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Mon1440 platforms cloudproviders-nelsontavares-interoute


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Mon1440 platforms cloudproviders-nelsontavares-interoute

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. AGENDA Nelson Tavares da Silva European Director Channel & Alliances • Who are we • Cloud market 2012-2013 • Cloud characteristics • Build or buy your own Data Centre?
  3. 3. From its European network centre • Offices in 23 countries • 60,000 km lit fibre • 29 countries connected Hong • 8 Data centres Kong • 32 collocation centres • 15 languages supported 3
  4. 4. INTEROUTE BUSINESS 1. UNIFIED 2. UNIFIED 3. UNIFIED 4. UNIFIED 5. Core Network Connectivity Communications Computing Transport Services • VPN • Interoute ONE • Colocation • Packet based • Asset sales • Ethernet VPN • Voice Conferencing • Virtual and Dedicated network transport • Duct (VPLS) • Video conferencing Servers • Wavelength, SDH • Dark Fibre • IPVPN (MPLS) • Virtual Voice • Disaster Recovery & • Network • Corporate Networking (VVN) Global Load Outsourcing Bandwidth Balancing • Optical Provider • FastTrade • Application Networks (OPN) Management & • Service Provider • Corporate & Professional Services Government Bandwidth Network Services • Network Security & Traffic Management 4 % = estimated percentage of total 2012 revenues
  5. 5. Our Business Vision: Unified ICT, Europe’s Cloud platform All IT infrastructure in one secure place, optimised for cost, performance and scalability• Interoute is the largest CLOUD services platform in Europe• 3 Year plan The CloudStore – 2010 launched Unified Connectivity. The simplification of connectivity, the possibility of integration of the clouds. – 2011 added new services inside the clouds – creating greater integration (Voice, Conferencing, Video as a service, Hosted IPPX, Security applications). All IT infrastructure in one secure place. – 2012 realising computing as a resource within the Cloud Cloud Computing network. The move from standalone servers and discrete computing into shared private clouds and Communication integrated scalable infrastructure. As a result, order filling and payment goes online.• Interoute is moving from a Telco provider to an ICT service provider and a leading Cloud platform. Connectivity Cloud 5
  6. 6. Distribute through the largest network in Europe• If you build computing into the network VDC ZONE• Don’t charge or VDC ZONE restrict transfers between data VDC ZONE centres• Build automation into storage assets to locally and remotely replicate• You can start to see high availability at VDC ZONE little more than the VDC ZONE cost of cloud storage6
  7. 7. How we compare to the competition Best Cloud Computing Innovation • Interoute “Interoute: hosting all applications and systems used by UEFA and the website, which entertained more than 400 million visitors during this year’s international competition alone.” Current Analysis 7
  8. 8. Customer Testimonials
  9. 9. CIO Perspectives and Priorities• Cloud Computing and Virtualization — #1 & #2 CIO priorities for 2011 (Gartner 2011 CIO survey) — #2 & #3 priorities (FOCUS Interop Survey)• CIO Summit — Cloud, security, mobility & do more with less• Improve infrastructure & operations – improve service levels & deliver at less cost CIO success/failure Pressure to deliver Competition dependent on flexible, elastic IT between IT and cloud success for least $ public cloud9 © 2012 FOCUS -
  10. 10. Big Cloud Plans Private Cloud Plans Public Cloud Plans Dont know Dont know 10% Already Already 12% using using 17% 18% Already No plans using, and Already using, and planning 19% planning to No plans to expand expand 24% usage usage 12% 15% Plan to use Plan to use Interested/ within the within the considering next 12 Interested/ next 12 months months 25% considering 14% 10% 24%Source: FOCUS Interop Survey Sept 2011 Source: FOCUS Interop Survey Sept 2011 10 © 2012 FOCUS, LLC. All
  11. 11. Enterprises will leverage a mix of Cloud models • By 2015, senior business, government, and technology executives believe that 18% of their IT delivery will be via the public cloud and 28% by private cloud. The remainder – 58%– will be in-house or outsourced. 1 Hybrid No single IT delivery model can be delivery optimized for all types of technology-enabled services across Traditional Public Cloud the parameters of time, cost, security, innovation, and outcome. Private Cloud Managed Cloud 1 Source: Coleman Parkes Research
  12. 12. NIST Definition of Cloud
  15. 15. KEY considerations COLO SALES SLA SEVICES Culture Choices Money15
  16. 16. KEY considerations managed hosting SALES SLA SEVICES Culture Choices Money16
  17. 17. KEY considerations public cloud SALES SLA SEVICES Culture Choices Money17
  18. 18. QUESTIONS?
  19. 19. How best to use the cloud as a business enabler; buy, build or rent?”SynopsisThe Cloud is fundamentally changing the way companies, innovate, develop and deliver to theircustomers. But like all change mitigating the risk to your existing business and ensuring customerscontinue to receive the levels of service they expect is challenge. The end customers are asking for it,and they want the same rock steady SLAs they are used to, so what do you do? Dive into the Cloud,build your own, or outsource, what are the possibilities and pitfalls in this fast changing environment. Ithis session we will give an overview of learning, advice and key considerations for ISVs, SIs, resellersand hosters looking to understand how the cloud can deliver bottom line benefits to their business .