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  1. 1. What Makes Us Unique? Our Mission 1. We are the only organization in the country that specializes in providing mediation and conflict resolution services to the diverse, multilingual, low- income Asian/Pacific Islander community. The mission of APADRC is to provide conflict resolution, mediation and peace-building services 2. to diverse, low-income communities and schools. We provide mediation services in several Asian So many problems, languages including Korean, Chinese (Mandarin and yet so little time.. Cantonese), Japanese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Background Hindi and Urdu as well as English and Spanish. No other mediation center has this type of language We can help with that. The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution capacity– we exist to fulfill the need. Center started in 1989, shortly before the Los Angeles Uprising, and was immediately tested as an organization that can bring peace between communities. APADRC staff jumped right into the fray and mediated conflicts between African 3. We have learned how to work more effectively in schools with diverse Americans and Korean Americans, sometimes cultures; the schools we directly amidst the chaos that followed the fires, violence, and looting in South Los Angeles. Since serve have a population that is about 60% Latino, Asian Pacific American then, we have found our niche in providing mediation services to the diverse, complex 22% African American, 10% Asian/Pacific Islander Dispute Resolution communities of Los Angeles. and 8% other. Center : Photo | Front - Mother and son after a successful mediation resulting What is Mediation? in the two developing a plan to communicate better with one another. Spreading Seeds of Peace Back - ApAdrc mediators. Mediation is an inexpensive, quick and effective way to solve conflicts. Mediation is facilitated | by a neutral third party, called a mediator, who is trained in mediation and conflict resolution skills. 1145 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 100 The process is voluntary (all sides must agree to Contact Los Angeles, CA 90006 do it) and confidential (what is said and heard by P: 213. 250. 8190 | F: 213. 250. 8195 | the disputants or the mediators will not be disclosed to anyone). Mediators provide a neutral space to help reduce or eliminate the barriers Supported by the Los of communication to create a safe environment Angeles County Dispute Resolution Program for all parties to speak freely. Mediators are not Administration judges or attorneys; the resolution will ultimately come from the parties involved in the conflict. Please support APADRC through APCF. To learn more, visit
  2. 2. Community and Intergroup Peace Makers Conflicts Program (CIC) a n d M e d i a t o r s ( P M 2) CIC is the only program in Los Angeles County that is PM2 is the youth component of APADRC that provides able to provide low cost and free conflict resolution Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution programs to services in multiple Asian languages and Spanish. The schools. Our goal is to be proactive in diffusing school- program assists community members in resolving based fights and misunderstandings among students, disputes without going to court. teachers, administrators and parents. CIC Services Include: The Services Provided Include: 1. Mediation: ● Family Disputes (parent/child conflicts, Photo | 9th Annual Conversity Awards Reception ● Training students, teachers, and parents in conflict resolution skills. couples issues, divorce). Training Services ● Helping schools develop and implement peer ● Housing (landlord/tenant, neighbor/neighbor). mediation programs. Many agencies experience internal and external ● Workplace (wage issues, employer/employee, conflicts that hinder the efficiency of the Impact of PM 2 : employee/employee). organization. APADRC customizes each training to ● Business (consumer/merchant, debt collection). the organization’s needs and circumstances. ● Reduce suspensions and expulsions by as much as 25% to 50%. ● Seniors (family issues, caretaker/patient). For Organizations: ● Reduce violence, physical and verbal fights, and ● Organizational (within/between organizations). ● Provides employees/members with large group conflicts. communication skills to navigate conflict. ● Improve academic performance by keeping ● Helps individuals learn to self-reflect and identify students in school instead of suspending them. the situations they have the power to change. ● Helps individuals understand cross-cultural issues that affect social interactions. ● Teaches skills to diffuse difficult conflicts. Individual/Mediator Training Teaches: Photo | Korean Debt Management Workshop with Ynot Foundation ● The theory of how conflict occurs and 2. Group Dialogue Facilitation: APADRC facilitators help groups achieve ● how to manage it. Cross-cultural understanding and exceptional results by providing assistance in communication. designing and facilitating meetings that can help ● Life skills that can help in the solve difficult challenges. success and longevity of 3. Community Workshops: relationships. APADRC offers a variety of informational workshops for the community to help improve conflict management and communication skills.