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Ancient egypt


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Published in: Education
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Ancient egypt

  2. 2. ANCIENT EGYPT: • The term Ancient Egypt refers to the culture that existed in the northeastern corner of Africa, and specifically around the lower part of the Nile on the territory of today's Egypt. It is one of six cultures that emerged independently.
  3. 3. DIET IN ANCIENT EGYPT: • The ancient Egyptians ate better than all the peoples of the world because of the river Nile, which offered them fertile soil.The Egyptians consumed cereals, such as "emmer" and "kamut“, beer and honey-gazelle. Bread and beer were the two pillars of the Egyptian diet.
  4. 4. ANTIQUE EGYPTIAN GODS • Religion was very important to the ancient Egyptians. It has been strongly influenced by tradition, which has forced them to resist various socio-political changes. The religion of ancient Egypt was polytheistic with a short period of monotheism. Their religion hosted about 700 different gods and goddesses.
  5. 5. mation&sm=1 🌸Kleopatra Koutsileou🌸 🌸Eleana Lera🌸 🌸Maria Meletiadou🌸