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  3. 3. waiting Pronounciation: /wātiNG/ noun the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens. KL WAITING STYLE illustrates the waiting culture of Malaysian in Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. People wait everyday in life for different purpose. When people wait, they engage their mind with different thoughts and form a pattern. The pattern develops into a habit, a culture, an identity.
  4. 4. ‘MEMANG’ BOSS When crossing road in KL, the pedestrians slowly inch towards the main road and show a stop hand gesture until the vehicles are forced to stop and wait for the pedestrians to cross.
  5. 5. King of the Stair Malaysian like to fully utilize the escalator space. Everybody wait on the escalator, nobody can walk up or down.
  6. 6. School kids wait for parents beside the fence of a narrow pedestrian walkway.
  7. 7. King of the Road Parents park their car in the middle of a road to wait for their kids from school, causing traffic jam. Some parents use motorcycle to avoid jam.
  8. 8. Nowadays, people wait with the company of gadget instead of people.
  9. 9. Wait-sitting While waiting, Malaysia will grab any chance to sit...
  10. 10. Malaysian will even sit on the ground while waiting
  11. 11. In many alley in KL, people sit on the dirty ground and wait for more recyclable trash to collect.
  12. 12. People use the surrounding items as sitting place and wait.
  13. 13. Myseat Malaysian like to wait and sit with people they know. When they sit on a bench in public space, most stranger would not sit beside them even if there is empty space because they feel
  14. 14. Typical side-by-side waiting in Kl, where people wait in a cluster.
  15. 15. People scatter around in train station and wait without a specific line.
  16. 16. All in 1Malaysia Malays, Chinese and indian all wait together for the next stop. The LRT in kl is constantly filled with people of all races up to the doorway.
  17. 17. Sabar = 1/2 Iman We, Malaysian are always willing to wait for cheaper price, including budget taxi.
  18. 18. Red Devil In Kl, taxis stop at many area that are not meant for stopping. Here, taxi drivers park at bus stop and go off for break. People in the bus stop are waiting for the bus, not the taxi. Sometimes, the taxi driver is actually just waiting at the bus stop like other people for customers. They will turn on their taxi when there is customers.
  19. 19. Malaysian taxi also stop tight at the entrance of Petaling Street, A tourist hotspot to wait for customer. They stop at the junction despite it not being a proper stop for taxi.
  20. 20. The driver turns off the car and wait outside to reduce wastege of fuel and electric. He even open his taxi door to avoid trapping the hot air inside the taxi. The taxi is only turn on when there is customer.
  21. 21. People who are tired always take a nap when waiting for the bus.
  22. 22. Staircase is one of the Malaysian’s favourite waiting places
  23. 23. Waiting in something like a line We, Malaysian are civilized people and they like to queue up. Whenever there is a counter,we queue up and wait for our turn but we queue up in our unique formation. Malaysian never queue up in a line but rather, a mass of crowd.
  24. 24. Waiting In Group Despiite all the waiting habits, Malaysian is still capable of organizational waiting.
  25. 25. PENG YEP SIANG * 0315259 * FNBE 0413 * C&C PROJECT 3
  26. 26. PENG YEP SIANG * 0315259 * FNBE 0413 * C&C PROJECT 3