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Sales Presentation


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Sales Presentation

  1. 1. Precision Sales Solutions for Lab and Industry
  2. 2. Sales Focus Our principle aim is to focus in on your application And ensure you get the equipment you really need
  3. 3. Pre Sales – We are all ears We talk to you about your application and listen to what you say Using our experience we identify possible solutions and we discuss suitability for your application and budget In many cases we can supply validation documentation to support this process
  4. 4. Post Sales – Forgot You Not We believe our responsibility as a supplier does not end the day we deliver # Technical specialists on hand to offer assistance on how install and use the product # Warranty support both onsite and back to base. We don't simply send you back to the manufacturer # Technical support for the life time of the product
  5. 5. Precision Weighing Solutions From
  6. 6. Weighing Instruments Calibration & Test Weights # Authorised distributors for Sartorius, Mettler, Ohaus, Denver, A&D & Oxford # Full spectrum of weighing solutions from 2g x 0.0000001g (7 place) to 3 t platforms # Installation & Regulatory Compliance Service # All classes available : E1, E2, F1, F2, M1 # Can be supplied with UKAS Certification # Advise on type of weights for your application
  7. 7. Laboratory Equipment Solutions From
  8. 8. Washer / Dryers Autoclaves Laboratory Cabinets Vertical & Horizontal models Incubators Cooled Incubators Drying Ovens Environmental Chambers Ductless Fume Hoods Professional washing and disinfecting solutions Safe handling of chemicals and powders with out the need for ducting Centrifuges Small, bench and floor standing models. With and with out refrigeration Density Meter Portable density measurement
  9. 9. Stirrers, Shakers, Dispersers Magnetic Stirrers, Heating Plates Mills & Grinders, Overhead Stirrers Dispersers, Orbital Shakers Full Range of IKA equipment Electrochemistry Measurement of : pH, Conductivity Salinity, Resistivity TDS, Ion, Oxygen Refractometer Portable refractometer Determines % Brix content between 0 & 85 % Ashing Automatic ashing and drying systems Viscometers Tuning-fork vibration viscometer Greater precision Smaller samples Pipettes Complete range of liquid handling solutions Variable range, Fixed Volume Multi Channels, Dispensers Steppers & electronic pipettes Can be supplied with certificates of calibration
  10. 10. Software Solutions Calibration Tool Box ADO Inventory Management Calibration Scheduling / Reminders Customer defined test plans & certificates Oxford Connect Transfer data from any RS232 device to a windows application Plant Stats Record the time and duration of Down Time incidents, the machine that caused the Down Time and the associated reason to provide a site-wide graphical overview of Down Time and O.E.E. QC Pro QCPRO is the industry standard weight and quality monitoring system, providing a complete solution for HACCP, Average Contents and Attribute Data Monitoring and Recording. It provides real time monitoring, paperless storage and quick retrieval of data and a high level of accountability. Calibration ToolBox ADO
  11. 11. Training Solutions Many organisations spend a lot of money on ensuring their measuring equipment serviced and calibrated ...... there's a good reason for this # It ensures accurate measurements # Therefore improving the reliability of your data and reducing costly errors However many organisations do not consider that inaccurate results can also be caused by poor operator technique We offer onsite training courses for weighing and pipetting technique
  12. 12. Were these products of interest ?