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Beyond the story-centric model of the universe


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Published in: Business
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Beyond the story-centric model of the universe

  1. 1. beyond the story-centric model of the universe eric ulken
  2. 2. who am i? eric ulken former editor, interactive technology, los angeles times database + visualization + (a little of everything)
  3. 3. the story article so far born 17th century served us well for ~400 years lots of words (~800-1,000 on average) unstructured “flat. gray. boring.” —under-30 readers
  4. 4. what else is there? charts blogs audio databases maps hypertext interactive graphics ranked lists photo galleries q&a timelines user-contributed tables video wikis content
  5. 5. some examples text tricks (lists, tables, timelines, q&a, “q&no-a”) blogs are the new articles photo galleries as lists, timelines stand-alone ugc video: short-form, packages mapping, charts, data visualization database applications
  6. 6. a 3-way mashup public data raw information
  7. 7. a 3-way mashup original reporting background, analysis
  8. 8. a 3-way mashup user contributions context, conversation
  9. 9. you try it: the no-article zone besides writing articles, how might you tell these stories? a study ranks your city among the worst in air quality a fire breaks out in the hills north of town a new law on mobile use while driving goes into effect 5 candidates file for your city’s mayoral race “american idol” auditions come to town
  10. 10. just so i’m not misquoted... i’m not anti-article i’m just equal-opportunity
  11. 11. questions? eric (at) ulken (dot) com