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Creating A Cloud Computing in Education Strategy for Europe


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A presentation at third School on the Cloud summit conference, held in Brussels on 18 November 2016, examining some of the outcomes and challenges associated with the use of Cloud Computing in education, derived from project activities and meetings of experts.
The presentation concludes with the Brussels School on the Cloud Declaration, with recommendations for senior European policy makers, calling on them to prioritise Cloud Computing in Education and Education for Cloud Computing.

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Creating A Cloud Computing in Education Strategy for Europe

  1. 1. Challenges for Education on the Cloud Creating a Cloud Computing Strategy for European Education Karl Donert, Director: Innovative Learning Network Ltd. Director: European Centre of Excellence:
  2. 2. Do we need a Cloud Computing Strategy in European Education? Does the Cloud (in education) really matter?
  3. 3. Society might never be the same
  4. 4. Cloud Computing
  5. 5. Norman, D. A. (1998). The invisible computer: Why Good Products Can Fail, the Personal Computer Is So Complex, and Information Appliances Are the Solution. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  6. 6. Disruptive Innovation
  7. 7. Disruption: threats and consequences Threats • Chaos – instability - change routine • Initial investment • Resistance – fear • Loss of control • Ownership - security • Quality Consequences • New learning processes • Change administration • Different decision making • Integrated ecosystems • Exchange of knowledge • Better assessment
  8. 8. Disruption: opportunities • Full control – monitoring learning process / outcomes • Adjust expenditure • Improve organisation • Systemic change – different roles • Move forward – better assessment • Empowering • Motivating – exciting – attractive • Flexible organisations • Competitive • Optimising – greater efficiency
  9. 9. School on the Cloud Network @schoolon_cloud Linkedin group schooloncloud-7426807
  10. 10. Digital Agenda ( Europe’s Digital Future
  11. 11. DG CONNECT: European Cloud Computing Strategy
  12. 12. ETSI: Cloud Standards Coordination The Cloud Select Industry Group on Service Level Agreements ENISA: European Cloud Computing Strategy - Security Development of model 'safe and fair' contract terms and conditions The Cloud Select Industry Group on Certification Schemes The Cloud Select Industry Group on Code of Conduct Establishing a European Cloud Partnership DG CONNECT: European Cloud Computing Strategy
  13. 13. DG CONNECT: European Cloud Computing Strategy • ”Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe” • outlines actions to deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of €160 billion to the European Union GDP (around 1%), by 2020 – SME focus • designed to speed up and increase the use of Cloud Computing across all economic sectors
  14. 14. European Cloud Partnership • Established in 2012 • Interested in certification, standards, interoperability, open science cloud, the digitalisation of industry • Led to policy recommendations • Cloud-for-Europe (C4E) initiative for public administration • HNScicloud focusing on the Cloud for public research and innovation European Cloud Partnership, market/en/european-cloud-partnership
  15. 15. • Agenda for New Skills and Jobs - Europe 2020 • Digital Agenda Action 68 – mainstream elearning • Communication on Rethinking Education, skills for better socio-economic outcomes, scale-up ICT • Communication on Opening Up Education: setting a European agenda for new ways of learning • Learning and skills for youth, DG CONNECT • Education, Audiovisual and Culture, eTwinning, Open Education DG EAC ICT in Education Policy
  16. 16.
  17. 17. • bb Bratislava eSkills Declaration 2016 • Foster digital skills training programmes • Harness industry-led education • Accelerate labour mobility for digital jobs • National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions
  18. 18. • bb Bratislava eSkills Declaration, 2016 • Raise awareness of key enabling technologies in the digital single market and digital career opportunities • Maturing the ICT profession • EU funds dedicated to upskilling initiatives and training platforms • Encourage better gender balance
  19. 19. Capacity for change: sustainable implementation and progressive scaling up (of ICT-enabled innovative learning environments) EC Joint Research Centre (2012)
  20. 20. Creative classrooms JRC (2012) "Challenges of implementing Creative Classrooms practices”,, eTwinning conference, Tampere Finland eTwinning
  21. 21. Up-Scaling Creative Classrooms in Europe (2011-2013) JRC (2013),
  22. 22. Euractiv, 756,000 jobs can’t be filled Europe is behind
  23. 23. • fast Internet access = digitally literate workforce • make fastest connections in schools, and other major places where people gather • provide free wi-fi in cities around the EU • BUT with a desperate plea for better technology education Euractiv,
  24. 24. DG Education & Culture
  25. 25. Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020: Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Cloud not an EU or national education priority
  26. 26. • Cloud Computing is used as THE delivery method for IT services in education • wide range of customised solutions and individual / collective actions • Piecemeal, nothing coordinated • some teachers and learners are enjoying education benefits Education on the Cloud 2015: State of the Art
  27. 27. European Success • universities are thriving in strong partnerships with regional institutions. • education is ‘in’ … to help solve global problems • automation and data-intensive science • from open access to radical open access • cities are laboratories of democracy
  28. 28. Three Guiding Principles … on thinking about what Europe’s knowledge institutions must do to prosper: Principle 1: Openness An open knowledge system in Europe Principle 2: Experimentation Flexibility and experimentation in innovation Principle 3: Cooperation European-level cooperation
  29. 29. Our Vision Leaders, managers, teachers, learners, parents integrated as one - in a dynamic, Cloud-based environment, for lifelong learning What sort of education do we want from the Cloud?
  30. 30. Change Management
  31. 31. A Cloud Strategy for European Education
  32. 32. A Cloud Strategy for European Education
  33. 33. Indicators of Cloud Readiness for education
  34. 34. Establish Capability …. a framework describing what is needed for people to thrive in a Cloud-based education environment Jisc, Digital Capability
  35. 35. e-Leadership in SMEs • EU initiative: e-leadership scoreboard and index • monitor and benchmark • indicators on business, policy infrastructure, related outcomes • need for metrics and practices to understand e-leadership • identify role models • How policies affect practice
  36. 36. e-Leadership
  37. 37. Business 2016 Where is Cloud Computing in EU 2016? Cloud Computing: enabling a Digital Europe Public Administration 2016 SMEs 2016 Health 2016Transport, Energy 2016 Industry 2016 Research 2016 Science 2016 Cloud Computing 2016 Environment 2016
  38. 38. University Education 2016 School Education 2016 Business 2016 Where is Cloud Computing in EU 2016? Cloud Computing: enabling a Digital Europe Public Administration 2016 SMEs 2016 Health 2016 Vocational Education 2016 Transport, Energy 2016 Industry 2016 Research 2016 Science 2016 Cloud Computing 2016 Environment 2016
  39. 39. Cloud Survey Results Education policy makers MUST: • Encourage the development of a 'culture of innovation' at system level, removing the fear of change and supporting decision-makers, teachers, and other stakeholders when taking sensible risks and trying new things • Make sure that technological Cloud innovation in formal education settings is part of a wider transformation agenda, which includes pedagogical and organisational innovation
  40. 40. Cloud Survey Results Head teachers MUST: • Motivate, support teachers to make their innovative Cloud-based practices more visible to others • Support teachers making it easier for them to participate in professional networks on using the Cloud • Ensure that all learners have equal and ubiquitous access, in and out of school
  41. 41. Cloud Computing in Education School on the Cloud Brussels Declaration Call on the European Commission to prioritise Cloud Computing in Education, so that Access to Cloud Computing in education is considered a basic necessity for all. Cloud Computing provides ‘connected education ecosystem’ – a 24/7/365 learning community which involves all stakeholders. Developments start from a clear pedagogical concept – based on 21st century skills and Cloud literacy
  42. 42. Cloud Computing in Education School on the Cloud Brussels Declaration Call on the European Commission to prioritise Cloud Computing in Education, so that The Cloud can be used to create your own personal learning network. Educators are prepared for different roles based on the paradigm shift Initiatives pay attention to quality – not abundance.
  43. 43. Cloud Computing in Education School on the Cloud Brussels Declaration Call on the European Commission to prioritise Cloud Computing in Education, so that • Clear European policies are developed to support Cloud-based innovation in education • European funding is made available for Cloud Computing education initiatives • An evidence-based monitoring system is established to benchmark achievements across Europe.
  44. 44. Summit Conclusions • Paradigm shift (fundamental change in methods of delivering education) (Koutsopoulos & Kotsanis, 2014) • Vision = Cloud-based learner-centred ecosystem • Exploit powerful services (Gonzalez-Martinez et al., 2015) • Create quality learning experiences (Silva & Donert, 2015) • Demonstrate leadership (at EU level), policies and programmes for School on the Cloud • Need a Cloud Computing in Education strategy
  45. 45. Why is Education important? Cartoons from: Presentation @
  46. 46. Education could be so different today.. Presentation @ Cartoons from:
  47. 47. Karl Donert, Consultant Innovative Learning Network @karldonert