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Interview in hotelier indonesia magazine april 2012


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Interview in hotelier indonesia magazine april 2012

  2. 2. Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa Anantara Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna is to be set within lush Regis hotel, 1 JW Marriott hotel and gardens and water features, and will 3 Marriott hotels. Its spa business, Resort & Spa, Yunnan Prov- comprise 80 Deluxe Guest Rooms as known as MSPA International, is also a ince well as 23 private Pool Villas. Anantara leading spa operator for the Anantara, Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa is sched- Mandara & Aequalis spa brands. | P. R. China uled to open in August of 2012. Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa, Anantara Hotels & Resorts & Spas is a flagship resort of Anantara in China, Public Relations Office: (86 21) 2230 part of Minor International, a public is located in the midst of this national 1730. Luyee Zhou listed company based in Bangkok of scenic resort destination, an hour’s Public Relations Manager Thailand, also known as one of the Email: drive from Jinghong International largest food, hospitality and leisure Airport through unspoiled countryside, companies in Asia Pacific region. offering a hidden enclave of tropical majesty along a sweeping curve of the The hotel portfolio of Minor Interna- Luosuo River. Positioned opposite the tional includes 16 Anantara hotels & Tropical Botanical Garden, Anantara resorts, 4 Four Seasons hotels, 1 St.HOTELIER INDONESIA 62
  3. 3. An Interview With Eugene Win Director of Rooms Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort and SpaMenglun Town, Xishuang- profession, happy to be part Recreation and Security HIM: Yunnan - China al-banna, Yunnan, China. of this challenging hospital- departments. ready has many top brand ity industry. resorts & spa. Where in the market will this resorts &HIM: Could you tell us a HIM: What according to spa be positioned?little bit about your job “Anantara” is a Sanskrit you makes a Director ofand educational back- word; it means “with- Rooms great? EW: China is a huge marketground? out end” and evokes the and I would say Yunnan is EW: My first word would just growing up. Many hotelEW: Currently I am part of freedom, movement and be “Service”. Understand- projects are on the way. WeAnantara Xishuangbanna harmony that are the spirit ing of how to give the best would see ourselves as theResort & Spa preopening of the Anantara Experience. service consistently is a key best international luxuryteam in the position of Every guest of Anantara to achievement. Aside from resort in Yunnan when weDirect of Rooms. And, I am leaves with amazing stories that, a DOR shouldn’t be open.holding Rooms Division to tell. That is an inspiring limited him/herself to thecertification from American passion for me and also a usual line of duty. BroaderHotels & Lodging Educa- reason to work for Anan- understanding of revenue, HIM: Tell us what you feeltional Institute and on the tara. financial, human resource is the most distinctive orother hand I am still and strategic unique feature of your re-pursuing my aca- managements m sort? What best describesdemic learning with are needed. a the personality of theUniversity of Derby, Most of us M resort?UK through online. stopped learn- s EW: Our resort serves as a ing when we i natural gateway to the rich already enter aHIM: How did you cultural experiences and a profession. Iget into hospitality astonishing natural beauty strongly sug- sbusiness, how did of this evocative region. gest continu- gyou wind up work- The unique Dai culture is ous learning oing for Anantara reflected in our approach while we are wXishuangbanna to design and services. working, that wResort and Spa, Upscale excursion, award- would give us wMenglun Town, ing wining Anantara spa, a new, refreshXishuangbanna, unique dining-by-design and up-to- aYunnan, China? concept are some of our date ideas to apply on our great features on offer.EW: In 1995, I started my HIM: What exactly is your daily works. Guests may experience allcareer as a receptionist current role at Anantara that Southern Yunnan haswith an island resort in my Xishuangbanna Resort to offer from the comfort ofnative country, Myanmar. HIM: What are your am- and Spa, Menglun Town, a luxury resort.From that beginning, I have bitions for Hospitality Xishuangbanna, Yunnan,been able to move my way Industry? China?up within Front Office and EW: Keep walking, it is a HIM: What is the bestRooms Division. I am pas- EW: Being a Director of journey not a destination. thing about the resort’ssionate about my chosen Rooms, I am responsible for location? What is your fa- Front Office, Housekeeping,HOTELIER INDONESIA 63
  4. 4. vorite thing to do in the surround- EW: So many to ing area? mention. From every single person, I learnt something. EW: Xishuangbanna is an autono- mous prefecture belongs to Dai ethnic minority, and also a fast HIM: What can hoteliers do to growing tourist destination in China. increase their chances of getting In Xishuangbanna, you will find the work, even after they’ve landed a last Asian elephants of China, China’s job in the hospitality business? biggest botanical garden, Thai-style pagodas, a hundred strains of famous EW: Continuous learning. Pu’er tea, and some exceptionally EW: I think it is much broader ques- unique culture of colourful ethnic tion. For China, everyone is saying China’s hotel market is expected to HIM: Do you think hoteliers have to minorities of China. On my day off, I overtake the United States to be the move to International Hotel Chain usually go around the local villages world’s largest in 2025. Within 13 or Overseas in order to further by bike where you can find amazing years China will have 6.1 million hotel their career? And if so, how do they stories and learn their beautiful way rooms, the same as the US. By 2039, decide when is the right time to of living. make the move? EW: I wouldn’t agree. Either an inter- HIM: If you were considering stay- national or a local, overseas or within ing at the hotel as a guest, what the country, there are many ways to would you want to know about the further career as long as s/he takes hotel before checking in? Why? the challenges. the number of China’s hotel rooms EW: For leisure trip, I would definitely will be 9.1 million, four times the size want to know what unique features it is today. And, I would agree. HIM: What do you think is the most and how different it is from other important thing to be prepared for similar hotels. Wouldn’t want to hear hoteliers before they face a process “we have nice rooms and good res- HIM: Do you think social media like of recruitment & selection in the taurants” sayings. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are hospitality industry right now? important to a hotelier’s career? Why? EW: Recruitment is an art of selling. HIM: When you’re looking for new Know well the customer (the hiring staff, what is it specifically that you EW: As per Jobvite (2009) report, company) and the product (that is look for? LinkedIn is used by 95% of jobseekers you) before conducting the sales. while Facebook and Twitter stand at EW: Positive attitude. 59% and 42% respectively. I would categorize LinkedIn as a professional HIM: Where do you like to go on HIM; What do you think about social networking site which more holiday? ASEAN & China Hotelier? suitable for and being used by profes- EW: Bali, ever dreamt of, but couldn’t sionals including hoteliers. EW: China hoteliers belong to bigger make it up so far. market where they have much more chance to grow up within. HIM: What advice would you give HIM: What one piece of advice to hoteliers who are still looking would you give to hoteliers hoping for a job? HIM: What makes one candidate to further their career? EW: Don’t be in hurry to get a job, stand out over another? EW: Walk the talk. take time to search THE JOB you love. EW: Positive attitude. **** HIM: Do you think there are any HIM: What have you learned from misconception up and coming the successful senior hoteliers that hotelier have about the “business” you have worked or interacted with of hospitality? over the course of your career?HOTELIER INDONESIA 64