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Thorny devil


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Thorny devil

  1. 1. Thorny devils By Jonty and Bailey
  2. 2. contentsPhysical featuresSocial behaviourHabitatPrey/predatorsPicturesQuestionsAnswers
  3. 3. PHYSICAL FEATURES• They are spiky.• They are orange coloured.• They have a long tail.
  4. 4. Social BehaviourThe Thorny Devil is a strange looking, slow-moving lizard found inAustralia. They are sometimes known as the Moloch.Not at all aggressive, the Thorny Devil instead, defends itself bychanging color to match its surroundings, hiding in small shrubs,tucking its head under its body and showing false head, freezing ormoving in a shaking manner to resemble a leaf and puffing itself up toappear larger. The Thorny Devil is primarily diurnal and during coldnights burrows into the ground to remain warm.
  5. 5. HabitatThe Thorny devil lives in the australian outback it getsvery hot but at night it is cold so they dig burrows tokeep warm and save from predators.
  6. 6. Prey/ PredatorsOne of the predators of the thorny devilbustards and goannas and prey isinsects .
  7. 7. PICTURES
  8. 8. QuestionsDo thorny devils have a fake head?Where does the thorny devil live?What does the thorny devil look like?How long do they grow for?How long does the thorny devil live for?
  9. 9. Answersyes they do have a fake head it is Just behind their headIn the Austrailian outback.It is spiky so it does not look good to eat for predatorsit grows for 4 yearsthe thorny devil lives for 20 years