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HelpAge International & ICT

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HelpAge International & ICT

  1. 1. DigitalElders some ICT4D trends Pete Cranston
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Four current sources ICT4Ag Kigali 2013 conference b. INTRAC M&E workshop 2013, ICT track A & track B c. eCampaigning Forum mailing list Dec 13 - Feb 14 d. #ICT4d a. 2. A personal filter - to start a conversation ‘our future is mobile’, M Zuckerberg (et al) b. open & crowd a. 3. Options for HAI & DigitalElders
  3. 3. ICT4Ag 2014 - staggering range 1. Startling innovation o e.g. WeFarm, satellite imaging for water management at plot level; ruggedised server broadcasting educational content in rural areas, balloon-mounted adapted near-infrared camera 2. Digital invention outside OECD o eg Multi-media Farming Instructor 3. Scale and integration - third generation o e.g. m4agriNEI, mFarm, Esoko, farmerconnect 4. Evolution of good practice in Development e.g. Grameen Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) & local content & fake ag input products & m-finance o agTube, digitalgreen o
  4. 4. ICT4Ag 2014 (cont) 1. Lessons of essential good practice in ICT4D have been learnt, but not always: o o o o User centred development (vs tech opportunism) Appropriate technical support Consider finance & business models from first ideas Integrate issues of gender equity 2. Trust is a constant theme in development, but ICT4D brings in different perspectives o trusting data, channels, people online rather than f2f, mobile money and its agents 3. Mobile Finance ‘m-finance is to the bottom of the pyramid as the banking sector was to the industrial revolution’ o eg mPesa, VirtualBank; YellowPepper (LAC) o
  5. 5. eCampaigning A maturing field, integrated organisationally, with a standard set of tools & fewer ‘shiny toys’ • Online social networks territorial variation is important eg MxIT o issues with FaceBook, LinkedIn - range vs commercial, fast-moving organisations o • • Mass mail o Multi-media campaigning o • myriad examples videos (including PV) eg VAW, infographics, photovisuals, animations eg KingsFund integrated care e-campaigning support tools o vs 38degrees &
  6. 6. Mobile Digital Devices • • • Reach, growth, convergence and new-tech still accelerating o WhatsApp etc - cheap text + few functions Integration - still most powerful strategy o o o • Information Ecosystem of Southern Policy Actors eg Radio, SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), TV, staffed helplines eg Trac FM, infosaid, Organisational management & efficiency eg GOAL Ireland in Syria Integrated services eg mapping & weather & farms, or market matching (mobile, radio web) Targetted m-apps o eg i-cow
  7. 7. Open & Crowd…. • 1 Data - Open Data Research Network o • • • • large scale data collection - for M&E, for dialogue (eg perceptions of services), community group management, advocacy (NB Avaaz vs bottom-up) Sourcing ideas for a project - IDEO Views on a project - MAVC Mapping o eg PPGIS, geolive Solutions o e.g weFarm based on affinity groups and natural wish to help those in similar situations
  8. 8. Options for HAI & DigitalElders • Mainstreaming ICT4D within HAI ? Staff competency standards & capacity needs o A core enabler rather than a strategic priority? o • Digital Literacy or Digital Rights? o • capacity development with and through youth, HAI, HAI partners? Partner with specialist innovators (as in MAVC) or programmes (eg Open Data Research) o thematic development leaders using ICT4D eg UNICEF or Oxfam or Gates o • Explore Business Models