of relaxation, we recommend taking advan- We recommend a leisurely visit to the Georgetown neighbor- tage of the luxurious spa in your hotel. If you prefer a bit more of ahood in the northwestern quadrant of DC. Full of history, lively sportive day, take in a few holes of golf at the Tournament Playersambiance, great shopping and an array of dining options, Club or take a paddleboat ride in the Tidal Basin. Is culture and his-Georgetown is as popular with visitors as many of Washington, D.C.s tory more your interest? Be sure not to miss the National Holocaustmost famous buildings, museums and monuments. Museum. Or choose from some of the following: • Explore Adams-Morgan and Dupont Circle. These two neighbor-Day Two. DISCOVER D.C. hoods have unusual shops, restaurants, and clubs, although each area For your second day in Washington, explore the sites and sounds has its own personality.of the city with a personalized private tour. Begin your day at the • Admire the Washington National Cathedral and the nearbyWhite House before heading to the DC National Mall, filled with National Zoo.remarkable museums and amazing gardens. Be sure not to miss the • Take a day trip to Mount Vernon for a visit of George Washington’sNational Museum of American History, one of the Smithsonian’s 19 home; Woodlawn, the estate of his step-granddaughter; andmuseums. As you stroll along its halls, the social, political, and cul- Gunston Hall, the home of George Mason, author of the documenttural heritage of the US will come alive. that inspired the Bill of Rights. Later that afternoon you will be escorted to Capitol Hill whereyou will discover the symbolical Capitol building. If Congress is in Day Four. (Optional) COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURGsession during your visit, you will even have the opportunity to sit in If you’d like to continue your stay, we can arrange a tour of theon the proceedings. charming colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, located just a couple of That evening, you will be captivated by the city with a moonlight hours south of Washington, D.C. This historic district is now a livingtour of its memorials and monuments. You will pass by the Jefferson, museum, where you can visit the antique buildings and even take partLincoln, and the FDR Memorials and make your way to the glowing in arts and crafts demonstrations of daily life in the past.We recommend pairing this trip with one of our New York mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: Roundtrip transfers to/from the Ronald Reagan airport;3 nights accommodation at the Four Seasons Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of private touring with driver/guide (Museum of AmericanHistory, Capitol Hill, nighttime Monument Tour).
  19. 19. FairyTale Florida Princes and princesses, cuddly characters, magic and adventure: Little girls can get all made up with a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo makeover andcome to a place where dreams come true. Enjoy fun for the whole fam- private lunch with Cinderella in her castle. Everyone can experience upily with a four-day trip to the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida. close and personal encounters with the animals at Sea World and Experience some southern hospitality at the festive French Quarter Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and then cool down in the water attractionsResort, hop from park to park as you experience the thrilling rides, the scattered throughout steamy Orlando.amazing shows, and the magical atmosphere of Epcot and the Disney With all of the fun, excitement, and magic in store, your trip is sureHollywood Studios, and rub elbows with your favorite Disney characters. to end with a “happily ever after.” 18 Luxury Mini Breaks
  20. 20. F A I R Y T A L E F L O R I D A I T I N E R A R YDay One. ARRIVAL IN FAIRYTALE FLORIDA The theme parks included in these passes are Magic Kingdom, When you arrive in the area, your private driver will accompany Epcot, Disneys Hollywood Studios, or Disneys Animal to the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, which will offer you The passes include use of the Disney monorail transportation system.a picturesque and nearly perfect Disney version of the city of NewOrleans. As you walk down cobblestone pathways lined with gas Day Four. BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO & MORE ATTRACTIONS TOOlamps, magnolia trees with hanging vines, intricate railings, cobble- Customize your fourth day to meet the entire family’sstone streets and courtyards of flowers, you will truly capture the taste. We recommend choosing from the following:spirit and romance of the New Orleans French Quarter. • Universal Studios is one of the most jaw-dropping vacation For the rest of the day, relax after your journey as you enjoy the destinations on the planet. Universal Orlando is a blockbusteramenities of your hotel. Plunge into the Doubloon Lagoon with its theme park, entertainment and shopping universe. Experience afantastic water slide and relish in the Mardi Gras atmosphere. For thrilling land of action-packed attractions, family entertain-dinner, delight in some Cajun delicacies as the dazzling detail, ment, fun shopping and dining and two far-out theme parks—bayou excitement and "all that jazz" entice you. Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. • Universal Islands of Adventure will take you on a fantastic jour-Days Two and Three. THE MAGIC OF DISNEY ney through five amazing islands where your favorite legends, After resting up from your journey, you should have all the myths, comic books, cartoon heroes and children’s tales areenergy you need to let the magic of the Disney theme parks come brought to life on innovative attractions and mind-blowing life. We recommend getting a three day Park Hopper Pass, which • Sea World is Orlandos number one marine adventure park!will allow you to choose exactly what parks you want to explore and The park combines education, research and conservation whilewhen. A Park Hopper will allow you to go back as many times as you providing great shows, thrilling rides and entertaining exhibits.want to that specific theme park to relive your favorite experiences. • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Makeover and Lunch with Cinderella willTake your Park Hoppers to Disneys Magic Kingdom and spend the give you the royal treatment with a princess transformationday on the rides, then swing by Epcot in the evening for an unbeliev- complete with hairstyles, nail color, makeup and costumes. Toable fireworks show. A Park Hopper will never make you feel like you show off your new look, join Cinderella in her castle for a mealare stuck staying the entire day in one park. Come and go as you that will certainly end happily ever after.please, and enjoy everything Walt Disney World has to offer.We recommend pairing your Fairytale Florida adventure with our Miami & The Keys Mini Break. Basic Package Includes:roundtrip transfersto/from the Orlando airport; 3 nights accommodation at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort including breakfast and taxes; 3 day ParkHopper Pass for all Disney Parks ; 1 quick service meal, 1 table service meal, and 1 snack per day per person; park tickets for Universal Studios,Islands of Adventure or SeaWorld, or Bibbidi Bobbidi makeover and Cinderella luncheon.
  21. 21. Miami & the Keys Miami is world renowned for its culture, media, fashion, film, enter- of the city with a stop at Madonna’s and Sylvester Stallone’s homes,tainment, arts, and commerce – it truly is a city that has it all. Come delight in the delicious savors of the south, and walk the streets whereexplore “The Gateway to the Americas” with a four-day trip through its Michael Jackson filmed his most famous video. Explore the islands ofbustling streets, beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. Pamper your- the Florida Keys as you take your private helicopter to the area. Beself in the amenities of your luxury hotel, relax along the sandy coasts of amazed by the views and spectacles of the Everglades, get up close andMiami’s numerous beaches and visit all of the main sites of the city as you personal with the area’s species as you swim with the dolphins, and restexperience the lavish Miami life. Take a glimpse into the entertainment in splendor at the endless beauty of this magic city. 20 Luxury Mini Breaks
  22. 22. M I A M I & T H E K E Y S I T I N E R A R YDay One. WELCOME TO MIAMI tour companies. You have the car for the entire day and the Your fun and sun trip will begin with private transportation to your driver/guide will go wherever you would like to hotel, the Viceroy Miami. Located on Downtown Miami’sBrickell Avenue, a hotbed for some of the best residences, bars and Days Three & Four. ALLIGATORS, PARROTS, & DOLPHINSlounges in town, the vision for the Viceroy became reality in order to For your final two days, we suggest the following optional tours :present sophisticated and international travelers with exactly what they • Everglades Tour: Board your private, high-performance airboatneed from a stay. Spend the day resting up from your voyage, soaking and explore the River of Grass, including a local Indian alligatorup the beach atmosphere along the coast or exploring the city. wrestler. Nearly 300 varieties of birds, 600 kinds of fish and countless mammals call it home. There are 45 indigenous speciesDay Two. DISCOVER THE CITY of plants found nowhere else. Geologists and geographers say After a leisurely breakfast on your second day, your driver will there is nothing quite like the Everglades anywhere else on earth.pick you up in the hotel lobby for your overview tour. You will tour • Parrot Jungle: Here you have the opportunity to view some ofthrough Miamis most interesting neighborhoods while you learn the rarest birds and parrots in one of the most beautiful tropicalabout the citys history and see homes of the rich and famous. Take in parks in the world. Spend several hours viewing thousands of col-Miamis highlights—South Beach, Downtown Miami, Brickell, orful parrots and flamingos, which give the photographer a chanceCoconut Grove, Coral Gables, Little Havana, and Ocean Drive. For for terrific pictures to take home.lunch, stop at one of the numerous sidewalk cafes. Later that after- • Swim with Dolphins in the Keys: Take a private helicopter 500noon, you will explore some lesser-known areas like the Gianni feet over the Florida coastline seeing many sharks, stingrays, man-Versace Mansion, the Holocaust Memorial, the Venetian Causeway, sions and fabulous crystal clear aqua water on your way to KeyMadonna’s House, Sylvester Stallones House, Vizcaya, Watson Largo. After arriving in the Keys, you will be escorted to the dol-Island, Cartagena Plaza, the Biltmore Hotel, the Venetian Pool, and phin swim program, where you’ll plunge into the remarkable worldthe secret spot where Michael Jackson filmed his "Thriller" music of these powerful marine mammals and come face to face withvideo, plus many other interesting landmarks. Discover famous bottlenose dolphins, porpoises and other majestic locations and weird stories not heard or seen with other Each session is mediated by an experienced dolphin trainer.We recommend pairing this trip with our Fairytale Florida adventure. Basic Package Includes: Roundtrip transfers to/from Miami airport; 3nights accommodation at the Viceroy Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 1 day private tour of the city of Miami with guide (Everglades,Parrot Jungle, or Keys dolphin tours).
  23. 23. Chicago Art & Architecture Chicago, Illinois is a city full of rich history, thrilling activities and deli- personal home and studio and visit some of his recognized masterpieces ascious cuisine. One of the best-known aspects of this windy city, however, is the sites and buildings of Chicago come alive.its remarkable architecture and art. The city also has extraordinary public art on display—most notably the Long known for being associated with some of the most important Chicago Picasso in Daley Plaza and Anish Kapoor’s acclaimed Cloud Gatenames in architecture—Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Ludwig Mies van in Millenium Park. Enjoy a visit to the world-famous Art Institute of Chicago.der Rohe, and Holabird & Root—Chicago boasts a skyline that will Stand in wonder of its immense collection of Impressionist and Post-amaze you as you explore the city with a private tour of its finest sites. Travel Impressionist works as you stroll the halls filled with masterpieces by Picasso,around the Chicago Loop and marvel in some of America’s tallest buildings. Cézanne, Van Gogh and Matisse. Admire the beautiful displays of art thatMake your way to the top of the Sears Tower with its amazing views, walk line the exterior of the building, browse the American, European, and Asianamong the towering skyscrapers that dot the streets, and tour the more tra- collections, and explore the vast compilation of the renowned libraries thatditional examples of Chicago architecture. Explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s fill the ground floor of the second largest museum in the United States. 22 Luxury Mini Breaks
  24. 24. C H I C A G O A R T & A R C H I T E C T U R E I T I N E R A R YDay One. ARRIVAL IN THE WINDY CITY Day Three. THE RESIDENCES OF OAK PARK Upon arrival in Chicago, your driver guide will meet you at the air- After discovering the elaborate skyscrapers of Chicago, you willport and transport you directly to your accommodations in downtown get up close and personal with the fine residential displays in Oak Park,Chicago. That evening, you will take a tour of Willis Tower, more com- a suburb in western Chicago. You will start off with the Frank Thomasmonly known as the Sears Tower. As you start from the ground floor House and the Nathan Moore House, two creations of Frank Lloydand make your way up the 110 stories, you will discover Chicago’s Wright. At the Thomas House, you will be blown away by the beautybeautiful skyline from top to bottom. From the Skydeck, towering of its stucco finish, leaded glass windows and arched entryway. The1353 feet above ground, you can see up to four different states! Moore House will leave you with an entirely different impression—the unusual Tudor style is quite contrary to the typical designs of Wright.Day Two. CHICAGO LOOP’S FINEST Finish your afternoon with a tour of Wright’s personal home and To begin your second day of discovery of the unique architecture studio, completely preserved as it was back in 1909 when he lastof Chicago, your personal guide will lead you to some of the most lived there. The museum and exhibits are a fantastic tribute to suchremarkable buildings in America. The Old Colony Building will stun an influential architect. That evening, you will return to Chicago for awith you its extensive use of glass, and the interiors of the Marquette delicious dinner at the Sixteen restaurant located in the InternationalBuilding are unmatched. Take a tour of the ornate lobby’s sculptures, Trump Hotel.bronzes and mosaics filled with pearls and precious stones beforeenjoying lunch in one of the Chicago Loop’s fine restaurants. Day Four. THE ART INSTITUTE Complete your architectural discovery of downtown Chicago Your final day in the city will allow you to explore the treasuresin the afternoon with visits to the Leiter Building II and The within the Chicago Art Institute—a fine art museum boasting over aRookery. The Rookery’s lobby was redesigned by Frank Lloyd million square feet of masterpieces. From its impressive collection ofWright in the early 1900s and will amaze you with its intricate Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art to its Terra and African Art col-details and extensive use of light. lections, the Art Institute offers something extraordinary for everyone.We recommend pairing your Chicago Art & Architecture discovery with our Chicago Jazz & Blues mini break. Basic Package Includes: Roundtriptransfers to/from the O’Hare or Midway airports; 3 nights accommodation at the Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, or Peninsula Hotels including breakfastand taxes; 4 days of private touring with driver/guide (Chicago Loop, entry into the Marquette building, entry into the Rookery, tour of the SearsTower, Wright Museum, Chicago Art Institute).
  25. 25. Chicago Jazz & Blues While jazz may have first taken shape in the city of New Orleans, the Jazz isn’t the only musical masterpiece animated by the third mostmusic’s first move was to Chicago in the late 1910s. Come explore all that populous city in the U.S. Blues music, which helped give birth to jazz,the Chicago music scene has to offer with a discovery of its finest jazz treas- moved from its birthplace in Memphis to the “Windy City” in the lateures. Enjoy the musical stylings of its numerous night clubs and walk the 1930s. Explore its evolution with visits to famous clubs and bars, go back instreets that Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and a range of musicians from time with a walk around a neighborhood where streets were once filledSonny Rollins to Sun Ra all called home. Visit the studios that were once with the sweet sounds of the blues, and embark on a tour of one of thebooming with famed recording artists, enjoy delicious Chicago cuisine, and biggest record labels in the area. Together, jazz and blues combine to makerub shoulders with the city’s noteworthy history. Chicago a mecca for music fans throughout the world. 24 Luxury Mini Breaks
  26. 26. C H I C A G O J A Z Z & B L U E S I T I N E R A R YDay One. ARRIVAL IN THE WINDY CITY drums from the 1930s through the 1960s, now turned chic loft To begin your trip in the windy city, your private chauffeur will housing. To bring your afternoon to a close, your private guides willmeet you at the airport and accompany you to your deluxe hotel in accompany you to the mausoleum housing the remains of worldthe North Michigan Avenue area, the heart of Chicago. There, famous saxophonist, Eddie can either relax after your journey, pampering yourself That evening, delight over a delicious dinner in one ofat their renowned spa, or if you prefer, head out for a night on Chicago’s many savory restaurants and enjoy some of the finestthe town at of some of the city’s top jazz venues, such as Andy’s blues bars and jazz clubs with your expert guides.Be sure not to missJazz Club, Blue Chicago, or Buddy Guy’s Legends. the Green Mill, Joe Segal’s Jazz Showcase, and the Velvet Lounge.Day Two. THE CHICAGO MUSIC SCENE COMES ALIVE Day Three. TOUR THE MUSICAL STREETS OF CHICAGO Your first full day will bring you full swing into the heart of the After breakfast, you will be taken to Maxwell Street, whichChicago jazz and blues scene. That morning, your expert guide will was once the location of the famous Chicago flea markets and istreat you to visits of a number of the city’s musical haunts, begin- often deemed the birthplace of Chicago blues. From there, yourning with the legendary former Chess Record Studios. Now owned guide will lead you through the streets named after famousby the Universal Music Group, the Chess Studios were once the musicians like Muddy Waters, Von Freeman, and Lou Rawls,home of the recordings of many classic jazz and blues records, before bringing you back to the unique Bronzeville neighbor-including hits by the Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, and Shel hood just south of the city center. This area was a focal point forSilverstein. After taking a glimpse into the musical past, you will African-American culture from the 1930s through the 1960s andhead to the historic locales of the world-famous Jazz Showcase, is currently undergoing quite a revival.Chicago’s most prestigious jazz club. Later that afternoon, you will visit the Jazz Record Mart, known For lunch, enjoy a true Chicagoan favorite, with a deep dish throughout America for its wealth of jazz and blues recordings andpizza from Gino’s East, before visiting the former home of the home of the Delmark Records label. Based in Chicago since 1958,Ludwig Drum Factory, which was the leading manufacturer of Delmark is still a flourishing power on the creative music scene.We recommend pairing your Chicago Jazz & Blues mini break with our Chicago Art & Architecture discovery. Basic Package Includes: roundtriptransfers to/from the O’Hare or Midway airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, or Peninsula Hotels including breakfastand taxes; 2 days of private touring with driver/guide (Chess Studios, Jazz Showcase, Maxwell Street, Jazz Record Mart).
  27. 27. Las Vegas & Grand Canyon Let Lady Luck be your guide as you explore all of the wonders Go back in time as you experience nearly two billion years of thethat Las Vegas has to offer. See the great pyramid and sphinx of the Earth’s geological history at the Grand Canyon, with its breathtakingLuxor, roll by the majestic medieval towers at the Excalibur, and views, incredible scenery and rich wildlife. Explore the unique cul-stargaze at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino as you cruise ture and legends of the Native American tribes in the area, and standdown the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy some of the greatest shopping in awe above the beautiful Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead.experiences in the world, take in a fabulous dinner and show at the Experience the world famous Hoover Dam and the Fortificationworld-renowned Caesars Palace and snap photos with your favorite Hill, an extinct volcano, and be enchanted by the magic of a site thatcelebrities. continues to reveal incredible natural wonders. 26 Luxury Mini Breaks
  28. 28. L A S V E G A S A N D G R A N D C A N Y O N I T I N E R A R YDay One. BELOW THE SEA TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD Day Three. FASHION & SHOPPING Start your day below the sea with a trip to Mandalay Bay Resort’s This day will take you to New Town Square, a shopping,famous Shark Reef, whose more than 2,000 specimens will transport dining and entertainment center, which features stunning archi-you to an undersea ocean of fantastic sights, sounds and encounters. tecture, pleasant walkways and a village-like atmosphere. In the afternoon, you will return to dry land in style with a cruise After leaving the old town charm of New Town Square, youdown the famous Las Vegas Strip. Travel from New York to Paris in an will head down the Strip, past the “Welcome to Fabulous Lasinstant, waving at Lady Liberty and catching a glimpse of the Eiffel Vegas” sign that so many associate with the city. Arriving atTower. Next stop? The Venetian canals of Italy. Fashion Show Mall, you will be stunned by the new $1 billion After your tour around the world, you will be led to Madame expansion. The specialty shops here will certainly offer you aTussauds famous wax museum, where you can examine, mingle, and one-of-a-kind shopping photographed with masterfully crafted wax portraits of your Rest up after a full day with a leisurely evening at your hotelfavorite celebrities. To finish your day, travel to the top of the world. and any other optional activities that may interest you.At the heights of the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, youwill get a breathtaking, 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Day Four. EL DORADO HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR OR FREE TIME TO ENJOY THE CITY, CUISINE, & LOCAL ACTIVITIESDay Two. THE BEAUTY OF THE GRAND CANYON With so many enriching experiences available in the region, Today’s tour will begin as you take in the stunning scenery of the your final day can be personalized uniquely for you. Take a relax-Southwest, landing in the Hualapai Indian Reservation of the Grand ing horseback riding trip in the scenic El Dorado Canyon, get anCanyon, where you will receive a brief introduction to their legends in-depth tour of the “City that Never Sleeps” or participate inand culture. Some 300 feet above the mighty Colorado River, this cooking class experiences with Chef Charlie Palmer. If you arearea remains one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. From seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, relaxthere, you will journey back through the Grand Canyon, landing on at the Eleven Spa. Looking for an adrenaline rush? We canthe West Rim, which provides spectacular views along Eagle Point arrange a fast-paced ride on a Sun Buggy in the dunes of the Bajaand Guano Point. If you would like to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Desert. Whether it is enjoying the nature of the area or gettingthe new glass bridge attraction, just let us know, and we can arrange a showgirl makeover, we will be happy to find an adventurefor this exciting opportunity. made just for you.We recommend pairing your Las Vegas & Grand Canyon trip with our Bryce & Zion Canyons, Redwoods & Sequoias, or Ghost Towns & Painted Desertsmini breaks. Basic Package Includes: roundtrip transfers to/from the Las Vegas airport; 2 nights accommodation at the Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental,Mandalay Bay, or Wynn Hotels including breakfast and taxes; 1 night accommodation at the Canyon Plaza Resorts including breakfast and taxes; 4 daysof private touring with driver/guide (Las Vegas, Madame Tussaud’s, Shark Reef, Grand Canyon); transport to Grand Canyon via minivan/SUV.
  29. 29. Ghost Towns & Painted Desert The Southwestern United States was once home to hundreds of saloons, and shops. Explore the ancient schoolhouses, the quirkybooming mining towns, saloons, and Wild West shootouts. Due to museums and the majestic town churches as you get a taste of someeconomic hardship and natural disasters, these one-time bustling of the most unique ghost towns in all of the United States.townships have now turned into silent and deserted ghost towns. Change pace a bit with a return to civilization in the vivid land-Come explore the remnants of these past sites as you walk the scape of the Painted Desert. Hike among its numerous trails as youstreets that once welcomed thousands of inhabitants. marvel at the colorful mesas and rock formations, take in the ancient Roam the homes of their ancient settlers, take a peek into the Native American culture through an exposition of their craftworktown stores, still stocked full of goods, and pay homage to those and walk the paths that used to guide prehistoric creatures.who once regarded these towns as their homes. Walk along the Spanning over 160 miles and created by erosion over millions uponMain Streets and feel what they were once like, lined with houses, millions of years, this oasis of rainbow hues will come comes alive. 28 Luxury Mini Breaks
  30. 30. G H O S T T O W N S & P A I N T E D D E S E R T I T I N E R A R YDay One. BRINGING BODIE BACK TO LIFE you will notice is the Goldwell Open Air Museum, a shrine to Belgian Your first day will begin in what is often deemed the best pre- sculptor Albert Szukalski’s unique works. From there, you will headserved ghost town in all of the United States. Once a booming site up the road into the deserted sandy ghost town. Don’t miss theof the Wild West, Bodie is now a deserted span of land and a historic somewhat hidden Strozzi home, a typical small square house madestate park in a state of “arrested decay.” Begin your morning with a from rock and adobe, and the Bottle House, constructed entirely outtour of this famous ghost town and its more than 200 original build- of bottles. After making your way through the rest of the remains,ings. As you enter into the town, you will be immediately greeted by including the ancient schoolhouse and the bank, which is now thethe majestic Methodist Church, the only church that remains stand- most photographed ruin in all of Nevada, begin your trip back to theing in Bodie. From there, make your way along Green Street, where Furnace Creek Resort.several former residents’ houses still stand. Continue your discoveryas you travel down Main Street, passing the Red Barn and Saddle Day Three. PAINTED DESERT AND PETRIFIED FORESTRoom and the Boone Store and Warehouse, still full of goods from After beginning your journey with the exploration of somethe past. As you walk along Main Street you will nearly be able to feel once-booming towns that have now gone drab, jump back into thethe presence of the once vibrant life of the area. present with a vivid display of color. The Painted Desert in Arizona Enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch before continuing to explore the spans more than 160 miles and is a beautiful explosion of texture andremaining buildings, artifacts, cemetery and even museum that stand hues. With rocks in all colors of the rainbow, its cool blues and vio-in the town. That night, return to civilization with a relaxing evening at lets, rich reds and oranges, and even steely pinks will marvel you.the Mammoth Creek Inn, overlooking the beautiful lakes and tower- Begin your tour at the Painted Desert Inn, a national historic land-ing mountains of the area. mark. Once a trading post, inn and restaurant for hurried travelers, it now serves as a museum displaying the beautiful craftwork of theDay Two. UNIQUE AND QUIRKY RHYOLITE local Native American artisans. Your second day will begin with a journey to Rhyolite, Nevada, Enjoy the sites and sounds of the Petrified Forest National Park,a ghost town located in the mountainous Bullfrog Hills. Once a once home to dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Visit thebooming gold town, it now serves as a popular tourist destination and impressive Puerco Pueblo and Agate House, both standing displays ofa great backdrop for films. While most of the town lies in ruins, there the skill of the ancient Indian tribes that once roamed the area. To endare still several buildings that will give you a glimpse into the past of your day, set foot on a paved road hike, which will open up the desert’swhat was once the third largest city in Nevada. One of the first things amazing canvases and landscapes to you.We recommend pairing your Ghost Towns & Painted Desert trip with another of our California or Las Vegas area mini breaks. Basic Package Includes:roundtrip transfers from Mammoth Lakes airport and to the Las Vegas airport (or vice versa); 1 night accommodation at the Mammoth Creek Inn includ-ing breakfast and taxes; 1 night accommodation at the Furnace Creek Resort including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of private touring with driver/guide;transfer to Bodie, Rhyolite, and Painted Desert via minivan.
  31. 31. Bryce & Zion Canyons Savour the breathtaking views of the Southwest United States with Continue your discovery of the vibrant southwest with a trip to Ziona journey through several of its most astounding national parks. Begin Canyon National Park. Be amazed by the cascading waterfalls in theyour trip at Bryce Canyon, with a dramatic view along the Paunsaugunt area, let the desert sand run through your fingers, and enjoy the emer-Plateau. Enjoy a scenic drive to Rainbow Point, the highest peak in the ald leaves of the lush forests below. Take in the diverse surroundingspark, for a panoramic view of the cliffs and amphitheatres. Make your with a drive along the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway, enjoy a one-on-way to Yellow Creek for a leisurely stroll along its verdant banks. Hike one encounter with some of the park’s native animal inhabitants as youthe many trails with their breathtaking sights, horseback ride around the bike along the small trails, and picnic in the shady groves lining thepark, and white water raft down the Colorado River. charming banks of “Little Zion’s” rivers. 30 Luxury Mini Breaks
  32. 32. B R Y C E & Z I O N C A N Y O N S I T I N E R A R YDay One. CRUISE AROUND LAKE POWELL Day Three. ZION CANYON NATIONAL PARK Start your trip off with a relaxing introduction to the stunning Conclude your canyon quest with a trip to the Zion CanyonSouthwest. After breakfast, enjoy a five-hour private boat trip on Lake National Park. Here you will be met by a guide from the ZionPowell, America’s second largest man-made reservoir. There, your Canyon Field Institute, who will introduce you to all of theboat captain will escort you to the magnificent Rainbow Bridge beauty that the park has to offer. You will begin at the Temple ofNational Monument, the world’s largest natural bridge. Sinawava, with its impressive desert walls and forest floors, and The remainder of your afternoon will bring you to the Glen then leisurely make your way along the river, arriving at theCanyon Dam with its towering 216-meter concrete arch. From there, sparkling Emerald is just a short walk to Horseshoe Bend. A unique natural formation In the afternoon, you will enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch nestledwhere the Colorado River practically makes a full circle, this is sure to in the Velvet Ashes along the banks of the Virgin River. From there,be one of the most impressive views you will have of the area. explore the area a bit closer as you hike peacefully along its Fremont Cottonwoods and willows, making sure to keep your eyesDay Two. THE AMPHITHEATERS OF THE BRYCE CANYON peeled for the mule deer, foxes, cottontails and rock squirrels that Your second day will start with a scenic drive towards the Bryce seek refuge along the banks of the river and under the rocky ledgesCanyon National Park. Its warm red, vibrant orange and creamy white of the will surround you with a spectacular view. Here you will meetyour private interpretive guide from the Bryce Canyon Natural History Day Four. (Optional) THE GRAND CANYONAssociation, who will spend three hours exploring the region with If you’d like to continue your trip, you will be led to the heart ofyou. You can hike along one of the many trails that provide magnifi- one of the world’s premier natural attractions, the Grand Canyon. Incent panoramas of the amphitheaters or take a horseback ride the morning, one of the leading experts in the area will guide youaround the park, while making the most of the breathtaking photo directly to the South Rim. With over 50 spectacular viewpointsopportunities. After such an adventure-filled day, return to the where the rim projects outwards, you will have the opportunity toAmangiri Resort for a relaxing evening. take in the amazing, unobstructed views of the canyon.We recommend pairing your Canyon Tour with our Las Vegas & Grand Canyon, Redwoods & Sequoias, or Ghost Towns & Painted Deserts minibreaks. Basic package includes: Roundtrip transfers to/from Las Vegas airport; 2 nights accommodation at the Amangiri Resorts including break-fast and taxes; 3 days of private touring with driver/guide (Lake Powell boat tour, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park).
  33. 33. San Francisco San Francisco prides itself in being one of the largest and most delight in high end shopping. From prison cells to Asian cuisine, noculturally rich cities in America. With its eclectic mix of Victorian facet of this intricate coastal city will be left unvisited. Enjoy the Zeninfluences and modern architecture, “The City by the Bay” has of the botanical gardens, be taken abroad with a visit through a his-something for everyone. Take a ride in the cable cars that typify the toric Japanese-style garden, and take pleasure in some of the mostarea, admire the unique streets and architecture of the city and savory seafood you will ever taste. 32 Luxury Mini Breaks
  34. 34. S A N F R A N C I S C O I T I N E R A R YDay One. THE CITY BY THE BAY Chinatown, the oldest in all of North America. On the tour, you will Your first day in San Francisco will begin with a driving tour of the learn about its nearly 200 years of history, with the area’s famousmost well-known sights and attractions of the city. You will pass over cuisine as a focal point.the Golden Gate Bridge, twist and turn through the sharp curves of After enjoying the oriental savors of Chinatown, travel to thethe world famous Lombard Street, and get to admire the art deco other side of the city for a tranquil afternoon in the Golden Gatearchitecture of the Coit Tower. From there, you will venture to the Park, the third most visited park in the United States. There, you canbohemian-inspired Haight-Ashbury district and then stop for a stroll visit the incredible flora and fauna of the San Francisco Botanicalamong San Francisco’s famous “Painted Ladies,” the Victorian man- Garden, which has more than 7,500 species, and the unique sculp-sions for which the city is renowned. tures of the Japanese Tea Garden. Complete your close-up experi- The day will continue with a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, ence with a taste of Italy in North Beach at Rose Pistola’s Italianone of the city’s most famous tourist areas. There, you will enjoy shop- restaurant, one of North Beach’s, museums, and a variety of excellent seafood options for lunch. To complete the day’s sightseeing, we will accompany you to Day Three. ART & HISTORY AT YOUR OWN PACEAlcatraz Island, San Francisco’s famous prison. A self-guided walking For your final day in San Francisco, take in the city at your owntour will take you back in time as you amble through the cell blocks pace with a choice from its several remaining attractions. If you are anwhile dusk descends upon the bay. art buff, make sure not to miss the Palace of the Legion of Honor, one of San Francisco’s premier art museums that boasts a large col-Day Two. CLOSE UP OF SAN FRANCISCO’S FINEST lection of Rodin statues, including a bronze cast of “The Thinker.” If Now that you’ve seen a general glimpse of the city, it is time to you prefer a more laid back approach, make your way to Nob Hill,get a closer look at all that San Francisco has to offer, starting with its one of the highest elevation neighborhoods in the city, for lunch atpremier shopping. You will start your day in Union Square, a cosmo- one of their fine restaurants, a beautiful panoramic view, and a visit ofpolitan plaza in the heart of downtown San Francisco that will offer the Grace Cathedral. The city also offers a plethora of museums—you a shopping experience unlike any other. From there, wander the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum with its beautifulthrough Market Street, making sure not to miss the immense clock lagoon and rotunda, the Musée Méchanique, filled with old-tower of the Ferry Building. fashioned coin games and automatic mechanical musical instruments, By this time, you are sure to have worked up an appetite, so and the Cable Car Barn Museum, with a glimpse into the past of theyou’ll be ready for your culinary walking tour of San Francisco’s city’s famous cable cars.We recommend pairing your San Francisco tour with one of our other California mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: roundtrip transfers from/tothe San Francisco or Oakland airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Fairmont Nob Hill Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of privatetouring with driver/guide (San Francisco tour, Alcatrez Island).
  35. 35. Redwoods & Sequoias Come experience the impressive redwoods and sequoias of eastern calls these lush areas home. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the sandy beaches,California as these natural giants tower hundreds of feet above you, sur- take a horseback ride along the beautiful coastal views, and admire therounding you from every angle and engulfing you with their pure, ancient cascading falls spread around the parks. Learn the stories of the colossalsplendor. Hike along the trails that will reveal beauty after beauty, be trees of the area through a visit to the local museums, see traces of theastounded by the massive and dynamic trees that have stood in these past Native American residents, and touch, hear, and savor all of theforests for thousands of years, and come face to face with the wildlife that splendor that the redwoods and sequoias have to offer. 34 Luxury Mini Breaks
  36. 36. R E D W O O D S & S E Q U O I A S I T I N E R A R YDay One. THE REDWOODS OF YOSEMITE From there, follow the trail down to Grant Grove Village, home Your first day will begin with an exploration of Yosemite Valley in to the General Grant Tree, the third largest sequoia in existence, andYosemite National Park, a World Heritage Site that will amaze you with the only living object deemed a “National Shrine.” As you stroll alongits immense granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls, sparkling streams, red- the trail, you will pass by the Gamlin Cabin, the very first ranger stationwood groves, and biological diversity. Start off with a tour of Glacier in the park, and the Fallen Monarch, an immense sequoia that fell overPoint, an extraordinary viewpoint of the valley towering at 3,200 feet. 300 years ago and still remains intact today.Be sure not to miss the Tunnel View, one of the most spectacular views From there, you can make your way to Redwood Canyon. Thisin the entire valley. From one standing point, you will be able to see stunning display of foliage is actually the largest grove of Sequoias inthe impressive rock formations of El Capitan, Half Dome, and the world with over 15,000 trees in its nearly 4000 acres.Bridalveil Falls. That afternoon, continue your exploration of Yosemite with a Day Three. HOSPITAL ROCK & GIANT FORESTcloser look at the giant redwoods that coat its grounds as you hike back For your final day, start your morning off with a trip to Hospitaldown to the valley through the Four Mile Trail. As you make your way Rock. Home to over 500 Native Americans in the 14th century, thisdown, you will be surrounded by a plethora of wildlife, moss-covered area still boasts beautiful ancient pictographs ground into the stonesboulders, and if the season permits it, beautiful wildflowers lining the that now serve as reminders of the past.way. As you get to the bottom, you will come across the Swinging Continuing along that trail, you will be met with what is sureBridge, with its picturesque overlook of the river. to be the most impressive site during your journey—the General Sherman Tree—the largest individual non-clonal tree by volume inDay Two. SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK the entire world. Begin your discovery of the Sequoia National Park with a visit to Enjoy the rest of your afternoon exploring all of the wonders ofBig Stump Basin, a charming area near the edge of the park that lies in the Giant Forest, the heart of the Sequoia National Park. If you’d likesharp contrast to the rich and lush quarters that surround it. Filled with to get an in depth look at the history of the park, we recommend stop-grassy meadows and beautiful wildflowers, the basin is covered with ping by the recent museum for a look at its numerous exhibits. For athe remnants of what were once powerful sequoias. more hands on approach, tackle a nature hike up to Soldiers Loop Trail.We recommend pairing this tour with another of our California mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: roundtrip transfers from/to the Tahoe or Fresnoairports (or vice versa); 2 nights accommodation at the San Joaquin Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of private touring with driver/guide.
  37. 37. Monterey & Big Sur Journey to the Monterey Peninsula as the jewel of California’s Marvel at the stunning sights and sounds of Big Sur, which boasts anCentral Coast delights you with its breathtaking views overlooking the astounding diversity of flora and fauna. Enjoy a one-on-one encountersoothing shades of the ocean. Spend a full day enjoying striking coastal with the area’s famous elephant seals, take in the marvel of one of thescenery, get a close-up of precious marine wildlife and take a pictur- most scenic routes in the world, and visit the stately grounds of theesque drive through the emerald greens of the Pebble Beach Golf Links. Hearst Castle. Hike off the beaten paths amid the Saint LuciaHop from gallery to gallery in rich artistic areas, relish in upscale shop- Mountains, stroll along the quaint, scenic beaches, and take pleasure inping, and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean savors of the region. the remote and rustic charm of the “big country of the south.” 36 Luxury Mini Breaks
  38. 38. M O N T E R E Y & B I G S U R I T I N E R A R YDay One. THE MONTEREY PENINSULA the Pacific Ocean. A scarcely populated area, you will have the Begin your day driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, an opportunity to admire all of the natural beauty of Big Sur.all-American road with magnificent views that will lead you to Begin your morning observing the “Big South’s” most famousthe Monterey Peninsula. Your first stop will be Carmel Valley’s species, the elephant seal. Nearly extinct in the 1800s, this amazingChateau Julien Wine Estate where the delicious vineyard savors group of animals has made quite the recovery, thriving off of the Bajawill be sure to tantalize your palate. Coast of California. You will get to admire hundreds of them in their After your wine tasting, you will continue your journey to natural habitat, a sight worthy of the pages of a magazine.Carmel-by-the-Sea for a stroll down its quaint, art gallery-lined Continue your day with a tour of the majestic Hearst Sanstreets. Enjoy a relaxing lunch at one of many fine bistros and Simeon castle. The impressive houses, gardens, and grounds of “Thetake in the charm of the area. Enchanted Hill” will amaze you, and the mix of rare art and antiques Once you’ve had your fill of Carmel’s artistic scene, enjoy on display is unmatched.a trip through the Pebble Beach Company’s seventeen-miledrive. Winding through the historic golf links and groves of Day Three. HIKING, GOLFING, & RELAXING AT THE SPAMonterey Cypress, you will pass some of California’s most This day will be entirely adapted to your own desires. If you areexclusive mansions. the adventurous type, take advantage of the plethora of outdoor To finish your day, we will lead you to Cannery Row, home activities that the region has to offer. You can hike through theto the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which hosts over 200 award- Ewoldsen Trail with its redwood groves and rocky streams or makewinning exhibitions. From there, head to Pacific Grove for a your way to the McWay Waterfall, an 80-foot cascade that crashesMediterranean inspired meal at Fandango Restaurant. into the sandy shores below. If you prefer a more relaxing pace, take in a couple of rounds atDay Two. DISCOVER THE CHARM OF BIG SUR the well-known Pebble Beach golf course, deemed one of the mostYour second day will bring you to the region of the coast where beautiful in the world. Or, treat yourself to a luxurious and soothingthe Santa Lucia Mountains tower above the crashing waves of spa experience at your hotel.We recommend pairing your Monterey and Big Sur trip with other California or Las Vegas mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: roundtrip transfersfrom/to the San Jose or Monterey airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Quail Lodge Resort including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of privatetouring with driver/guide (Monterey, tasting at Chateau Julien, 17-mile drive, Carmel, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Big Sur, San Simeon Castle tour);transfer to Monterey and Big Sur.
  39. 39. Napa & Sonoma Wine Break Be taken away by the splendor of the rolling hills and succulent local vineyards. Have a slight change of pace with the more laid backvineyards of the California wine country. Napa Valley, one of and approachable atmosphere of Sonoma, the center of theAmerica’s top viticultural areas, will be sure to charm with you its local California wine industry. Get one-on-one attention from the talent-flavors. Choose from more than 300 wineries in the area, tasting the ed winemakers that craft the delicious flavors of the region, take indifferent grape varieties, such as the Chardonnay and the Merlot, and the remnants of the Spanish colonial past of the area, and enjoy theenjoying the arts and gardens of the world famous Hess Collection. delightful dining and shopping, as you take in all of the appeal that Get a closer look at the art of winemaking as you tour of the the birthplace of California winemaking has to offer. 38 Luxury Mini Breaks
  40. 40. N A P A & S O N O M A W I N E I T I N E R A R YDay One. CARNEROS, HESS & WINE COUNTRY GOURMET Day Three. EXPLORING SONOMA Waste no time before embarking on your wine tasting experi- Just 15 minutes west of Napa, Sonoma will delight you withence. Your first day will begin in the heart of the Napa Valley, the its casual atmosphere and friendly flavors. You will start your dayCarneros region. Spanning portions of both Napa and Sonoma, this with a tour around the historical downtown plaza of Sonoma.area produces some of the best Pinot Noir in all of the Western There, you will see the incredible mansions of the colonialHemisphere. Spanish period, the unique architecture of the city hall, and even From there, you will make your way to the Hess Collection, a the very first church in Sonoma. After visiting these landmarks,breathtaking winery renowned for its wines, art collection, and gar- enjoy the present-day charm of the square by browsing its quaintdens. It is the ideal setting for a relaxing and picturesque afternoon in shops and lunching at its fine restaurants. Another sight not tothe Napa area. To top off your day, enjoy dinner at one of Napa’s miss is one of the best farmer’s markets in the world, located inmany fine restaurants. the lovely park at the heart of the plaza. Finish your day tasting and learning more about the wines of theDay Two. NORTHERN & SOUTHERN NAPA region with personalized vineyard tours. For your second day, you will enjoy the full flavor of yourdesired tasting experience with a closer look at the northern or Day Four. (Optional)southern regions of Napa. If you aren’t quite ready to bring your wine country experience In the southern area, we recommend taking in the subtle savors to an end, there is still quite a bit for you to explore. See the regionof Domaine Chandon, a three-century old winery rooted in the from a whole new angle with a hot air balloon ride over the lusciousFrench Champagne region traditions. From there, continue with a vineyards and rolling hills.selection from the Shafer, Trefethen, or Luna Vineyards. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, pamper yourself If northern Napa is more your interest, we recommend focusing with a volcanic ash mud bath in the famous Calistoga hot spring spas.on the many wineries near Calistoga, a quaint town that will show you Or if you are more of a nature lover, take a visit to the Muirthe allure of the wine country of yesteryear. The Clos Pegase, Sterling Woods where you can marvel at the magnificent old-growth red-Vineyards, and the Chateau Montelena all offer scintillating tastes of woods, or stop in to see “The Little Old Faithful,” California’s ownthe region’s finest. version of the erupting sight.We recommend pairing your Napa and Sonoma tours with one of our other California mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: roundtrip transfersfrom/to the San Francisco or Oakland airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Auberge du Soleil including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of privatetouring with driver/guide (Napa, Hess Collection tour and tasting, Sonoma tour); transfer to Sonoma.
  41. 41. Beverly Hills & Hollywood Enjoy the lights, camera, and action of Hollywood, the world cap- beautiful Sunset Boulevard and enjoy the Hollywood Strip.ital of the movie and television industry. As the second largest city in the Escape the hustle and bustle of the “City of Angels” to explore theUnited States, there is plenty to explore in Los Angeles. Come and rel- rest of the region’s beautiful beaches and breathtaking views along theish in all of the glitz and glamour that Tinseltown, home of the stars, coastline. Enjoy the romance and charm of Laguna Beach and thehas to offer. From deluxe tours of the most famous sites to special- street performers in Santa Monica. Take a glimpse into the colonial her-ized visits of your favorite celebrities’ homes, none of the city will go itage of the area, savor the spices of the multicultural cuisine, and beundiscovered. Shop on the famous Rodeo Drive, wind through the enchanted by the rich art that the city has to offer. 40 Luxury Mini Breaks
  42. 42. B E V E R L Y H I L L S & H O L L Y W O O D I T I N E R A R YDay One. THE HOLLYWOOD EXPERIENCE Day Three. BEVERLY HILLS & THE GETTY CENTER On your first day in the “City of Angels,” the heart of the Los This day is devoted to West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. TheAngeles entertainment scene will come alive. You will begin your trip first stop is the world known shopping mecca, Rodeo Drive, whereby visiting all of the well-known Hollywood landmarks—the famous you will enjoy the luxury boutiques and excellent restaurants that char-Hollywood sign nestled in the hills, Sunset Strip, Hollywood acterize the area.Boulevard’s Walk of Fame, and the Kodak and Chinese Theatres. From there, you will travel along Sunset Boulevard and the wind- With the city’s principal sites covered, it will be time to take a ing roads of the Hollywood hills to admire the Beverly Hills homes thatcloser look into what makes Hollywood famous—the film industry. An line Mulholland Drive. If there are any particular celebrities in whomexclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the Warner Bros. Studios will give you are interested, let us know ahead of time, and we will look for theiryou an in-depth look at how one of the world’s premier studios works. homes or gravesites. The day will continue with a visit of one of theAfter being taken back to the early years of Hollywood, come back to finest private art collections in the world, the Getty Center. One ofthe present with an enjoyable evening at the Peninsula Hotel. Los Angeles’ most prized attractions, you will spend a half day here, perusing the art collections as well as the gardens.Day Two. SANTA BARBARA, MALIBU & SANTA MONICA & VENICE BEACH Day 4. (Optional) Your second day will be an escape from the traffic of Los Angeles If you want to continue your stay for a fourth day, there areto the beautiful coasts of Santa Barbara and Malibu and the sun and numerous other activities that we can arrange for you. Continue at asand of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Santa Barbara will give you a leisurely pace, enjoying some of Southern California’s finest beachglimpse into its colonial heritage with its Spanish missions and Old communities or relax in the serene spa at your hotel. If you prefer,Town area. As you stroll along State Street, you will be surrounded by • Take in the magic of Disneyland and Universal Studios with a daynumerous restaurants, fine shops and historical buildings. filled with animation, adventure and thrills. After an afternoon in Santa Barbara, you will travel the Malibu • Is fashion more your style? Strut the streets of Los Angeles for aCoastline, arriving in the communities of Santa Monica and Venice shopping spree with your own personalized fashion coach.Beach. Here, you will enjoy all of the amusements of the area, includ- • Enrich your speaking presence with one on one voice coaching withing street performers, shopping, casual dining and, of course, the the famous Bob Corff, who has worked with stars such as Samuel L.sandy beaches of southern California. Jackson and Glen Close.We recommend pairing your Beverly Hills & Hollywood tour with one of our other California mini breaks. Basic Package Includes: Roundtrip trans-fers from/to the Los Angeles or Burbank airports; 2 nights accommodation at the Peninsula Hotel including breakfast and taxes; 3 days of privatetouring with driver/guide (Hollywood, private tour of Warner Brothers Studios, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu, Beverly Hills,entrance into the Getty center); transfer to Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Malibu.
  43. 43. San Diego & La Jolla San Diego is the second largest city in California, and one of the savor the various delightful meals that America’s Finest City has to offer.most beautiful and varied tourist destinations in the United States. San Diego’s amazing attractions don’t stop at the city line. TheExplore all of the sites and sounds of the area as you hop aboard a classic seaside resort of La Jolla is ready to enchant you with its breathtakingtrolley for a complete tour of the city. Enjoy the hip downtown area with scenery. Stroll around the incredible ocean bluffs and the sparklingits fine shopping and trendy bars, take a glimpse into the past with Old sandy beaches as you marvel at the panoramic views and the rockyTown’s adobes and delicious Mexican cuisine and brave the spooky halls shorelines. Enjoy a trek up the famous Mount Soledad, admire theof America’s most haunted house. Let the soft sand slip through your incredible mansions of the area, and take part in some fine shopping.toes, admire more than 4,000 animals at the San Diego Zoo, and enjoy Dine in the delicious restaurants scattered among the various neighbor-a sunny afternoon in the gardens of Balboa Park. Learn about the rich cul- hoods of the area, and enjoy a bit of relaxation on the sandy shore asture of the city, catch an aquatic show with the family at Sea World, and you take in the splendor of the picturesque community. 42 Luxury Mini Breaks