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ExpoCloud2013 - Cloud flexible: Un enfoque práctico con soluciones concretas


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Ponencia de Colt en el ExpoCloud 2013

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ExpoCloud2013 - Cloud flexible: Un enfoque práctico con soluciones concretas

  1. 1. Colt IaaS Cloud ServicesCloud Flexible:Un enfoque práctico con soluciones concretasExpocloud , Madrid 12 de Marzo 2013Javier.Gallego@colt.netColt Southern Europe (FR, IT, SP, PO) Cloud BDM © 2011 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved
  2. 2. •43,000kms European network in 22 countries connecting 100+ cities and 39Colt assets: 20 DCs + Red Propia MANs •20 data centres •27,000kms transatlantic routes •live customer circuits in 65 countries •800 unbundled exchanges in Europe •250+ off-net partners for global presence and last mile2
  3. 3. Colt - Algunos datos de referencia• Colt es lo suficientemente grande para realizar las inversiones necesarias para manterner una infraestructura de data centers y de servicios asociados de última generación y un servicio de soporte atención al cliente excelente.• Colt es lo suficientemente pequeño como para mantener relaciones personalizadas Alcance Capacidad Credibilidad • Red europea de fibra en • De gestionar servicios de • Más de 35.000 empresas propiedad y bajo nuestra data centre, de datos y de confían en nosotros gestión con 20 Datacenters voz en 10 países europeos • Ofrecemos servicios • De desarrollo de producto esenciales en exigentes • Alcance inigualable a 100 y de colaboración con los sectores del mercado ciudades de toda Europa más importantes proveedores de • Ingresos de 1.600 • Amplia infraestructura de TI tecnología millones de euros integrada: red propia más data centres • 5.000 empleados en • Cashflow positivo desde hace 5 años 15 países3 • Sin deuda
  4. 4. Compromiso con la Calidad + IT ExpertiseColt está comprometido con la calidad• 20 años de experiencia• 20 grandes data centres en 10 países• Conectados con la fibra de Colt• Más de 110M€ invertidos en Data centres• Soluciones end-to-end• Disponibilidad energética garantizada con SLA y KPIs• Gestión basada en ITIL, ISO 20000• Nivel de seguridad, ISO 27001 Data Centres Tier III + (o Tier IV equivalente)• Disaster Recovery Procedures BS 25999 • 23.000m2 de espacio de hosting• Gestión de calidad, ISO 9001 • Más de 5.000 racks de cliente• Gestión de medio ambiente, ISO 14001 • Más de 25.000 dispositivos (inc. de clientes)4
  5. 5. Alianza con VMware Feb.2012: Colt Ago 2011: Colt gana el VMware lanza el primer EMEA Cloud VMware vCloud Infrastructure as Datacenter en a Service “VMware is pleased to work with Colt to Competency Europa bring the full benefits of a hybrid cloud Partner of the to our mutual customers” Year award Paul Maritz, President and CEO, VMware Feb 2011 Colt gana el VMware European and Global Partner Award Feb 2011 Colt lanza a clientes de prueba el servicio vCloud Colt se convierte en Datacenter partner vCloud de VMWare Sep 2009 Ago 2010 Colt es seleccionado como uno de 2005 Colt lanza el primer los 5 partners de servicio Cloud basado en Datacenter vCloud a nivel VMware global5
  6. 6. Colt, Europe VMware vCLOUD DATACENTER Provider 6
  7. 7. VMware vCLOUD DATACENTER Providers Gartner defines vCloud DataCenter service as: “vCloud Datacenter Service: This service has been certified to meet VMwares globally consistent service definitions, security and regulatory compliance requirements, and requirements for availability and high performance. It is based on a prescriptive architecture intended to maximize portability between providers of vCloud Datacenter Service and a businesss own VMware-virtualized data center infrastructure. Only eight providers worldwide have such a service. These providers also meet the requirements for being vCloud Powered.” 7
  8. 8. Colt vCloud is a multitenantHigh Availability ArchitectureHA is designed into the vCloud solution•No Single Point of Failure•Fail-over process automated•3 GHz Core CISCO UCS Platform•10 Gbps NAS and Network Links 8
  9. 9. Integrate with your existing IT services • Migration of workloads from your IT infrastructure to the Colt Enterprise Cloud service is simple: – Use vCloud Connector to link from your vSphere installation to vCloud Director over the Internet to migrate your existing vSphere templates – Manually export your existing vSphere templates and import into vCloud Director • No vendor’s lock-in Internal IT Colt Enterprise Cloud, vSphere Platform a vCloud Service9 Consistent security and management model
  10. 10. First vCloud Director 5.1 Service Provider– Nov.2012 No need for external service device/appliance Cloud Load Balancer Cost and complexity improvement Multi-interface Edge Improved flexibility managing IP addressing device More efficient with addresses as network changes/grows Multi-tier network Much greater flexibility in solutions design architectures e.g. managing growth is greatly simplified Site-to-Site IPSec SSL Secure private access over the internet VPN Can be cheaper than dedicated appliances Multiple storage tiers Choose your IOPS to suit your business requirements VM/vApp Snapshots Great for development phase of projects 10
  11. 11. Colt vCloud - “Enterprise Class” public cloud services at competitive prices for any size of company: large, medium or small Flexible vCloud Unit Price Sheet RRP 2013- Q1 Component Monthly (€) London vCPU - GHz preu per unit 8,50 vRAM - GB preu per unit 15,00 Storage Essential (per GB) 0,10 Paris Storage Enterprise (per GB) 0,23 Storage Premium (per GB) 0,35 Frankfurt 8 External IP Address 4,00 3 GHz Core High Availability Computing Platform Madrid 10 Gbps NAS and Network Links Milano (Q3 2013)11
  12. 12. Colt vCloud Connectivity Options•By default connection of Colt vCloud to the InternetOther options:•Connection to an IP VPN (Colt IP VPN Service or other Telco Service Provider VPN) • Option to connect through a remote fixed IPSec connection via IP VPN•Connection to a LAN link – (Colt Ethernet Services or other Telco Service Provider)Colt data center services that may complement Colt vCloud •Back-up as a Service (BaaS) integrated with vCloud. Two options: agent-based EMC Networker or agent-less full VM backup based on Symantec •Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) •Colt Co-location: physical dedicated equipment can be co-located in Colt vCloud enabled DataCenters as Data Base servers, firewalls or load balancers and connected to the vCloud multitenant platform •Colt Cloud Storage Service based on EMC Atmos 12
  13. 13. Colt Cloud Storage – supports a wide range of customer storage reqs MEDICAL IMAGE CONTENT Backup FILE SERVER ARCHIVINGWEB APPLICATIONS MOBILITY MANAGEMENT TIERING (CTA) Intelligently manages a massive amount of unstructured content HTTP/S (REST, SOAP) BIG SMART ELASTIC FRONT END FRONT END FRONT END FRONT END DISK ARRAY DISK ARRAY DISK ARRAY VIRTUAL DISK Site #1 Site #2 Site #3 London Paris Frankfurt 13 Colt Cloud Storage
  14. 14. Colt IaaS Cloud Services – Go To Market Strategy14
  15. 15. Capacidades de Colt a disposición del Integrador de Sistemas Colt permite a la empresa que ofrezca, comparta, procese y almacene información vital de su negocio al reunir tres elementos claves: • Red extremo a extremo más rápida • Importante Infraestructura de TI y Servicios • Experiencia creando servicios gestionados de TI y soluciones de red Servicio de atención al cliente ampliamente reconocido MODELO ABIERTO Partnership con Integradores de Valor 15
  16. 16. ASM Web Services: integra Colt vCloud para GrupoCodorniu 16
  17. 17. Grupo Codorníu Online Store project • With COLT weve joined innovation, and we have set up our online store on the COLT “IaaS Cloud” • Business requirements are adapted to market demands, being efficient. Future plans for cloud services Adopt similar technologies for other services we provide from our CPD’s in Codorníu Group, as well as online sales of cava, which are much more intensive at Christmas time, the production or collection of raw materials also has its picks of more IT resource consumption. Why COLT? Why COLT?, because we want to work with the best partner in virtualization and connectivity, and who is also flexible and agile, and lets us accompany our business to dedicate our IT resources to make and sell the best wines17
  18. 18. Caso ISV: S4 Sistemas Especiales de Información 18
  19. 19. Caso ISV: S4 Sistemas Especiales de Información 19
  20. 20. Colt, Europe VMware vCloud DataCenter Service Provider Uses Why Public Cloud? Why Colt vCloud? “Enterprise Class” PublicCloud – Stand-alone vDC Colt reputation as provider of•vDC for test/devp/QA/ISVs critical services to corporations•vDC for internet centric services,  IT Optimisation Unparalleled Data Centerportals & e-commerce Infrastructure. vCloud CISCO UCS • IT elasticity, standardisation & platform in Tier III+ ISO27001•vDC for non-core applications such rapid transition to production Madrid Data Centeras e-mail, CRM, HHRR & SSGG • Focus on core businessadministrative tools “VMware vCloud DataCenter” VMware-Cisco-EMC road map•vDC for new business/services  Cost Control/Reduction alignment and EL4+ certifiedHybrid Cloud (private + public) Colt “Ability to Execute” , Colt  Risk Mitigation/Management complement vCloud with other•vDC incremental capacity for services as BaaS, DRaaS and co-seasonal-burst requirements location  Speed to Market•vDC incremental capacity for time Scalable connectivity at level 2limited projects or level 3 with Colt (Internet Tier 1 provider) or other Telco provider•vDC that provides full Disaster connectivityRecovery capacity in the cloud 20
  21. 21. Gracias Colt Southern Europe (FR, IT, SP, PO) Cloud BDM© 2010 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. Todos los derechos reservados.