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Foresight on new and emerging OSH risks related to digitalisation by 2025


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In a new report, EU-OSHA publishes the findings of a major 2-year project to anticipate the effects of digitalisation on occupational safety and health (OSH) in the EU. The final results of this foresight project highlight developments in ICT-enabled technologies, the potential impact of these technologies on the nature and organisation of work, and the challenges and opportunities to OSH that they may bring.

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Foresight on new and emerging OSH risks related to digitalisation by 2025

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  3. 3. Gesture-control of these ‘hyper-fab’ machines is easier than ordering a drink in a bar… But have you looked at these safety and health regs? There’s 35 pages of small print… Who cares if we look at that stuff? My clients are only interested in getting delivery on time. WHO’S IN CONTROL? Any machine — €10 per hour Just pay and start manufacturing!!
  4. 4. I just run the platform — OSH is not my problem. I just finance the workspace — OSH* is not my problem. I just fix the machines — OSH is not my problem. I just buy the products — OSH is not my problem. There are no employers or managers round here — OSH is not our problem. Hmm … do we have a problem?? NOT MY PROBLEM I just design the templates — OSH is not my problem. *OSH = occupational safety and health THE PLATFORM
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  16. 16. Sorry, not much good news today … growth, jobs, investment — all flatlining. Why don’t the unemployed retrain in AI or robotics or bionics or something? FLATLINING
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  23. 23. I wonder if expert systems would help us keep up with the accelerating need for new regulations? We need a whole new programme of regulation on hyper-automation and the human- robotic interface! EXPERT ADVISORY SUB-COMMITTEE ON REGULATORY REFORM TO THE COMMISSION ON ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE REFORM FOR REFORMERS How can we ensure that risk assessments are done when work can be done anywhere 24/7? That’s the big one…
  24. 24. You could just fall over a chair and break a leg. RED ALERT!! Toxic compounds in unauthorised location. Removal now in progress. This hyper-VR* chemical engineering is much more fun … and what could possibly go wrong? CHEMISTRY FOR BEGINNERS *VR = virtual reality
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