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Noun declensions


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The table of Russian declensions.

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Noun declensions

  1. 1. Noun Declension in Russian Singular Plural Masculine Neuter Feminine Masculine Neuter Feminine Nominative consonant -ь -о -е / -ё -а -я -ы -и -а -я -ы -и Genitive -а -я -ы -и -ов / -ев -ей no ending -ь / -ей Dative -у -ю -е -ам -ям Accusative animate as in Genitive as in Nominative -у -ю as in Genitive inanimate as in Nominative as in Nominative Instrumental -ом -ем / -ём -ой -ей / ёй -ами -ями Prepositional -е -ах -ях