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Social Media Marketing Strategy 101


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This presentation is developed to help you identify and build the right strategy to take advantage of social media as your marketing tool.

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  • ISAAC is a framework to build and implement social media marketing strategy. It consists ’Intend your purpose -> Study social crowd’s bearings -> Align your campaign with the bearings -> Arm with Exclusive/Aspirational Values -> Crank up from offline success & solid economic logics’ For further information, please contact via links at the end of slides.
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Social Media Marketing Strategy 101

  1. 1. EICG<br />Seoul Office, Dec., 2010<br />EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />소셜미디어와 마케팅 대항해시대,<br />그 생존전략 101<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery,<br />the Strategy 101<br />EICG<br />This Document is Strictly Protected by the Anti-piracy Laws<br />All Rights are Reserved by EICG, 2010-<br />For Permission to Use, Reuse, Copy, Modify or Distribute of All or Some of the Contents Included in this Documents, Please Contact EICG<br />
  2. 2. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />In 2010, the Words Finally Spreads!<br />The Age of Discovery <br />is BACK!<br />They tell the whole world about the new land for marketing. It’s called “Social Media”.<br />“Racing Home” by Montague Dawson, Source:<br />The Promise of the New Land, Irresistible<br />“Gold, Gold, and Free Gold! Everywhere!”<br />“Go GoGo! It’s All Yours!”<br />“Don’t Hesitate. You Might Be a Little Too Late!!”<br />GOLD, GOLD,<br />and GOLD!!!<br />You can;<br />1. Promote yourself to & Communicate with tens of thousan-ds or, even, millions of EXISTING AND POTENTIAL customers!<br />2. Get Vivid and Immediate Customer Feedback!<br />3. Incredibly Increase Your Customers’ Loyalty and CLV!<br />4. and All Else!<br />MORE IMPORTANTLY<br />IT’S CHEAP!!!!!<br />Image Source:<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  3. 3. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />But Hey, Wait a Sec!<br />“Do you have the route?”<br />“Do you have the map to the new land?”<br />Just like every new journey to new lands, including Chris Columbus’, the problem is…<br />NO ONE HAS THE EXACT ROUTE!<br />NO ONE HAS THE MAP, JUST YET!<br />Many claim they know the route. But really?<br />At a tavern, you heard a crowd talking about the new land.<br />They claim they have the route and try to talk you in.<br />But truth is no one has been there, yet.<br />EICG stands up and says to you…<br />“I know you believe the new land is there.”<br />“You might or might not jump in to the race to the new land.”<br />“I notice the sail is a venture, you might not get what you sail across the ocean for.”<br />“So, before we really start, why don’t we sit down and think about the following five steps? I want you to meet ISAAC.”<br />“Tavern Scene” by David Teniers II, Source:<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  4. 4. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />And ISAAC tells you…<br />“Look, my fellow people, the way I see it none of us really know about the new land”<br />“All we know is what we have heard from the ones who CLAIMS to know”<br />“So, I suggest we walk through these five steps to see if the new land is really for us”<br />ISAAC’s Five Steps<br />STEP I:INTEND<br />STEP II: STUDY<br />STEP III: ALIGN<br />STEP IV: ARM<br />STEP V: CRANK UP<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  5. 5. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />Step I: Intend your purpose<br />Tough Question: <br />What do you expect in the new land?<br />It’s a tough, yet the first question you should ask yourself!<br />Do you want to go there because there is something you want?<br />Is it just to jump in the herd?<br />A good strategy is made on a solid vision & clear goals.<br />Then internal and external environment come into consideration to create the fit.<br />If you’re a start-up, go for greater publicity.<br />If you’re a media company, go for better spreading information to/through broader customers.<br />If you’re a commodity company, go for promotion and gathering customer feedbacks.<br />Whatever that might be, have a clear intention that best serves your company.<br />Then see if you can really get THAT in the new land.<br />This will not only help you set a right route but also weed out a lot of myths about the land.<br />It’s full of gold, but it just might be silver that you really need.<br />Have an absolutely clear intention on what you should get in the new land.<br />Remember: Customers are NOT there. But your Intention is.<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  6. 6. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />Step II: Study the route<br />After having an intention and if it matches with the description about the new land, it’s time to study the route.<br />In discovery of the new land for marketing, studying the route means identifying the bearings to your customers, and it’s done in two step process.<br />First step: A Good Old STP<br />Identify who to be your target.<br />Are they males or females? Are they in their 20’s or 30’s? Are they business persons or artists?<br />Are they a vast majority or a small selected group of people?<br />Second step: Find the bearings<br />Actively collect information on your customer segment(s).<br />Thanks to the openness of SNS’s you can simply pick up priceless customer information on their lifestyle (or “lifelog”) for virtually free, which used to cost many companies many millions of dollars.<br />Plus, Social media users tend to be very candid and enthusiastic, in terms of exchanging and sharing their ideas.<br />Considering these, you can almost find all the bearings to your New Land just by closely, yet carefully watching your target segment and the information from social media is almost reliable as any other sources.<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  7. 7. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />Step III: Align yourself with the bearings<br />Finding the bearings, now align yourself with them.<br />The cardinal business rule of “LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION” is still solid in the era of social networks and social media. <br />The change is merely “from physical & geographical location to intangible & conceptual networks.<br />Aligning yourself with the bearings means <br />Seeking the best approach to your customers.<br />You must plan your activities in accordance with the bearings you have revealed in Step II, to make sure your messages fully reach to your target customers.<br />This step, at large, consists of two parts: strategically releasing your messages, and acquiring the right set of users to your social media account(s), <br />Why is this important?<br />In case of, Approx. 640 tweets are generated every second and most users tend to go back on their timelines within 2 hours of range from the point of access.<br />When you’re not aligned with the bearings to your target customers, your messages get insufficient attention, get diluted, hence become less, or worse – NO, powerful.<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  8. 8. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />Step IV: Arm your ship<br />Before you leave for the new land,<br />Embrace yourself to survive the race.<br />Pack your cannons and arm your ship.<br />Your Ultimate Cannons: <br />the Values You Provide to Your Customers on Social Media<br />Values are the Incentives to Attract the Right Crowd<br />As already mentioned, over 600 tweets per second are generated.<br />And there are over 500,000,000 users on Facebook.<br />If you fail to provide the Incentive for them to listen to you, simply, they won’t<br />What Values to Provide?<br />Be it EXCLUSIVE!<br />Behavioral vs. ASPIRATIONAL<br />Why do they have to listen to you, and even talk to you on Twitter and/or Facebook?<br />You must give something as an incentive.<br />And THAT SOMETHING must be something that they CAN’T get from other channels!<br />In Japan, people finance their Ferrari and have two jobs working part-time at a 7/11.<br />Aspirational value turns your average customer into your FAN. And Fandom elsewhere has NEVER been powerful than on social media.<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  9. 9. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />Step V:Crank up from the underwater<br />Alright, it looks like you’re good to go.<br />But before you really leave, there’s just one more thing you must do.<br />You MUST CRANK UP YOUR ANCHOR from the underwater.<br />Myth: You can just get on the stardom through social media!<br />But REALLY?<br />FACT: <br />Top 1 to 10 Twitter Users in terms of # of Followers<br />This means your anchor is still under the water<br />#1 Ladygaga 7,225,015<br />#2 Britney Spears 6,326,737<br />#3 Ashton Kutcher 6,082,870<br />#4 Barack Obama 5,998,309<br />#5 Ellen DeGeneres 5,505,816<br />#6 Kim Kardashian5,454,120<br />#7 Taylor Swift 4,698,537<br />#8 Oprah Winfrey 4,621,737<br />#9 Ashley Tisdale 3,762,037<br />#10 John Mayer 3,762,037<br />Your stardom on social media is directly correlated to your OFFLINE SUCCESS<br />And there’s no sure sign that the natives in the New Land will welcome You<br />All 7,225,015 follower bought Ladygaga’s album? And all 5,998,309 voted for Obama? Unlikely. <br />This merely is the indication of interests.<br />YOU must figure out to crank up your anchor.<br />What Does This Tell You?<br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />
  10. 10. EICG IDEAS & FRAMEWORKS<br />Social Media & the Age of New Marketing Discovery, the Strategy 101<br />And ISAAC concludes…<br />“Dear good people, I don’t think it’s worth to talk about whether the new land is there or not”<br />“Because we know something’s obviously going on out there”<br />“So, I believe the right question now is, if it’s for us – me and you”<br />“I believe throughout the five steps of ISAAC, you have come to find the answer”<br />“If your purpose are aligned with the new land, and if you can arm yourself with the exclusive and aspirational values, and if you can sail across through the right route”<br />I believe it’s your time to join the race”<br />“Bon Voyage, my friends”<br />“Oh, and just in case you need my help”<br />“You know where you can find me”<br /><br /><br />EICG Seoul Office Dec., 2010<br />