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  1. 1. EUROPEAN CHOICEQUATERLY REPORT№1 2013EUROPECULTUREBUSINESSDEMOCRACYPartners and service providers:Best Media Partner Official Advisory Council EURO Press-Center Event ManagementOn the 23rd anniversary of Lithuanian Independence restoration EUROPEAN CHOICE an-nounced July, 2013 to be Lithuanian month in Ukraine. This is continuous information campaigndesigned to attract attention of Ukrainians to the culture and traditions of our European neighbor.Within the framework of the program a social media campaign will be conducted, called “100 factsabout Lithuania” and aimed into dissemination of information on history, culture, cuisine and sportof the country.Lithuania Month in UkraineEng
  2. 2. 2EUROPEEUROPEAN CHOICE QUATERLY REPORT, №1 | 2013In the conference took part representativesof many Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ostroh and Lviv uni-versities, university lecturer from Istanbul, rep-resentatives of NGOs La Strada and EuropeanChoice. With this event ELSAUkraine and EU-ROPEAN CHOICE summarized annual coop-eration within the frames of Ya Ljudyna (I ama human) campaign.2-3 February the Ukrainian conference"Legislative protection of childrenfrom sexual abuse" was held in KyivUniversity of Law.This year will be celebrated the twentiethanniversary of the EU citizenship founding (in-troduced as part of the Maastricht Treaty). Inaddition, in 2014 elections to the EuropeanParliament will be held."We want direct involvement of citizens inbuilding a stronger and more political Union,"said Vice-President Viviane Reding, the EUsJustice, Fundamental Rights and CitizenshipCommissioner, commenting on the launch ofthe European Year of Citizens.In EU 2013 is the European Year ofCitizensOn the 23rd anniversary of Lithuanian Independence restoration EUROPEAN CHOICE an-nounced July, 2013 to be Lithuanian month in Ukraine. This is continuous information campaigndesigned to attract attention of Ukrainians to the culture and traditions of our European neighbor.Within the framework of the program a social media campaign will be conducted, called “100 factsabout Lithuania” and aimed into dissemination of information on history, culture, cuisine and sportof the country.Lithuanian Month in UkraineEmbassy of Germany in Kyiv: Micro-projects in 2013In 2013, the Embassy of Germany in Kyivwill again be able to provide assistance to mi-croprojects within the framework of technicalcooperation with Ukraine. The sum of grantfor one microproject should not exceed theequivalent of 20 000 EUR. The availability ofown funding or that of the third parties is ex-pected. In that case the Embassy of Germanywill cover the rest of the amount required.Democratic Initiatives: 48.4% ofUkrainians believe that Ukraineshould join the European Union with30% against."Ukrainian News reports, that at the sametime, 40.3% of Ukrainians are for entering theCustoms Union within the framework of theCommon Economic Space (Russia, Belarusand Kazakhstan). These are results of the sur-vey, conducted by the Democratic Initiativesand the Ukrainian Center for Economic andPolitical Research named after OleksandrRazumkov.EUBAM publication reports on the useful news for the residents of Moldova andUkraine.The European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) is a Euro-pean Union structure, created to control the traffic on borders between Moldova and Ukraine in2005, headquartered in Odessa. All the achievements of this organization are covered in their newbooklet available online in English and Russian (PDF).
  3. 3. 3CULTUREEUROPEAN CHOICE QUATERLY REPORT, №1 | 2013International Photo Contest "Portrait of Europe through the eyes of Ukrainianyouth 2013"NGO European Choice announced the start of International Photo Contest "Portrait of Europethrough the eyes of Ukrainian youth 2013" within the frames of International Youth multimediaproject Europe on wheels. The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness of Ukrainian societyabout cultural, social, democratic and infrastructural achievements of European countries beforethe historic summit Ukraine - Eu in November 2013 in Vilnius.Countries covered by the contest: European countries: Austria, of Denmark, Italy, Lithuania,Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, and Ukraine.Ukrainian Week Against Racism offers cooperation with 30 Ukrainian LibrariesMarch 21st is International Day Against Racism, and 16-24 March (12-30 March in Ukraine)2013 European Week Against Racism takes place. Within its framework European Choice intro-duces the supportive campaign of UNITED that will include following events: press conference,campaign in social media, round table and creative works competition among pupils and studentsas well as a program of action in libraries.30.01.2013 PinchukArtCentre started accepting applications for the third round of PinchukArt-Centre Awardnn2013. This is a nation-wide award in contemporary art for young Ukrainian artists.This is the first Ukrainian private award, aimed to create, support and develop new generation ofyoung Ukrainian artists.PinchukArtCentre started accepting applications for PinchukArtCentre Award in2013.
  4. 4. 4BUSINESSEUROPEAN CHOICE QUATERLY REPORT, №1 | 2013The European Investment Bank (EIB) pro-vides 41 mln. € loan to finance a comprehen-sive program, introduced by the StateEnterprise of Air Traffic Service of Ukraine(UkSATSE), which focuses on modernizationand updating of the aeronautical system inUkraine. EIB loan funds the replacement andmodernization of monitoring systems infra-structure, air traffic management, improvecommunications and navigation, constructionof airfield control towers. This program will beimplemented at various airport facilities, aswell as in remote areas throughout Ukraine.European Investment Bank invests 41mln. € in aeronautical system ofUkraineOBI-Consulting Ukraine for the second timeorganizes Information Days, which will gatherrepresentatives of Ukrainian business interestedin developing cooperation with European com-panies.The main topics will cover: warning ofbad news in collaboration with partners withinthe world, fighting corruption and fraud in busi-ness, study of products’ real quality, preventionof negative effects of competition. This eventwill bring together leading European experts inrisk management from OBI-Consulting (Lithua-nia).OBI-Consulting Ukraine presents thefirst Information Days "Business andExploration" (April 10-11)Organization for Economic Cooperation andDevelopment (OECD), together with the Euro-pean Commission, the European Training Foun-dation and the European Bank for Reconstructionand Development (EBRD) presented indexSMEs in member countries of the Eastern Part-nership in 2012. The study assesses the progressof these countries in the implementation of theAct on small business in Europe.According to thestudy, over the past four years, the contributionof small and medium enterprises in the Ukrainianeconomy has been declining. In medium-sizedenterprises employment levels declined signifi-cantly, by about 10% annually during 2007-2010.OECD together with the EBRD: Ukrainelacks policy on the development ofsmall and medium enterprisesUAGO: The law on the establishment of the liability of legal persons for corrup-tive offenses will be implemented soonOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), together with the EuropeanCommission, the European Training Foundation and the European Bank for Reconstruction andDevelopment (EBRD) presented index SMEs in member countries of the Eastern Partnership in2012. The study assesses the progress of these countries in the implementation of the Act on smallbusiness in Europe.According to the study, over the past four years, the contribution of small andmedium enterprises in the Ukrainian economy has been declining. In medium-sized enterprisesemployment levels declined significantly, by about 10% annually during 2007-2010.EU and international financial institu-tions discuss Ukraine and the program"Eastern Partnership"Cooperation EU with Ukraine and its gov-ernment, improving reforms in Ukraine as wellas further cooperation in the "Eastern Partner-ship" before the November Summit in Vilniuswere the main issues of high-level meeting be-tween the European Union and major interna-tional and European financial institutions inBrussels on February 28.
  5. 5. Ukrainian Special Board onfighting corruption and organ-ized crime has conducted thetraining "Say No to Corrup-tion!" for pupils of Kyivlyceum № 100 "Podil"Pupils asked many ques-tions, the most popular amongthem were those concerningpersonal experience of YuriyLavrenyuk in fighting corrup-tion.The training consisted oftwo parts: informative andpractical. During the first chil-dren listened and asked ques-tions, then in the second partthey verified the acquiredknowledge using differentcases offered, showing theability to analyze thoroughlyand make correct conclusions.The training "Say No toCorruption!" for pupils ofKyiv lyceum № 100"Podil"European citizens’ initiative (ECI) is the instrumentfor community participation in politicsA European citizens’ initiative is a new instrument of partici-pative democracy. It is an invitation to the European Commissionto propose legislation on matters where the EU has competenceto legislate. A citizens’ initiative has to be backed by at least onemillion EU citizens, coming from at least 7 out of the 27 memberstates.Acitizens’initiative is possible in any field where the Com-mission has the power to propose legislation.Current initiative: 30 km/h (20 mph) limits are an inexpensiveand popular way to improve safety, cut pollution and encouragesmarter travel choices. They lead to improved traffic flow andless congestion. People can move without fear.For more than 7 days unknown are hindering the activities ofthe portal VSI RIVNI (we are equals). Considering the high costof portal restore works, we have to announce the closure of theportal because of technical reasons for indefinite period of time.Portal was an important part of the project The Rights Womenand children in Ukraine - communication component. In 2012,the portal has supported key initiatives of the project. From De-cember 2011 to February 2013 (14 months) European Choiceserved as administrator of the site. More than 140,000 peoplelooked through 400 000 portal pages with information about therights of children and women.EUROPEAN CHOICE acknowledges technical prob-lems with the portal VSI RIVNI (we are equals)Joint Statement of XVI Ukraine - EU SummitSixteenth Ukraine - EU Summit took place in Brussels on 25.February, 2013. Ukraine was represented by the President ViktorYanukovych. The European Union was represented by Presidentof the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and EuropeanCommission President Jose Manuel Barroso.Recognizing the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcom-ing its European choice, leaders reaffirmed their cooperation onpolitical association and economic integration of Ukraine withthe European Union based on the shared values and their effectivepromotion.5DEMOCRACYEUROPEAN CHOICE QUATERLY REPORT, №1 | 2013Dnipropetrovsk and Irpinon the Regional Programfor Corruption FightingWith significant experiencein the development and imple-mentation of the Regional Pro-gramme on CorruptionFighting, which has alreadydemonstrated its effectivenessin Vinnitsa region and Kyiv,experts addressed the Board toDnipropetrovsk Regional Ad-ministration and Irpin with aproposal to develop such aprogram in the cities.
  6. 6. Our volunteers