Cleaning up the environment-Poland


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Cleaning up the environment-Poland

  1. 1. Zespół Szkół z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi im. Janusza Korczaka w Smólniku
  2. 2. “ Clean up your local world” and eco-dete ct ives - the summary.
  3. 3. We made eco-detectives and the action ‘Clean up your local world” together in our school. The first step was the day of Earth which we celebrated in our school on 22 nd of April 2010. Students from the elementary classes prepared eco-posters connected with the festival. The slogan was “The forest is very close to us”. Older students (from junior high school) made an exhibition of the works and prepared some information about the day of the Earth.
  4. 4. The second step was ‘eco detectives’ . Members of school group “Comenius” took their cameras and took photos of dirty places in forests around the school and their houses. It was amazing, they found about 30 places! We took parts in “Clean up your world” in September and there were a lot of rubbish in the same places where we cleaned. Later students with Mrs Aleksandra Skorupa and Elżbieta Jarębska made two maps of the neighbourhood and put their photos on them. Our headmistress chose the time when we could organize our action.
  5. 6. Mateusz Szadkowski, Adrian Wilczyński, Mariusz Jachimczak and Tomasz Buziewski with Mrs Joanna Sieradzka and Mr Krzysztof Jarębski made adverts about the action “Clean up your local world”. The Comenius team and the teachers chose adverts made by Mateusz Szadkowski and Adrian Wilczyński. Mrs Aleksandra Skorupa and Mrs Mariola Jankowska hanged them at school (corridors, the common room and the staff room) and informed all classes and their tutors form the kindergarten, the elementary and the junior high school about the action.
  6. 7. The third step was the action “Clean up your local world” – 30 th of May 2011 . All classes with their tutors cleaned different areas. The youngest students – areas the closest the school, the oldest students – even the village Smólnik. With all classes went two members of the Comenius team and took photos. Of course before the action we reminded students and teachers how to clean the rubbish, what they can’t take (glass, metal and other dangerous rubbish) and we gave them big plastic bags and rubber gloves. After the action the headmistress made a special assembly and summarized the action. We were very proud because our students and teachers worked very hard.
  7. 9. The fourth and the last step was a questionnaire “What do you know about an environment and recycling?” It was a team work for members of Comenius team. Our Biology teacher – Mrs Elżbieta Jarębska corrected the works and chose the best. The winners were Filip Świderski, Eryk Bogdanowicz and Brajan Szatkowski. They copied the questionnaire and made 3 version for: students, parents and teachers with school staff. We asked students from class III-VI the elementary school and I-III the junior high school – 5 boys and 5 girls from each class, 10 parents, 5 teachers and 5 representatives of the school staff. Filip, Eryk and Brajan with Mr Leszek Górczyński made the summary of the research. Our students, parents, teachers and school staffs know more about an environment and recycling, most of them recycle rubbish, they are environmental consciousness. We know that taking part in Comenius project “Our planet in our hands” is the main reason of the level their knowledge!
  8. 10. Thank you for your attention.