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Mena Nuclear Construction

  1. 1. Researched & Organized by: "With over 37 planned reactors and over $200bn of investment - this is the only meeting for nuclear contractors and utilities to form vital partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa"2ND ANNUALMENA NUCLEAR CONSTRUCTION saveCONFERENCE $400 register before August 5September 26-27, 2011, Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Dubai, UAEDEPLOY SAFE, TIMELY AND COST EFFICIENTNUCLEAR POWER PROJECTS BY OVERCOMING KEYCONSTRUCTION CHALLENGES KEYNOTE PRESENTATION• Understand the expectations MENA states have for nuclear power and detail the solutions these emerging nations need to secure King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy nuclear power OWNER CASE STUDIES• See how to effectively navigate the developing regulatory framework and the impact this has upon design and supplier licencing • Discover how joint venture partnerships, new finance options and Jordan Atomic innovative contracting models are driving forward MENA nuclear Energy Commission project delivery• Develop a comprehensive construction plan that details supply King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy chain risk, scheduling contingencies and key workforce recruitment to ensure timely nuclear deployment• Examine the safety related changes to design certification, OTHER EXPERT SPEAKERS FROM construction technologies and new build methods that new plants face after the Fukushima disaster AtomstroyExport ALL THIS PLUS EXLUSIVE GAME CHANGING INFORMATION INCLUDING...  Exclusive keynote address from KA CARE leadership regarding the region’s biggest multi-$billion nuclear project  GCC plans to roll out national support initiatives to drive nuclear projects forward from 2011 GLOBAL GOLD SPONSOR  Updates on international joint-venture projects from EDF, ESKOM, OMAN, JAEC, ROSATOM and many more  IAEA regulatory updates and new design standards outlining the necessary changes to construction technology and methodology to ensure safety post-Fukushima MEDIA PARNTER:JOIN OveR 200 MeNa DeCIsION MaKeRs aND seCURe YOUR sHaRe OF THe $200 BILLION NUCLeaR sUPPLY CHaIN!
  2. 2. Organized by:Welcome toThe 2nd Annual MENA Nuclear Construction Conference 2011Dear Colleague, OwnersNuclear Power across the Middle East and Africa is set to develop Nuclear new build projects are large scale, complex and at a rapid pace over the next 15 years. With over 37 planned new represent huge risk exposure for MENA utilities. With over reactors and investment levels in excess of $200 Billion USD, this $200 billion of new nuclear projects planned throughout the market represents the most secure and lucrative area for nuclear region this meeting will give you all the information you need to contractors globally. slash your construction costs, plan for operations and deliver nuclear power plants on schedule and on budget. Across the region, developers of nuclear power have set ambitious construction deadlines which will require adherence to tight This conference will give you all the finance, construction, completion schedules. These timeframes, combined with the operation, regulatory and supply chain specific knowledge you unique environments and the lack of existing nuclear construction need to deliver your first nuclear power plant…knowledge in the region, means that there is huge financial risk • Regional and International regulatory authorities including associated with these projects. IAEA and WANO detailing the latest legislative updates and required construction technologies to pass new licencing As a result, it is crucial that both regional and international guidelines after Fukushimaexperience is utilised in ensuring these projects are completed on time and on budget. As a result developers in the Middle East • Best practice solutions and new project developments and Africa are actively looking to partner with experienced nuclear from the region’s largest multi-$billion nuclear projects contractors. including KA CARE in Saudi Arabia, Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, ESKOM, EDF, Rosatom, Nuclearelectrica, Now is the time to build a presence in the region and secure your and international representatives from Oman, UAE, Jordan,business a slice of the $200bn market Middle East and Africa China, South Korea, and many moremarket. With other regions around the world faltering in the wake of the Fukushima disaster – this is your opportunity to become a key • Utility/EPC consortiums from KEPCO, EDF, player in the MENA nuclear supply chain. Atomstroyexport, Shaw, Westinghouse and KAERI outlining new safety concepts that will deliver on timely This opportunity has not gone unnoticed for industrial and nuclear nuclear projects and fly through the regulatory processcontractors alike. Fierce competition between established nuclear This is the most popular meeting for MENA utilities andnations with the experience to deliver new nuclear projects has will sell out quickly! Secure your place today and get allrapidly developed – with KEPCO, Rosatom, EDF, China Resources, the need to know information as well as building vital newIberdrola, AREVA, AECL, Exelon, Worley Parsons and many other partnerships with global nuclear experts who guaranteeowner/EPC consortiums securing lucrative contracts in the region. cost efficient nuclear deployment on your future nuclearFor developers in the regions, the 2nd Annual MENA Nuclear projects!Construction Conference will provide you with the best practice solutions from global nuclear experts that will give you the tools to deploy safe, timely and cost efficient nuclear power projects by Contractors/Vendorsovercoming the key construction challenges faced in MENA. Nuclear suppliers are in high demand to deliver over $200 billion of new nuclear power plants.For contractors, this event will equip you with the information you need to secure future nuclear projects in the Middle East The 2nd Annual MENA Nuclear Construction Conference you and Africa… This alone makes the 2nd Annual MENA Nuclear will exclusively hear about each nation’s new build plans, Construction Conference the most important meeting you will detailed timelines and comprehensive information on how to attend in 2011. sell your products and services into these new markets.In 2010 this meeting sold out in 10 weeks! To secure your place • Detailed plans from utilities including KA CARE, ESKOM,at the 2nd Annual MENA Nuclear Construction Conference see EDF, Jordan Atomic Energy Commission and many more the registration page for group booking discounts and exclusive to roll out multi-billion new nuclear projectsdiscounts! • Hear about new supplier markets across MENA directly from lead EPC contractors such as KEPCO, Worley Parsons and Tommy Angell AtomstroyExport who have already secured multi-$billion Head of Emerging Markets Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7176 contracts Nuclear Energy Insider Email: • Analyze regulatory developments from the IAEA and WANO and see how this impacts your tendering process for KA CARE, JAEC, ESKOM, EDF and other new build projects Last year the meeting sold out in Just 10 weeks – so if you want to secure your place in the $200 billion MENA supply chain sign up today or risk missing out on the biggest available contracts in the industry today! Register today at or phone +44 (0) 207 375814 3459 Register today - visit or phone 1 800 7575
  3. 3. Well organized perfectly assembled comprehensive body which formed a think tank Dr. Ahmed Alawar - HD Nuclear Director, Institute of Applied Technology, UAE WHY sHOULD YOU sPONsOR aND eXHIBIT aT THe 2ND aNNUaL MeNa NUCLeaR CONsTRUCTION CONFeReNCe IN sePTeMBeR?Past Attendees MENA PREMIER SUPPLIERS ZONE Get your products and services seen byFind out how you can get exposure for your products and services to these the right people!companies: the top 60 to attend our conferences in the last 12 months. lstom Power A ominion Resources D itachi Power Systems H TAILOR MADE SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS America The 2nd Annual MENA Nuclear Construction MECO A OOSAN Heavy D Conference offers you an excellent range of merican Electric Power A Industries oneywell H sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to rab Atomic Energy A TE Energy D berdrola Ingenieria y I suit every need and budget. We can literally Agency Construccion uke Energy D tailor make a sponsorship package to your REVA Enrichment A nternational Atomic I needs meaning that you can speak, build gypt Nuclear Power E Services Energy Agency your brand and ultimately get exposure for Plants Authority REVA NP A raq Energy Institute I your services and technology in front of the DF E ordan Atomic Energy J leading new build stakeholders. rizona Public Service A lectric Power Research E Commission Commission Do not miss out on this unrivalled opportunity Institute W Nuclear Operations NEC B EPCO K to do business and secure sales from the E Nuclear Construction Industry! Group EPCO EC K ntergy E W Y-12 B ouisiana Energy L XCEL Services E Services LAST YEAR WE SOLD OUT IN 6 WEEKS! abcock Wilcox B Corporation uminant Construction L Contact us now to secure your spot! echtel B xelon Nuclear E uminant Generation L Opportunities available include: entley Systems B xponent E itsubishi Nuclear M • 1 to 1 meetings with key decision makers lack Veatch B xport-Import Bank of E Energy Systems • Take a speaking slot and address over ooz Company B USA uclear Regulatory N 200+ industry leaders arolina Nuclear Cluster lorida Power Light C F Commission • Show off your latest products and services H2M Hill C Company outhern California S in the exhibition hall hina National Nuclear C lorida Public Service F Edison Commission • Build your brand with exclusive Corporation outhern Nuclear S promotional opportunities oreworx, Inc C luor Nuclear Power F Operating Company • Host interactive workshops, networking urtiss-Wright Flow C DF SUEZ Energy North .S. Department of G U sessions and secure Control America Energy archem Engineering D E G RS Corporation U extra D E Hitachi G estinghouse Electric W OE Office of Nuclear D eneral Dynamics G Company Energy Electric Boat BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS!Unlike many other industry 1. MAKE A LIsT OF yOuR 2. WORK OuT yOuR BuDgET 3. CALL EVERAD AT NuCLEAR MOsT IMPORTANT AIMs ENERgy INsIDER TO DIsCusstrade shows, exhibitions Speak with your marketing team and decide on yOuR PACKAgE NOW!and conferences our • Exhibition booth your annual conference Our exhibition space regularly packages are not standard • Brand visibility investment - make sure sells out weeks in advance of “one-size-fits-all”. You tell • Private meetings you assign the right the conference. So call today to us what you want and we • Breakfast briefings budget to the right show! make sure you secure your spot build it for you… simple! • Seatdrops No matter what your before you miss the chance.Take 3 simple steps to build • Speaking slots budget total, we will CALL NOW work with you to build a your very own package • onference Materials C Everad MacIndoe package that achieves +44 (0) 207 375 7560today and we will build it Branding your aims and exceeds or emailwhatever your budget! • Segment Sponsor expectations. Register today at or phone +44 (0) 207 375 7575
  4. 4. Your blueprint for MENA successSECTION ONE: Introduction to MENA SECTION TWO: Regulatory Identify Mitigate Key Risks to African Nuclear Projects Infrastructure Development and Attract Finance Construction Navigation PartnersExpectations and Requirements ofMENA States Developing a Regulatory Framework • See how to attract finance and project partners for MENA – Case Study by building a detailed plan to identify and reduce In this keynote presentation you will hear exposure to construction riskexclusively from the leadership of Saudi Arabia’s • Analyze how to efficiently develop a regulatory • Understand the importance of critical drivers for KA CARE (King Abdullah City for Atomic and framework suitable to enforce safety and non- value risk in order to offer attractive new build Renewable Energy) project and the plans to install safety related legislation projects that attract financial partners to MENA Saudi Arabia’s first fleet of nuclear reactors regions • Understand how established global regulators KA CARE – Saudi Arabia offer a solid template on which to base new • Use key lessons learned and best practice regulatory infrastructure solutions to highlight deployment risks before the Key Challenges Faced By African • Discover how to efficiently navigate MENA planning stages in order to secure the required States regulations and deliver on time and on budget partners needed to execute nuclear power nuclear projects projects• Understand the challenges faced by countries Don Hoffman - CEO - Excel Services Christopher Dann - Senior VP - Booz Co that are newcomers/or have not built an NPP since the last build cycle in the 1970s Navigating the Regulatory Framework SECTION FOUR: Development of a• Detail the technical obstacles which must be faced by MENA and African states in order to in the MENA Primary Supply Chain drive forward new nuclear programs from 2011 • See how MENAs nuclear framework supports Developing the Required• Analyze contractor requirements, financial partnerships and preferable contracting models nuclear construction projects which meet time and budgetary constraints Infrastructure for National Nuclear which are vital in order for MENA and African Power Programs: Safety, Security and • Understand how new suppliers are licensed to states to prosper work across the MENA supply chain Non-ProliferationPhumzile Tshelane - Director of New Build - Eskom • See how MENA regulations affect global suppliers, • Understand the main phases of the safety engineering and technology infrastructure development in the lifetime of a Technical Construction Requirements Dr. Abdullah M. Al Shehri – Governor - nuclear power plant and how global nuclear for Nuclear Deployment Electricity Co-Generation Regulatory safety and security regimes apply Authority Kingdom of Saudi Arabia • Analyze the governmental and industrial • Understand how new safety requirements, responsibilities and general requirements for manufacturing and staffing impacts construction SECTION THREE: Financing New regulatory obligations, capacity building in schedules and may cause costly overruns Nuclear Power Projects nuclear safety and key safe guards• See case studies of nuclear new build projects • Detail the initiatives for improving adherence to that have been successful and unsuccessful and understand what were the key causes for each BOO Risk Free Finance Model Case international guidelines and the facilitation of information exchanges and coordination between • See why early design licensing, vendor Study emerging nations, technology providers and capability and technical scheduling are vital to contractors • Analyze new power plant contracting models the timely deployment of nuclear power plants which support newcomer nation’s investment Dr. Ali Boussaha - Director of Africa - IAEA• Access the lessons learned from past nuclear • See why the Build – Own - Operate model new build projects and understand the technical challenges you must take into account before implemented offers a solid nuclear construction Planning For Supply and Technical approaching your first nuclear project and finance program that diverts risk from the host Challenges before MENA Construction nationKi-Sig Kang - Technical Head of Power • Analyze the importance of developing solid • Analyze the contract requirements, liability and Development - IAEA contractor relationships across a supply chain of pros and cons of the BOO model both national and international suppliers in order Requirements, Expectations and Leonid T Yanko - Director of International Relations - AtomstroyExport to fulfill schedule and budgetary obligationsImplementation of Emerging Markets • Understand why it is important to plan for Panel Session Joint Venture Nuclear Power Projects suppliers early in the planning process in order to allow for long lead items and delays that may This panel session specifically concentrates cause costly overruns as well as new cooling and • Understand how financing issues have affected on the expectations of new MENA markets to safety requirements for MENA sites nuclear power financing and how this impacts establish nuclear power and better understand the • Understand the owner EPC relationship and MENA projectsrequirements and expectations to deliver a new the importance of solid design, technology and nuclear power plant for the first time • Analyze the circumstances and requirements construction expertise to deliver the nuclear that international banks need in order to finance Dr. Ali Boussaha - Director of Africa - IAEA power plant on time and on budget nuclear new build Andrei Goicea - Senior Manager of Deployment Dr.Jun Seok Yang - Executive Senior Vice President • Assess the role international nations and Strategy - Nuclearelectrica of NSSS Division - KEPCO EC finance agencies play to support MENA nuclear Oman Power and Water Procurement construction projects under joint venture contracts Dr.Hae Ryong Hwang - Senior Vice President - Company (OPWP) KEPCO ECOman Public Authority for Electricity andWater (PAEW) Register today at or phone +44 (0) 207 375 7575
  5. 5. Make new partnerships and secure your place in the MENA nuclear market!Construction and Excellence in Joint-Ventures and Consortium Plant Construction and CoolingOperation Panel Session Programs Requirements in Complicated Geographical Environments• Understand how to develop and deploy a training • Learn how nuclear consortiums deliver one program that meets the ambitious construction contracting model that can secure the planning, • See what methods and construction technologies and operation deadlines design, technology, construction, operation and are used to develop inland NPP’s that are not • Examine the role of WANO and the IAEA to training in order to deliver fully operated NPP’s constructed next to open bodies of water support new nuclear construction and operation for new nuclear nations • Learn from case studies outlining how to deliver programs across MENA • Understand how this bespoke model fits the inland NPP’s and their lessons benefit nations • Analyze the importance of establishing a training requirements of the owner and integrates the building for the first time in the Middle East and program early by reviewing the financial and host nation from design to construction and then North Africa operational risk of nuclear projects on to OM and training to ensure the owner is • Examine potential reviews on design and cooling fully satisfied with the NPPDavid Farr - Regional Director - technologies that may be required to install after World Association of Nuclear Operators • See how a solid relationship between technology the accident in Fukushima providers, EPCs, utilities and expert project Jinying Li - Deputy General Manager - management agencies ensures not only timely Developing the Nuclear Workforce for delivery – but also an excellent safety record China Resources Power Holdings Co.Construction and Beyond Joe Saleeby - Managing Director Europe Middle East - Shaw Power Group Using Regional Global Expertise• See the challenges arising in the reduction of the to Support Newcomers Nuclear New global nuclear workforce and how this effects new nations looking to attract the best and SECTION SIX: Construction Challenges Build Programs brightest to their projects Construction Technologies • See why EPC’s with global nuclear experience • Detail how international partnerships between are vital to the successful implementation of owners, vendors, educational agencies and IAEA Support for Safety Development MENA nuclear projects MENA nuclear authorities are required to develop an in Nuclear Construction Methods • Understand how construction methods and indigenous workforce that is capable to support technologies invite safety related challenges future nuclear projects • Understand how the aftermath of Fukushima which differ greatly from industrial safety culture • Understand the importance of quality has resulted in IAEA developments for the use of • Analyze why effective relationships with suppliers, requirements post Fukushima to ensure properly construction technologies and new safety related contractors and technology providers is key for qualified engineers that support safety cases and implications effective project execution NPP design • Analyze the current construction methods and Milko Kovachev - Regional Director for Nuclear - technology selection to see how this may affect WorleyParsonsSECTION FIVE: Construction Planning current and future nuclear new build designs • See how current NPP design may have to add SECTION SEVEN: Alternate OptionsLesson learned from Fukushima on new safety elements which are robust enough For Nuclearsiting for NPP to withstand external forces that current designs are not licenced to survive – irrespective of the • Seismicity and NPP sites around the world likelihood of such an event MENA Research Reactor Study and• Understand why the events in Fukushima has Bismark Tyobeka - Nuclear Power Technology Case for SMR heightened the importance of siting NPP’s and Development Section - IAEA • Examine why SMRs may be best suited for new why this develops new challenges in MENA sites nuclear nations as they can work easily with • See how to efficiently site a MENA NPP and what Reference Plants Established existing grids and grow with incremental power checks in regards to seismicity, neighbor states Technologies demands and cooling sources • Analyse the benefits of using reference plants to • Analyze the safety requirements and licencing risk • How seismicity effect the NPP siting, time when developing an SMR new build project for ensure safety, regulated QA and solid deployment schedule and cost, an emerging nuclear nation schedules which are key to mitigating risks for • Lesson learned from Fukushima earthquake emerging nuclear nations • Understand why SMRs are favourable option Khamal Khidier - Director of Planning - • Understand the challenges faced when bringing after Fukushima and why SMRs are an extremely Jordan Atomic Energy Commission these reference plants into complex desert safe option for MENA states environments and what amendments must be Juan-Pablo Ordonez - Nuclear Power DevelopmentPlanning For Construction in the made to make them suitable for MENA Deputy Manager - INVAP S.E.Middle East and North Africa • See how fleet development allows modularisation and further refining for scheduling, engineering SMR Use for Joint Power and• Understand the importance for early construction services and cost Desalination Projects planning and why this is vital to ensure project Gerard Wolf - Senior Executive Vice President for success • Examine why SMRs are best suited for new International Development - EDF• See why critical scheduling is important to nuclear nations as they can work easily with keep your project on schedule – even when existing grids and grow incrementally save $400 disruptions occur • Analyze the safety requirements and licensing risk • Identify the key construction risks in order to when developing an SMR new build project build vital contingency plans that are tackled • Understand why SMRs are favorable option after Humberto Werdine - Director of Nuclear New Build - register before August 5 FukushimaIberdrola Hark Rho Kim - Senior Vice President - KAERI Register today at or phone +44 (0) 207 375 7575
  6. 6. Check Out Our Expert Speaker Line Up Kamal KhadierKA CARE LEADERSHIP PANEL Director of Planning and NPP SitesKA CARE Saudi Arabia Jordan Atomic Energy CommissionDr. Abdullah M. Al Shehri Phumzile TshelaneGovernor Director of Nuclear New BuildElectricity Co Generation EskomRegulatory AuthorityGerard Wolf Dr. Hae HwangSenior Executive Vice President for Senior Vice PresidentInternational Development KEPCO ECEDF Dr.Jun Seok YangLeonid T. Yanko Executive Senior Vice President of NSSSDirector of International Relations DivisionAtomstroyExport/Rosatom KEPCO ECDavid Farr Dr. Ali BoussahaMENA Regional Director, World Director of AfricaAssociation of Nuclear Operators IAEAWANOJoe Saleeby Hark Rho KimDirector of Europe and the Middle East Senior Vice PresidentShaw power Group KAERIAndrei Goicea Milko KovachevSenior Manager of Nuclear Deployment MENA Regional Nuclear DirectorNuclearelectrica Worley ParsonsHumberto Werdine Bismark TryobekaDirector of Nuclear New Build Nuclear Power Technology DevelopmentIberdrola IAEAJinying Li Juan-Pablo OrdonezDeputy General Manager Nuclear Power Development Deputy ManagerChina Resources Power Holdings Co INVAP S.E. ALSO EXCLUSIVE REGIONAL STAKEHOLDERS DETAILING NUCLEAR PROJECTS FROM UAE OMAN SAUDI ARABIA JORDAN EGYPT TURKEY SOUTH KOREA SOUTH AFRICA CHINA Register today - visit or phone +44 (0) 207 375 7575
  7. 7. SECURE YOUR PLACE IN THE MENA NUCLEAR SUPPLY CHAIN AND REGISTER TODAY save2ND ANNUAL $400 register beforeMENA NUCLEAR CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE August 5September 26-27, 2011, Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Dubai, UAE Date Venue 4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs You Here September 26-27 2011, Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Dubai, UAE 1. You will enter the $200bn MENA Nuclear Supply 3. Get detailed plans from MENA buyers and Accomodation Chain by hearing utilities outline their multi-$bn your competition so you know exactly how to Nuclear Energy Insider has negotiated a discounted rate for all MENA projects and discussing what role you have position yourself in this multi-$billion market and confirmed attendees. On registration you will be given exclusive to play guarantee successful new business discounted accommodation access and details outlining how to reserve your room at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Dubai, UAE. 2. You’ll gain invaluable knowledge and insight 4. Save your department time and money by into the best ways to drive efficiency, navigate attending this one stop shop for all the things regulations and plan for project success. Youll be regarding MENA strategy; and give your company HUGE GROUP BOOKINGS AVAILABLE your companys expert on MENA development the best possible chance to make 2011 the most Bring 3 or more attendees and save $hundreds! profitable year ever! Email to book your group! REGISTER NOW IN 3 EASY STEPS 1. Select Your Registration Package SUPER EARLY BIRD EARLY BIRD Pass Features Before August 5 Before September 5 STANDARD PRICE Gold Pass • Full 2 Day Pass • Full Conference Documentation • Access To All Lunches • Breaks and Networking Drinks Party $1795 $1995 $2195 • Post Conference Audio Visual Materials Basic Pass • Full 2 Day Pass • Full Conference Documentation $1595 $1795 $1995 • Access To All Lunches • Breaks and Networking Drinks Party 2. Enter Attendee details DIScOunT cODE:Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr: First name: Last name: ONLINE 100Company: Position/Title: Enter the discount code whenTelephone: Fax: Email: you register to save $100Address: Postcode: Country: 3. Payment Options I enclose a check/draft for: Credit card number: (Payable to First Conferences Ltd) Expiry date: Security number: Please invoice my company: Name on card: Purchase Order Number: Signature: Please charge my credit card: Amex Visa Mastercard MORE CALL +44 (0) 207 375 7176 FAX THIS FORM BACK TO WAYS TO FAX: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 +44 (0) 207 375 7576 EMAIL: REGISTER ONLINE: PolicyPlaces are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before 25 August, 2011 incur an All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated but, VAT will be charged, whereadministrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration on or after 25 August, 2011 we will be applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice.obliged to charge you the full fee. Please note – you must notify Nuclear Energy Insider (division of FC FC Business Intelligence, Ltd takes every care to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time ofBusiness Intelligence, Ltd) in writing, of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. publishing however, bookings will only be accepted if there is no material error in the price advertisedThe organisers reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice. on the website. Designed by