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Introduction to EUROGEO / Tell Your Story Project


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Presentations at meetings introducing the work of EUROGEO with the specific example of the Tell Your Story Project

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Introduction to EUROGEO / Tell Your Story Project

  1. 1. Karl Donert, President EUROGEO, Director: European Centre of Excellence: Director: Innovative Learning Network Introduction to EUROGEO
  2. 2. EUROGEO Aims Advance the status of geography: •  organise events / activities for members •  produce publications •  support geographers •  identify and promote good practise •  research, give advice on geography •  lobby at European and national level •  make recommendations on policies
  3. 3. EUROGEO •  Legally based in Belgium (Flanders) •  International NGO – established 1979 •  Participatory status at Council of Europe •  Consultative status at the United Nations •  Position to influence in Europe / beyond •  Aim to protect geography and promote the work of geographers
  4. 4. •  EUROGEO at the Council of Europe (since 1983) •  Culture, Education, Environment, Economy – Lobbying in the Parliamentary Assembly – Responding to statements and policy •  Human rights, Democracy Engaged in policy
  5. 5. Council of Europe
  6. 6. EUROGEO in Policy (Parliamentary Assembly)
  7. 7. EUROGEO in the policy arena
  8. 8. EUROGEO in the Policy arena (SDGs)
  9. 9. EUROGEO in the policy arena (UN)
  10. 10. Springer Book Series
  11. 11. European Journal of Geography “A fine journal with excellent and widely cited papers on European geography” SCOPUS Evaluation Team (2014) Translating the work of geo- scientists into the policy arena
  12. 12. Monthly e- newsletter News & updates Jobs, grants Social media
  13. 13. EUROGEO projects GeoCapabilities: teachers as curriculum leaders GI-Learner: learning lines in GIS School on the Cloud: impact of the Cloud in education SeaChange: Ocean Literacy SMILE: sustainable transport and the very young YouthMetre: young people and policy
  14. 14. http://www.geocapabilities.org16
  15. 15. Tell Your Story Project
  16. 16. Tell Your Story Project
  17. 17. Tell Your Story Project
  18. 18. Example Storymap Tell Your Story Project
  19. 19. Tell Your Story Project
  20. 20. Tell Your Story Project
  21. 21. Tell Your Story Project Valuable project which demonstrates: •  Early school leaving remains a problem in European countries •  Storymapping works as a way to understand the barriers •  Use of geo-tools and technologies very valuable – mapping concepts should be extended
  22. 22. Conferences 2019 14-15 March 2019: Paris, France Theme: ”Teaching in challenging times” 1-3 September 2019: Ljubljana, Slovenia Theme: ”Hidden Geographies”
  23. 23. Follow EUROGEO on Social Media Twitter @eurogeography LinkedIn: Facebook: 194359357259031/
  24. 24. Karl Donert, Consultant President EUROGEO @karldonert