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Ict applied to english teaching form


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Assignment # 1 Form

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ict applied to english teaching form

  1. 1. Names: Czemernicki Daniela Piazza María EugeniaICT Applied to English Teaching- 2012Unit 1Assignment 1: History of Education TechnologyAfter watching the presentation, choose the best option. 1) Instructional media refers to_______________________ that teacher and students use to support learning. 2) Educational technology refers to the _______________________ use of computers. 3) Technology could be used to__________________________. 4) Silent films were used for educational purposes_________________________. 5) The use of radio went through some obstacles: poor audio reception, the cost of equipment and__________________________. 6) According to behaviorism, students__________________________ with computers. 7) According to constructivism, computers _________________________ . 8) Some of the benefits of using technology are: easy-to-access course materials, increase of students motivation and___________________________. 9) Criticism to technology was due to: lack of training, limited access to sufficient quantities of technology and___________________________. 10) Some of the ideas mentioned to use technology in the classroom were: the use of Podcasts, collaborative work in a wiki and ________________________.[Escribir texto]