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Beth holiday


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Beth holiday

  1. 1. My holiday in Temuka!!! By Beth
  2. 2. My Holiday recount in TemukaIt was half past nine on a Thursday morning and a letterarrived in the mail. “Dear Shaun, Megan, Beth and Lexiyou are invited to Jada Kates 1st birthday party seeyou soon Greg, Megan and Jada.
  3. 3. The big trip.The big day had came, the day my youngestcousin turned one. So we packed our bags andwere out the door by quarter to ten. Mygrandparents house is just down the road frommy cousins house so we went there first. Forlunch we had mince, vegetables and potatos.
  4. 4. The birthday party! part1• When we got there, there was pink everywhere. [After all the theme was pink.] All of my family were there and there was even a bouncy castle. On the table lay pink cupcakes, pink candy floss and last but not least a gigantic chocolate cake completely covered in pink icing!!!