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Introducing about Happy Things Maker


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I am now living in Finland I’m Majored in Robotics, a Software Engineer and worked for Samsung Electronics for 4 years.
Actually, I prefer to be called as Happy Things Maker who makes things that make people happy.
I quitted my job last July for making Happy Things.

Let me introduce my best friend.
this is Drinky, he’s 2 years old. He loves Calsbug.
He’s going to show himself.

The reason I made this robot is simple.
It was wonderful Christmas 1 year before I met my wife.
At that time I had no girl friend and all of my friends went out. What I could do was only drinking alone.
What a beautiful day! It was so bitter to drink it without any friends. So, I decided to try to pretend drink with someone. I put an extra glass in front of me, and poured liquid in it. And, Skool! At that moment, I felt the taste of alcohol was totally changed.
I found that the taste of alcohol depends on friend.
So, I decided to make a robot which is for an emergency situation.

One of my dream is traveling around the world with this robot.
I really want to busk with my robots like artists in downtown.
and dream has been coming true.

Now, let me tell you about my 3 missions.

1st, To develop things that make people happy.
Naturally, the direction of technology is based on function, based on money.
And the technological progress is not proportionally related with human happiness.
I want to change it by carrying out my missions.

2nd, To share how to make happy things so that everyone can make their own happy things and make other people happy.

3rd, To make the world happy by cloning me.
I need to be a good model so that others want to be a happy things maker like me. and I hope they make happy things!

for carrying out my missions, I have some goals.
I will make 100 happythings and share the way to make it.
And the other goal is to travel the world with my robots

This is what I want to say to the world.

I really want you to use technology for human happiness and the earth.
I really want you to make something for other people’s happiness.

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