How to build a list with facebook easy with post magic


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When you combine smart marketing with intelligent tools and an offer that converts repeat sales and big ticket commissions, you can actually build a real business while enjoying your life. Use automation and systems smartly and you can’t lose.

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How to build a list with facebook easy with post magic

  1. 1. How To Build a List with Facebook Easy with PostMagic••Use Post Magic on Facebook To Build Your ListPost Magic + Facebook + Empower NetworkWhen you combine smart marketing with intelligent tools and an offer that converts repeat sales andbig ticket commissions, you can actually build a real business while enjoying your life. Use automationand systems smartly and you can’t lose.Here’s the recipe for this successful campaign:1. Own EVERY product in Empower Network.
  2. 2. This helps you get positioned to earn $1,000 or $3,000 per sale. It also positions you to earn $25monthly and $100 monthly residual income while educating your customers and teammates (thosecustomers who choose to resell the offer) in effective marketing education and strategy.2. Develop competence in a strategy of marketing (i.e. Facebook Traffic Generation and ListBuilding) so that you can teach others how to do it.Empower Network teaches you marketing skill sets you can hone in on and teach in your niche.My Facebook Profits Blueprint teaches how to generate leads on facebook for free and my FB AdsBootcamp Coaching Program teaches how to generate traffic on facebook with advertising and directresponse strategy.3. Own presentation and positioning tools like 22Social and Post Magic to create your owncustom, cutting edge traffic and lead generating offers that live directly inside facebook tooptimize the existing traffic on the biggest social network on the planet.Craft your lead generation offer. Deliver your value based content on your presentation tab page onfacebook. This optimized advertising traffic cost and keeps people on the platform they already knowand trust. Comfortable prospects equal faster decisions to buy your offer.
  3. 3. 4. Link to Post Magic and 22Social offers to your email autoresponder so that your advertisingand content itself is collecting leads.
  4. 4. Only the highest qualified and interested prospects will opt in. This is good for you. You’re building amore responsive list.5. Deliver the complimentary content you offered on the lead capture post or page.
  5. 5. Make sure it’s high quality and overdelivers value and assumes the sale of your product, course,business opportunity or coaching program.6. Create your offer post and syndicate it (share it). Advertise it with ppc market place ads onfacebook, a promoted post and boosted post on your page and profile wall to generate targeted traffic.7. Follow up by contacting and engaging your new prospects, offering additional content viaemail autoresponder and drive them to check your facebook page again and again for more tips,strategies and special offers.Invite them to your team hangouts, presentation videos and call them to action.With this process, not only will you have more people to talk to about your main business or offer, butyour tools and resources and educational product offers will become “Silent Income Streams”generating sales and profits without you having to “pitch them” directly other than to endorse, edifyand use call to action buttons, banners and links inside of your content focused posts on your blog orfacebook.This my friend, is real marketing.
  6. 6. If any of your offers, or biz ops etc go under, change, or become un-attractive or go away for anyreason… you’re still offering value, driving your own traffic, collecting leads and making sales…instead of bumming a ride to the next “hot biz op” to “focus” on.Some people come online to “follow” forever.Some people come online to build and run their own real business.Good marketing separates the two and delivers to each exactly what they want.For more training and coaching on real marketing strategy and technique, the fastest way to getin my head is to get on my team. Click here to join my team and access my coaching.You’re the boss.Euridice HollisSkype: euridicehollisP.S. Marketing Resources Covered in this Post:(Simply click on the product titles below to review and order each one and start marketing like aprofessional today.)1. Empower Network. Full Video Review and 6 Day Marketing Bootcamp2. 22Social: Facebook Sales Funnel Creation. YES, I highly recommend it.3. Post Magic: Instant and Unlimited Video Lead Capture Offers Directly on the Facebook Newsfeed.Generate leads for ANY niche and any offer.4. FB Profits Blueprint: How to Generate Daily Leads on Facebook for FREE.5. FB Ads Bootcamp Coaching Program: How to Drive Targeted Traffic from Facebook Advertisingfor ANY Offer, Niche or Company. Everything you need to know about generating traffic on facebookin ONE course.6. Simple Freedom Private Coaching: How to Pull All This Marketing Together and Make Money.Personal, private, results and action based comprehensive marketing coaching.
  7. 7. For availability and to request an application for interview into our private coaching program, pleaseemail me your request at: Space is extremely limited. This is not a “cheap”program and is only for the most serious entrepreneurs.7. Empower Network Teammates who purchase the “ALL IN” package including all productsinside of Empower Network receive my Private Coaching Program as a complimentary bonus. *Newpurchases only as of June 2013.