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Ideas for improving the ability of computer science students in obtaining high quality jobs


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Ideas for improving the ability of computer science students in obtaining high quality jobs

  1. 1. Proposal Ideas for improving the ability of Computer Science students in obtaining high quality jobs in the community ,business and in industry. Luis Eugenio Bravo Soza 1. Generation of Ideas 1. Improve curricula by reviewing all courses with outside people from the industry. 2. Include a board of directors at CS department with directors from the industry. 3. Increase the number and length of summer practice of students in the community. 4. Include Industry project proposals for software engineering course. 5. Include an open platform(like coursera) where University and Industry can interact. 6. Include some functionalities so students can interchange ideas with community leaders. 7. Develop an e-news letter describing interesting problems from the pint of view of the industry . 8. Youtube videos from the point of view of the industry and communities leaders. 9. Grants (from the industry) for research problems on special matters. 10. CS professor work on sabbatical(6 months) in the industry. 11. Top managers work at the university for 6 months giving talks and conducting projects. 12. Student Final projects could work on deal with industry problems. 13.Project proposal by the community and industry. 14.Open seminar on interesting projects and problems proposal from the communities. 15.Credit student seminar at the industry(4 weeks) for identify interesting problems in the communities or industry site. 16.Industry Leaders talk at the University site. 17.Engagement of the University Computer Science department with a network of institutions where managers and leaders have some compromise of accepting students in their work placement. 18.Students technology tours in Chinese industries or other countries. 19.Student interchange with other universities in the same country or other countries. 20. Price rewards for the best problem solutions in a particular field. 21.Establish Industry labs in the universities. 22.Special financing from the industry for the development of an area problem. 23.Open a list of internal area problems where the student could work and obtain some money and practice. 24.Software industry offers training courses on their technologies for some curricula credit. 25.Use labs at the industry site and vice versa. 26.Student as workers in labour duties at packing fruits, body car shops, hardware shops and other places where students can analyse be first hand real problems where they can contribute with new proposals for solutions. 27.Summer work in Robotic laboratories as labour workers where the help senior engineers in designing and assemble complex machines. 28.Astronomy camps. Many observatories-like Alma in Chile- need maintainers of software, documenters, and small improvements that can be made by new programmers. 29.Create “Open Projects” like a new platform for a general problem like a knowledge management system for documents. So students and researchers collaborate
  2. 2. improving and programming new functionalities. 30.A network of mentors for guiding new software engineers looking for some research and development action. Step 2 - Idea Selection 1. Include a board of director at the CS department with directors from the industry and community. It very important that the curriculum of a CS student is well focused on the real need of competence that student must have after finishing their studies. So the participation of leaders and IT managers from the industry and community could help in developing a strategic plan for the CS department in terms of lines of research , strategic developments and technologies that should be taught in the curricula. 2. CS professor work on sabbatical(6 month) at the industry. Working and in the local industry is a very rich experience for someone that is lecturing and studying all day long. It´s very important not to lose contact with the reality and knowing know the topics/contents that we teach at university are. . During the sabbatical period the professor must conceive a new project useful for the company where he is working. In the near future the project could be done by the students of the CS department. 3. Engagement of the University Computer Science department with a network of institutions where managers and leaders have some compromise of accepting students on work placement. This is a very interesting idea copied from the open source movement. The development of useful industry software for an industry, a hospital, or any other institution is a very big inversion on effort and money. Most institution can not afford this enterprise, but as a consortium of companies they may be able to.. There are many examples where these “open consortium did work. There are many examples , such as Linux, Mozila, Apache and many others. If many companies design a new software, for example for e-commerce- maybe with a network of developers and supporters and universities you accomplish good and useful software generating a solution for the industry and generating lots of knowledge and experience for young programmers.