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Agroforestry, a chance for europe


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Agroforestry, a chance for europe

  1. 1. Agroforestry,a chance for Europe European Agroforestry Federation Presented by C. Dupraz EURAF President Rosa Mosquada, EURAF secretary Jeroen Watte, EURAF deputy-secretary Dirk Freese, EURAF Treasurer April 2012
  2. 2. On-farm participative research 6
  3. 3. Agroforestry production
  4. 4. EU external trade in forest products (EU, 2002) 10000 5000 0 -5000x 1000 t Timber in Sawn Panels and Wooden Paper Paper and Cork and -10000 the rough Timber sheets articles stock/pulp board cork wood articles -15000 -20000 -25000 -30000 Forest Product
  5. 5. 2002 1997 20031996
  6. 6. 2005 2009 2010
  7. 7. LandEquivalent 1.2 to 1.6Ratio Poplars-winter cereals 14 year cycle
  8. 8. A 1.4 LER meansthat a 100 ha agroforestry farms produces as much crop and treeproducts as a conventional 140 ha farm where trees and crops are separated->>> Increased efficiency of natural productionfactors (light, water, natural nitrogen)
  9. 9. Agroforestryenvironmental services
  10. 10. Adaptation to Climate Change
  12. 12. Mitigation of ClimateChange : Carbon storage
  13. 13. Agroforestry :1 to 2 T C/ha/yearMore than most other options for C sequestration in European agriculture
  14. 14. Soil, water, biodiversity protection
  16. 16. Deep roots ecosystem services
  17. 17. Strong reduction of Nitrogen transfers towater tables Average nitrate leaching Site : Restinclières, Prades Le Lez, France Agroforestry Agriculture Forestry
  18. 18. Habitat fragmentation map in Europe : a serious concern
  19. 19. Reduction in the use offertilisers and pesticides
  20. 20. The next CAP and Agroforestry
  21. 21. 2011 : Alert : more trees destroyedevrywhere
  22. 22. Why ? Fears that the new CAP will not be tree- friendly : save the subsidies!
  23. 23. EURAF has suggestionsavailable for a tree-friendly CAP Simple Costless Effective
  24. 24. 1. Draft Council Regulation 2011/0280: Rules for direct paymentsArticle 4(1e): "agricultural area" means any area taken up byarable land, permanent grassland, permanent crops, or acombination of these in agroforestry systems;Article 4(1l): “agroforestry” means land-use systems and practiceswhere woody perennials are deliberately integrated with crops and/oranimals on the same land management unit. The trees may be single or ingroups inside parcels (silvoarable agroforestry, silvopastoralism, grazedor intercropped orchards) or on the limits between parcels (hedges, treelines).Article 32: Agroforestry as Ecological Focus Areas
  25. 25. 2. Draft Council Regulation 2011/0282:Support for rural development Article 24 : Excellent, but : Allow member states to define tree density thresholds (minimum, maximum) Provide support for all Agroforestry Systems
  26. 26. Innovative GAEC rules including treesand all natural assets on the farm Habitat area ratio criterion
  27. 27. 2. Draft Council Regulation 2011/0282: Support for rural developmentArticle 24 : new writingEstablishment of agroforestry systems on agricultural or forestry landSupport under Article 22(1)(b) shall be granted to private landowners, tenants, municipalities andtheir associations and shall cover the costs of establishment or conversion to an agroforestrysystem and an annual premium per hectare to cover the costs of maintenance for a minimum periodof ten years.“Agroforestry systems” shall mean land use systems and practices where woody perennials aredeliberately integrated with crops and/or animals on the same land management unit. The treesmay be single, in groups or in rows inside parcels (silvoarable agroforestry, silvopastoralism, grazedorchards) or on the limits between parcels (hedges, tree lines). The maximum and minimum numberof trees (or cover) per hectare shall be determined by the Member States taking account localpedo-climatic conditions, forestry species and the need to ensure agricultural or livestock grazinguse of the land.Support for new plantations in agricultural lands and establishment and maintenance ofagroforestry practices, including silvopastoral systems, shall be limited to the maximum supportrate laid down in Annex 1 (80%).
  28. 28. Product and Protect