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Building social capital


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This presentation is to help teens learn about the do's and don't of social media. This presentation will help youth build their brand on-line for summer jobs, internships, scholarships and future careers

Building social capital

  1. 1. Building Social Capital The benefits of having strong social capital, and effectively network in order to achieve personal and professional success. By: Eula M. Guest, COO Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc.
  2. 2. Social Media • Teen Internet Use • 93% of teens ages 12-17 go online • 69% of teens have their own computer • 63% of teen internet users go online every day • 27% of teens use their phone, tablet to get online • 24% of teens with a game console use it to go online
  3. 3. Social Media What Teens do on Face-book • 86% of social network-using teens comment on a friend's wall • 83% comment on friends' pictures • 66% send private messages to friends • 58% send IM or text messages using the site • 52% send group messages 30-statistics-about-teens-and-social-networking
  4. 4. Social Media • My friends are my business no one has to know if I am in college my private time is my time their behavior on-line will not affect me • My friends don’t like Susie but I am cool with her, my tweets won’t have anything to do with my future plans to get into College, we are just talking smack
  5. 5. Social Media • When do I start thinking about my future? • How do I make sure that I get into a good college, gain access to scholarships, internships? • I don’t have to worry about my social media pages IT’S PRIVATE! • I don’t have to think about this now, I’m only 18 years old.
  6. 6. Lib High School Principal Fired For Creating Phony Face-book Page to Spy on Kids • Dr. Louise Losos created a fake Face-book account to spy on kids at her school. • Liberal St. Louis high school principal, Dr. Louise Losos, resigned this week following allegations that she was spying on students via a fake Face book page. KSDK reported: Dr. Louise Losos
  7. 7. Face-book vent burns teacher • Veteran Brooklyn teacher Christine Rubino is fighting for her career after she vented her frustration with unruly fifth-graders by referring to the shocking death, the day before, of a 12-year-old Harlem school girl who drowned on a class trip to the beach. • "After today, I’m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their guts," Rubino pecked on her BlackBerry last June, moments after leaving PS 203 in the Flatlands neighborhood. • Rubino, 38, who has a master’s degree in math education and has taught at PS 203 for 15 years, admits she made the insensitive comments "out of pure anger" at her students’ rowdy behavior last June 23, but maintains the online outburst was private — unseen by pupils or parents. • Brooklyn teacher Christine Rubino
  8. 8. A Bronx, N.Y., high school principal has come under intense scrutiny • A Bronx, N.Y., high school principal has come under intense scrutiny after an image of her dancing with a topless man and covered in a dark liquid surfaced from her Face- book page, the Huffington Post reports. • The photo showed Sharron Smalls, of New York's Jane Addams High School, next to a topless man as he pours a dark liquid substance over her. Sharron Smalls
  9. 9. How to Build your On-line Presence now for College, Internship and Future Careers". • Don’t post anything you don’t want your great grannie to see • Including photos, texts etc.
  10. 10. SEXTING • Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages and/or photographs, primarily between mobile phones and mobile devices. The term was first popularized in early 21st century, and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, where the latter is meant in the wide sense of sending a text possibly with images. In August 2012, the word sexting was listed for the first time in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Law and Punishment • Under New York law it is a felony to: • Knowingly use a minor in a sexually explicit performance • Promote material that contains a child under the age of 17 engaging in a sexually explicit act, or possess material that contains a child under the age of 16 engaging in a sexual act and or photos of nude and or genital areas • If convicted, jail sentences could range from 2 to 15 years and will generally need to register as a sex offender.
  11. 11. Don’t let this be you
  12. 12. ‘Snapchat’ Sexting • ‘Snapchat’ sexting scandal at NJ high school could result in child porn charges • What happened, ended up being big. Now, police investigators prepare to file charges of possession of child pornography and endangering the welfare of a child against anyone who does not delete from their phones or computers the photos that some freshman girls took of themselves on the Snapchat app. • “I feel bad,” said a Ridgewood High School senior girl about fellow students who had exchanged naked photographs over two popular applications, Snapchat and Instagram. ”They’re like, our friends. We’re close to some of these people.” • “Everyone had the pictures. Everyone had seen the pictures,” another student, a sophomore boy, said to PIX11 News.
  13. 13. Authentic Networking • Authentic networker is a person who is networking from an authentic place. They are networking to build a brand from a personal place. Sharing a piece of your personal self to connect and build lasting relationships. • Have you taken the time to assess your networking presences? Have you evaluated your networking style? Do you have a networking style or are you just trying to make connections? Before you go to that next conference, lecture, seminar. Let’s look at several networking styles.
  14. 14. Types of Networking Style Let’s find and develop your networking style. • The Happy Networker: A person (s) who is just happy to be at the event. They don’t have any plans or know how to network, they are just standing around smiling and hoping someone comes up to them and talk. Usually shy and find it hard to just walk up to a person and start speaking. • The Serial Networker: They want to talk and hand out as many cards as they can. Trying to meet as many people in the room as possible, talking a hundred miles a minute and not making a personal connection. • The Target Market Networker: A person who knows who they want to talk to and is working on building their personal style. Very personable easy to talk to and knows how to connect to the person they are speaking to. • The Strategic Networker: They sit back and watch the room, wait for the introductions to see who is in the room, then goes to their target person that they want to connect to, they don’t want to spend a lot of time speaking to everyone, they know what industry they want to go to and who they want to speak to. • The Seasoned Networker: My parents taught me in church how to go up to speak to people so I am comfortable walking up to people and just speaking. They know how to work the room and is comfortable in social settings. They talk about current events, the latest book they are reading and they know how to connect with the person they are speaking to.
  15. 15. HOW TO MAKE MY SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE COLLEGE READY • Post photos and content of you volunteering in your neighborhood • In your about section post future goals and aspirations • Post a photo of you doing your lemonade stand, selling bottle water etc. • Follow people on-line that you aspirer to be like.
  16. 16. JOB READY • Post any part-time jobs that you got paid for i.e. walking the dog, baby sitting • Reach out to potential employers in the industry you are interest in about internships • Post a letter of recommendation on your about page WITHOUT your address, telephone number e-mail etc. from your coach, teacher, clergy, scout leader etc. • Human Resources recruiters are looking for that next employee. What will they see when they Google your name?
  17. 17. BUILDING YOUR ON-LINE PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE • Volunteering can help you get to your goals. Post those volunteering photos on Face-Book, Twitter, LinkedIn. • This will build your presence and show that you are responsible
  18. 18. Nikhil Goyal • Nikhil used twitter to build his brand. He reach out to members of the press and wrote them a letter about his aspiration. This is Nikhil on Education Nation in September 2012
  19. 19. SCHOLARSHIPS • College recruiters and admissions officers are now going on line to see their potential students and to see what their on line presences looks like. • Millions of dollars in scholarships are awarded every year and the colleges want students that they feel best represents the school.
  20. 20. Writing Blogs • Blogs are a great way to build your on-line presences. • Remember the golden rule don’t post anything on line you wouldn’t let your great granny see
  21. 21. THINGS TO HIGHLIGHT TO GET SCHOLARSHIPS • Awards, Certificates, Honors, Girl Scouts Pins, Badges you earn, Hero or Shero awards, Perfect Attendance Certificates, Boy Scout Badges etc • School clubs: honor society, glee club, chess club, technology club, robotics team, sports teams, school leadership team, debate team, science club, afterschool club, band, drama club, cheerleader etc. • Any extra activities that you can show that you are a well rounded person. Post those awards photos on-line.
  22. 22. ABOUT ME • Is a free on line site to build your presence on line. It is a bio site where you can post a professional photo and add your accomplishments. • Post paid jobs, post volunteer assignments in your community etc.
  23. 23. ABOUT ME
  25. 25. PROFESSIONAL E-MAIL • or smackyomomma@hotmail is not a professional e-mail address • If you want to be taken seriously then you need a professional e-mail for all business correspondences i.e. teachers, admissions officer, job search, internships and scholarships etc. • Open a gmail account. Why G-mail? Shows you are up on current applications. G-mail has Google docs, calendar, video chat. You want to show that you know your way around the internet. Ex: or or
  26. 26. My daughter is building her on-line presence
  27. 27. Follow- up • When you meet people, make sure to follow-up either e-mail, telephone call, social media. • Ask the person who hands you their business card what is the best way to reach you? • If you say you are going to do something, keep your word. Put your follow-up on your mobile device to remind you to follow-up. • After meeting people follow-up is most important remind them of where you met them and your conversation.
  28. 28. Eula M. Guest, COO • Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. • • (212) 281-2286 •