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Using HTTP API in WordPress

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. WP HTTP API Eunus Hosen! Co-Founder & CTO! DevsTeam
  2. 2. What is HTTP API
  3. 3. Why HTTP API ❖ cURL : A library to communicate with remote hosts. Works only when the cURL extension is loaded into PHP.! ❖ File system (fopen, file_get_contents) : This function opens up a file or an URL and this works when php ini_settings allows for this.! ❖ Sockets (fsockopen) : Initiates a socket connection to the resource specified by host-name. Again it’s possible that the hosting company might have disabled the fsockopen function.! ❖ Streams: Works on PHP 4.3 or later.! ❖ HTTP: Provides a powerful request and parallel interface for remote calls. It needs PHP 5.2+
  4. 4. WP_HTTP Class
  5. 5. Helper Functions ❖ wp_remote_get() - Retrieves a URL using the GET HTTP method.! ❖ wp_remote_post() - Retrieves a URL using the POST HTTP method.! ❖ wp_remote_head() - Retrieves a URL using the HEAD HTTP method.! ❖ wp_remote_request() - Retrieves a URL using either the default GET or a custom HTTP method (should be caps) that you specify.
  6. 6. An Example
  7. 7. Response
  8. 8. Retrieve Body: wp_remote_retrieve_body($response)
  9. 9. Retrieve Body: wp_remote_retrieve_headers($response)
  10. 10. More Helper Functions ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_body() - Retrieves just the body from the response.! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_header() - Gives you a single HTTP header based on name from the response.! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_headers() - Returns all of the HTTP headers in an array for processing.! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_response_code() - Gives you the number for the HTTP response. This should be 200, but could be 4xx or even 3xx on failure.! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_response_message() - Returns the response message based on the response code
  11. 11. Resources ❖ wp_remote_get:! ❖ wp_remote_post:! ❖ wp_remote_head:! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_body : wp_remote_retrieve_body! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_headers : wp_remote_retrieve_headers! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_header: wp_remote_retrieve_header! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_response_code : wp_remote_retrieve_response_code! ❖ wp_remote_retrieve_response_message : wp_remote_retrieve_response_message
  12. 12. Got a Question?
  13. 13. Thank you!