Eiso Kant, Managing Director / Co-Founder, Tyba


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Shape the Future App Economy of Europe Workshop / Brussels, Belgium / 14th June 2013

Eiso Kant is co-founder and managing director at Tyba, a platform for junior talent to showcase their professional potential and for recruiters to connect with the candidates. He also founded the Twollars service in 2008, and has previously worked with Booz & Company and AkzoNobel. His passions include entrepreneurship, startups, and solving real world problems by building useful internet applications.

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Eiso Kant, Managing Director / Co-Founder, Tyba

  1. 1. Tyba’s measures for success and barriers to achieving them Prepared for Eurapp, June 2013
  2. 2. Tyba is an early-stage startup based in Madrid • Opened our offices September 2011 in Madrid, Spain • 10 person team from 6 different countries • Growing to 20+ people this year • Currently in the process of closing a >1mm seed round (announcement coming soon)
  3. 3. Key measures for success • Viral growth factor • # of people placed in jobs & internships • Key companies on board per geography • Penetration rate within key universities • Key people in Tyba’s talent pipeline • Securing public funding
  4. 4. Tyba’s #1 challenge in Madrid is recruiting engineering talent • Top talent in Spain is difficult to reach out to and attract to startups • We see a switch in mentality that more young engineers choose startups vs. corporates, so that they “can have an impact on the product” However, it is still early-days
  5. 5. We see huge potential to build talent-bridges between countries in the EU • To expand our talent pool we decided to start building talent bridges: Starting with Portugal-Spain: • Hosting hackathon events (first Oporto one 4-7th July in Lisbon) • Reaching out to local developer communities • Improving communication between the cities Lisbon Madrid
  6. 6. Our team
  7. 7. Thank you Eiso Kant Co-founder & Managing Director Write me! eiso@tyba.com