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15th Renewable Energy Finance Forum Europe


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The future of European renewable energy.

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15th Renewable Energy Finance Forum Europe

  1. 1. Mapping out the changing landscape of European Renewables
  2. 2. Europe’s renewable energy industry continues to face challenging conditions as it strives to meet 2020 renewable targets. Amidst ongoing austerity measures and cut-backs, securing financing from traditional sources remains tough. And as regulatory uncertainty continues to encourage caution amongst investors, the renewable energy industry is looking towards the policy-makers for clear signals of what the future holds.
  3. 3. Policy and Regulation European energy policy continues to remain a key area of concern across the whole supply chain. What’s the status of EMR and its implications? What are the prospects for renewable energy subsidies? And as we look ahead to 2020, what does the long-term outlook for Europe’s regulatory framework look like?
  4. 4. Assessing Financing Options – Old and New How are traditional forms of renewable energy financing faring? What is the future for the role of institutional investors? How can overseas financiers play an increased role? And how are new financing structures opening new doors for project developers?
  5. 5. Making renewables a more affordable option How are new innovations and technologies transforming the economics of developing and operating renewable energy projects across the asset classes? What does this means for project financing requirements and returns?
  6. 6. Want to learn more? … Join us at the 15th REFF Europe, taking place in London on 18 & 19 September 2013. See for more information
  7. 7. The 15th REFF Europe is proud to welcome the following expert speakers: · The Right Honourable Michael Fallon MP - Minister of State for Business and Energy, UK. · Hans van Steen - Head of Unit, Directorate - General for Energy, European Commission. · Graham Weale - Chief Economist, RWE AG. · Shaun Kingsbury - Chief Executive Officer, UK Green Investment Bank Plc. · Cheryl Fisher - Director of Energy Department, Projects Directorate, European Investment Bank. · Eddie O’Connor - Founder and CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power.
  8. 8. About the Organisers… A division of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, Euromoney Energy Events delivers high-profile events for energy and finance professionals worldwide. Our flagship Renewable Energy Finance Forums started in 1999, in London, and have grown alongside the burgeoning renewable energy industry into a series of internationally renowned events, catering to over 2,500 professionals each year. These include REFF Wall Street and REFF Latin-America and Caribbean. For more information visit
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