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SR4Proc Personal home pages

October 2012 - Presentation at the Social Reporting

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SR4Proc Personal home pages

  1. 1. Personalized home pagesWBI Social Reporting Apprenticeship Program October 2012
  2. 2. What’s all about Using RSS feeds to set up a personal home page – to ‘read’ the web in a different way – to save time when looking for new content It’s the first thing I check in the morning – also before my mailbox! Allows me keep on top of the news and the information I need to know for my work and my interests
  3. 3. RSS what?!Really Simple Syndication A publishing format that lets you to subscribe to and receive latest updates from your favourite blogs and sites all from within a single newsreader program
  4. 4. RSS – A better definition…Ready for some stories!
  5. 5. Key functions it supports Managing your information flow, to keep track of latest updates from your favourites sources Working more efficiently by subscribing to feeds and see what’s new from multiple sources, in one single interface Monitoring what the media is saying about your project/programme/organization
  6. 6. Example: Monitoring the media You can subscribe to keywords searched in Google News New stories will come up in Google Reader
  7. 7. How to use it Create an account – Google Reader or Netvibes • Google reader as personal home page • Netvibes good to create public home pages Subscribe to feeds – Two clicks; by url Organize your content – Using tags and folders; in tabs
  8. 8. Three clicks subscription
  9. 9. ‘Polite’ feeds…See also
  10. 10. …Clean list in your Reader
  11. 11. When feeds are not polite… Copy feed URL…
  12. 12. Copy feed url
  13. 13. Add feed url in your reader
  14. 14. Creating public pages - Netvibes
  15. 15. Add content by url
  16. 16. Using Feedly on top of Your GoogleReader
  17. 17. Why Feedly? Giving Google Reader a nicer interface – Magazine style Importing Twitter and Facebook content Leveraging on social engagement, to see on your front page the most popular items from your sources Great mobile Apps – looking even better than the desktop version!
  18. 18. Flipboard – Social magazine formobiles and tablets
  19. 19. Hands on exercise Go to – Log in with your own username and password; Or Create an account at Find 3/5 sites or blogs that you use daily – If RSS is available, subscribe to it Add one or two gadgets
  20. 20. Personalized home pagesWBI Social Reporting Apprenticeship Program October 2012