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Eu13 Corp Capabilities

  1. 1. EU13 Corporation Search Engine Marketing Capabilities Contents: Overview • Capabilities Services Products Process & Methodology Account Team Client Results
  2. 2. OVERVIEW EU13 brings numerous skills and a large breadth of experience to this project. Simply put, we deliver creative solutions with technically sound architecture. These solutions are supported by intelligent business and marketing principles. Five powerful words sum up the EU13 process for any Search Engine Marketing campaign: Discover, Explore, Develop, Evolve, and Assess. The EU13 SEO Stages emphasizes constant communication, including scheduled phone calls and, when needed, longer one -hour conference calls and/or meetings. The result is a consistent and smooth translation of stated business goals into real-world, user-centric and technology-driven solutions. The end-product is a website and Internet presence that generates name recognition for our clients and places their websites at the forefront for consumers interested in researching and/or purchasing their products or services.
  3. 3. EU13 Corporation – Capabilities CAPABILITIES EU13 Corporation is a Web Development and Web Presence Management Company founded on a heritage of sound strategic thinking, intuitive creativity, targeted technical solutions, and a proprietary interest in our clients. We plan, build, and market successful businesses for the digital economy. Ideas that stimulate and serve our clients specific needs drive our success Strategic Ideas Creative Ideas Technical Ideas. EU13 currently specializes in website design and development, search engine optimization, paid search management, website analytics, content management systems, e-commerce shopping carts, blog marketing, viral/social marketing, and interactive public relations. EU13 applies best-in-class strategic, technical and creative skills to help today's businesses reach new levels of success with their online endeavors.
  4. 4. SERVICE OFFERINGS EU13 develops comprehensive, Web-based e-business solutions. One of the primary EU13 strategies is to build an impressive suite of service offerings that will further differentiate the Company from its competitors. The following lists our service offerings as related to our Search Engine Marketing Practice. Search Engine Optimization Training Keyword Analysis Website Structure Analysis Interactive Public Relations Competitive Analysis Online Community Outreach Implementation of Recommendations Online Media Relations Copywriting Online Corporate Reputation Management Design and Development Interactive Press Material Creation Ranking Reports and Traffic Analysis Press Release Optimization for Search Engines International Capabilities Online Monitoring Interactive Crisis Management Website Design and Development Blog Creation and RSS Feeds Strategic Design to Address Unique Goals Designs with Conversions at the Forefront Competitive Statistics Search Engine Friendly Design Benchmarking Reports Search Engine Friendly Development Organic Search Reports Paid Search Reports Pay Per Click Bid Management Keyword Ranking Reports Keyword Analysis Affiliate Partner Reports Competitive Analysis Click Fraud Monitoring & Reporting Viral Campaigns Turnkey Bid Management Viral Content Brainstorming Media Research, Planning and Buying Viral Content Development/Creation Design and Development Viral Content Promotion & Marketing Landing Page Development and Optimization Social Media Marketing Blog Marketing Link Building Integration with Client Website Link Building Campaigns Ghost Writing Link Advertising Campaigns PRODUCT OFFERINGS
  5. 5. The EU13 technology product offerings are easy to use, customizable, and provide positive return on investment. The following lists our product offerings as related to Search Engine Marketing Practice. Search Engine Friendly Content Management System Programming API Allows Administrative Updating of Content RSS Feeds Allows for "Click and Drag" of Navigation/Content Unlimited Blogs (Same User) Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor Blog Search Function Add/Delete Pages "On The Fly" Simple Installation Control Aspects of Search Engine Optimization (Meta Data, Etc.) A template and Style Builder/Wizard ( Global Language Compatible Ability to Export Blog Pages to Physical Files Import/Export Live Documentation Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart An Approval Stack for Posting No Dynamic Parameters with the URL Static Pages Add Products, Descriptions, Pricing, Discounts within One Interface Comment Rating System Manage Orders Through the Entire Purchase Cycle (Billing, Shipping, Etc.) Customizable Polls Shopping Engine Feeds Mobile Blogging Capability Podcasting Support Integration into Most Inventory Management Systems Global Language Compatible Ability to Optimize Individual Product Listings Global Language Compatible The EU13 Directory - Search Engine Friendly Online Directory Organized Categories and Sub-Categories for Relevancy PageRank Value of 6 Means Directory Stays Fresh Search Engine Friendly Blogging Platform Standard or Express Submit Options Post Management Direct HTML Text Links for SEO Benefit Category Management Add Reviews and Ratings for Each Listing Template and Style Manipulation Robust and Powerful (Word-Like) Editor Draft Posting Support Plug-In Support Multiple Author/User Support PROCESS & METHODOLOGY There is never a "final version" of your Interactive goals; it's organic, constantly growing and changing to reflect what is happening within your markets, your business strategies, the dynamics of your competition, and the changes in Internet technology. Each phase in the EU13 process involves a collaborative effort with our clients, ensuring an on-going assessment and proper implementation of strategies. The EU13 Search Engine Marketing Strategy is the process of transforming a business process or idea into real-world, client-centered, and technology-driven strategic solutions. It is important to us that our clients and partners understand the stages of our project development; therefore, we would like to take a brief moment to define the stages of our five-phase EU13 SEO Process and specify some deliverables for each phase. PHASE ONE: DISCOVER In Phase One, the project management team introduces themselves and gives an overview of the EU13 Phases. Additionally, the
  6. 6. objectives, goals, and strategic process are explained. The deliverables of this phase include: SEO Questionnaire Kickoff Call PHASE TWO: EXPLORE In Phase Two, based off of your goals and objectives as defined in Phase One, our team of SEO Specialists determine the most relevant, specific and popular keywords. Additionally, during this phase we will explore the need for any URL, copy/content, alt- image, page title and/or website description changes. Further, during this phase our team of specialists analyzes your competition and then provides you with an in-depth analysis of your competitor websites to determine their rankings keywords linking and meta-tags. The deliverables of this phase include: Search Engine Marketing Strategy Keyword Analysis Report Website Structural Analysis Report Competitive Analysis Report Link Analysis Report Baseline Search Engine Ranking Report
  7. 7. PROCESS & METHODOLOGY (continued) PHASE THREE: DEVELOP In Phase Three, our team of specialists combines what they learned in the discovery and exploratory phases to create specific HTML coding, insert specific tags, create crawler pages, copywriting, link-building, and website map development - all designed to boost your search engine results. The deliverables of this phase include: Specific Website & Page SEO Recommendations Website Map & XML Development Link Building Strategy & Development Content Creation & Optimization JavaScript Optimization Custom Error Page Creation PHASE FOUR: EVOLVE In Phase Four our team of specialist submits your website URLs to the search engines and directories for inclusion. We perform both manual and automated submissions to search engines and directories. We create and analyze ranking reports and provide ongoing monitoring and consultation since search engine algorithms shift periodically. The deliverables of this phase include: Specific Website and Page search engine submissions Search Engine Ranking Reports Ongoing Consultation & Recommendations Sales Conversion Optimization PHASE FIVE: ASSESS In Phase Five, our team of specialists continually monitors your website traffic and search engine positioning. We will provide detailed analysis and suggestions for improvements or additions to your SEO campaign. Website Analytics Review Search Engine Ranking Reports Analysis Continued Consultation & Review of campaign Account Maintenance & Support
  8. 8. TYPICAL ACCOUNT TEAM EU13 will provide Search Engine Marketing services by means of an experienced and dedicated staff of SEO professionals, who oversee their own respective team members to ensure the successful development and implementation of the projects. The SEO staff is complemented by a full service interactive design and development team, who take care of the production process behind any search engine marketing project. Our production team is backed-up by EU13’s Marketing Research and Technology teams who with the support of the Client Service team, make sure that the delivered services match our clients marketing and sales objectives both from a strategic and an operation standpoint. The typical account team is comprised of the following team members: Account Strategist Search Engine Marketing Manager Account Executive/Project Manager Senior SEO Specialist Linking Strategist Senior Copywriter Backend/Integration Specialist SEO Internet Analyst
  9. 9. PREDICTED RESULTS FOR YOU EU13 has enjoyed an established record of accomplishment and excellent service for our clients. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement have been numerous. We intend to continue our advances and growth and would like to include you in those plans. Based off our expertise and practical experience, we can assume certain visibility and traffic increases. Predicted Outcome/Results of High Impact Implementations- 250% to 300% Increase in Search Engine Rankings and 300% to 350% Increase in Website Traffic. We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss how we can positively affect your business. We look forward to working with you! Very truly yours, The EU13 Team