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YouthMetre Project: Summary review of policy and related research literature


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This presentation summarises the review of literature and policy documentation undertaken as part of the YouthMetre Project.
YouthMetre is a youth-based project funded as a forward-looking project to engage and empower young people in affecting policy making.

Published in: Education
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YouthMetre Project: Summary review of policy and related research literature

  1. 1. How to empower youth to become engaged & make an impact on policy?
  2. 2. Summary of literature on youth policy and associated research
  3. 3. European Youth Strategy • EU Youth Strategy, agreed by EU Ministers, sets out a framework for cooperation covering 2010-2018 • EU Member States have overall responsibility for their own youth policy (subsidiarity) i.e. not the EU
  4. 4. European Youth Strategy EYS has two main objectives: •Provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and the job market •Encourage young people to actively participate in society
  5. 5. European Youth Strategy • Education & training • Employment & entrepreneurship • Health & well-being • Participation • Voluntary activities • Social inclusion • Youth & the world • Creativity & culture EYS indicates initiatives in eight areas:
  6. 6. Education & Training • shapes place of young people in the world • EU policy lacks power of enforcement • resistance to country performance targets • youth activities are also non-formal • policy on recognition of youth work • innovative approaches, not widespread Review of policy and research
  7. 7. Employment & Entrepreneurship • smart, sustainable and inclusive economy • youth employability a key policy objective • policies should link to needs of youth • transition from education to the workplace • more entrepreneurship education • but, little evidence of what works Review of policy and research
  8. 8. Health & Well Being • advantages of a healthy lifestyle • links to inclusion and employment • some policy aims to reduce risky behaviour • big differences between countries • promotion of physical activity • healthy education policy: drugs, sex, alcohol Review of policy and research
  9. 9. Participation • policies encourage participation • increasingly low levels in youngsters’ socio-political involvement • impact of mass media and Internet • need to involve youth in creating policies • capacity building processes important Review of policy and research
  10. 10. Voluntary Activities • voluntary activities a form of social action • based on free will, choice and motivation • citizenship construction • needs efficient volunteering infrastructures • disseminate information on opportunities • regular and systematic research important Review of policy and research
  11. 11. Social Inclusion • young people most affected by exclusion • multidimensional issue • policies to fight exclusion and poverty • combat feelings of uncertainty and alienation • shift from state to civil society / individuals • competences for Democratic Culture (CoE) Review of policy and research
  12. 12. Youth & the World • globalisation impacts on life chances of young people – identity, citizenship, work • example: effects of migration flows • need to consult youth • require proper global education to construct global identity • remove barriers to integration: radicalisation Review of policy and research
  13. 13. Creativity & Culture • culture stimulates creativity and opportunity • close links with digital technologies • impact on education, training, employment • based on communication and cultural consumption • fuelled by multilingualism and mobility • young people disadvantaged Review of policy and research
  14. 14. Web: News Email: Twitter: @youthmetre