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Illka Jormanainen SciFest


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Presentation from the SiS Catalyst and EUCU.NET Technucation conferernce at the University of Porto, 28th November to 1st December 2013. Workshop A - The Content.

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Illka Jormanainen SciFest

  1. 1. Breaking through boundaries in (and with) science education Ilkka Jormanainen Executive Director Joensuu Science Society
  2. 2. SciFest in a nutshell• International science and technology festival• Organized in Joensuu since 2007• Idea ”imported” from South Africa• Four days, 8600 visitors (2012)• 80+ workshops, lectures, comp etitions, theatre, etc…• SciFest is much about going beyond conventional boundaries
  3. 3. Breaking the attitudes• Who says that teenage girls are not fascinated about science, or that kids from less developed countries could not master technology?
  4. 4. Breaking the distances• The longest (?) tug-of-war in the world between Finland and South Africa
  5. 5. Breaking the language barriers• Their English may not be very fluent, but still Taiwanese students surprise us year after year
  6. 6. Breaking the boundaries of the earth• Dr. Harrison Schmitt went to moon with Apollo 17 and came to SciFest 2009 to tell us about it
  7. 7. Breaking out from the comfort zone• Science must be taken out from the labs and chambers, and it must be enjoyable and concrete for kids and adults too!
  8. 8. See SciFest 2012 video at