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Toyota's TQM


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Total Quality Management (TQM) of Toyota. It is the continuous process of reducing or eliminating errors in manufacturing, streamlining supply chain management, improving the customer experience and ensuring that employees are up-to-speed with their training.

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Toyota's TQM

  1. 1. TOYOTA Let’s go places
  2. 2. Toyota has annual sales of $120Toyota has annual sales of $120 BillionBillion Produces 5.5 million vehiclesProduces 5.5 million vehicles per yearper year From 56 manufacturing plantsFrom 56 manufacturing plants across 6 centuriesacross 6 centuries Employs 200,000 peopleEmploys 200,000 people 11stst largest automotivelargest automotive manufacturermanufacturer Introduction: TOYOTA Let’s go places
  3. 3. TOYOTA Let’s go places Founder of Toyota / developedFounder of Toyota / developed 5 Why’s Japanese Industrial5 Why’s Japanese Industrial BoomBoom Sakichi ToyodaSakichi Toyoda
  4. 4. TOYOTA Let’s go places TQM Waste (“muda” in Japanese) isWaste (“muda” in Japanese) is anything other than the minimumanything other than the minimum amount of equipment, materials,amount of equipment, materials, parts, space and worker’s time,parts, space and worker’s time, which are absolutely essential to addwhich are absolutely essential to add value to the product.value to the product. -Shoichiro Toyoda-Shoichiro Toyoda Founder, ToyotaFounder, Toyota
  5. 5. TOYOTA Let’s go places TOYOTA 7 MUDAs FACTOR IMPACT IMPROVEMENT Transport Inventory Motion Waiting times Over-processing Over-production Defects
  6. 6. TOYOTA Let’s go places
  7. 7. TOYOTA Let’s go places