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Mon1205 deploying cloudmobile-adamdalnoki-mobileengine


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Mon1205 deploying cloudmobile-adamdalnoki-mobileengine

  1. 1. Mobilengine leading mobile field workflow solutionMobilengine – mobile workforce management
  2. 2. Enterprise customers adopt in 5 use caseTotal of 1,000 customers in 12 countries • Security agents managed by mobile workflow management • Truck drivers generate electronic proof of delivery and claim accident insurance by mobile • Bank agents track customer sales and debt work-out visits by Mobilengine • Field sales tracks store visits, distribution lists and photos of shelf merchandizing • Engineers track project time and have it signed by customers for timesheet management and invoicing Mobilengine – mobile workforce management
  3. 3. Service instead of software development Customized enterprise solution without software development… … yet complex workflow and business-intelligence in mobile forms. Native solution for all smartphones Both cloud and on-premise Field Worker Back Office Easy integration Try&buy processMobilengine – mobile workforce management
  4. 4. Advanced mobile form & workflow technology600 developer months behind development • Mobile forms with endless functions and intelligence – Complex, database intensive forms – Various form elements available – Business logic, data binding, tree structure – Photo, geo stamp (cell data and GPS), tracking, timestamp – Signature capturing – Bar code and RFID reading • Native apps for all smartphones and tablets – Apps work offline and synchronize in the background – Data transfer and mobile database with high security – Large offline database • Mobile workflow – Workflow management – Variaty of triggers – Variaty of loging procedures Mobilengine – mobile workforce management
  5. 5. Mobile operators need the right VAS to sell toenterprise customersMobilengine resold by 5 mobile operators Iceland Finland Norway Sweden Russia Estonia (European part) Latvia Denmark Lithuania (to Russia) Ireland Belarus Great Britain Netherlands Poland Germany Ukraine Belgium Luxembourg Czech Rep. Slovakia Moldova Austria Hungary France Romania Switzerland Slovenia Croatia Bosnia and Serbia Herzegovina Bulgaria Andorra Italy Montenegro Portugal FYR Macedonia Albania Turkey Spain Greece Malta CyprusMobilengine – mobile workforce management
  6. 6. CONTACT DETAILS Mr Adam DALNOKI CEO Mobile Engine Ltd MOBILENGINE +442081332073 +3612021645 www.mobilengine.comMobilengine – mobile workforce management